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Lais Morris  Philosophical philosopher who philosophises philosophies🌏🌙⭐️🔮🎈✏️📰☕️🍭🌞👌

When you put your skin on mine,
And you sound just right,
I loose track of time,
And feel alive.

I don’t need it all,
I just need you tonight.
Cause it’s you i’d fall,
For everytime.

If your boobs didn’t sweat, you didn’t run hard enough👀🏃🏼‍♀️ ft. Looking terrible, but not caring about looks at all cause i feel great, and if that’s not worth sharing i don’t know what is🤷🏼‍♀️ #selflove

Love a good coffee. Or four🤤😏👅😍


I may have had to scale a dodgy cliff or two to see this, but it was worth it😍👅

Flashing our best Colgate smiles✨✨

Those genes you’re wearing look so good on you😏🔥 @tess_morris @laty1

This heat made me bushwalk in my bikini😅🔥

Contemplating which side to fall off🤓🤓

Love, love, love this gorgeous birthday girl. May 19 be your best year yet❤️😘

T’was a summer stunner😏😍👅🔥

Mi Argentinian es mejor que el tuyo🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️aunque parezco una remolacha ahora, todavía tuve el mejor día❤️😎

Happy friendiversary to my fave human! Even though you're a puta and you made me go through and get a new photo cause the other one wasn't good enough, i still love you❤️😘

Kinda hate how every year i have to prove to the government that my dad's dead so that i can get money to study. Is once not enough? Like he isn't going to un-die 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

Pretty breathtaking😏😍💦

Chuffed to be back in my natural habitat🤙🏼🤘🏼

After a lot of thought i've finally come up with a new years resolution. In 2018 i want to smile at people more, even strangers i pass in the street, and not just that polite "shit we made eye contact now i have to do a quick half smile". I want to really smile at people, the type that shows teeth and forces people to feel the happiness you're projecting towards them. I want to ask people how their day is going and how they are, but really ask, not just out of courtesy expecting the "yeah i'm good, you?" Reply. I want to be present in my life and the lives of people i care about. I want to communicate better, and tell the people i love that i love them, every chance i get. But more importantly i want to show them that i love them❤️💕

I have way too much love for this birthday girl❤️😘 you're going to rock the heck out of 20😏🤙🏼

Ciao 2017, thank you for all the blessings that you bought me, especially the beautiful people. The old ones who i cherish, the new ones who i have come to love, and the especially special new one who i adore😏💕

If you skull a considerable amount of whiskey on December 31st at 11:54:28, you could start 2018 right; climbing a random tree out of alcohol induced determination

When did my sister grow up and become a hottie?!🤔🔥

My kind of Christmas🥂🎄🌞📖💕

It's christmas eve already amigas✨🎄

Note to self: swimming on a mountain does not mean you won't get burnt🌞❄️

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