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Moms and Grandmas; they rule.
And happy birthday, Dad.

Starman. 💫 #35mm #mjuii

Two humans found roaming the desert in delusional state-of-mind, two helium balloons in tow; one green and one blue. It's been determined that they are a couple of 'balloonatics'. 🌵🎈

There is no shortage in Joshua Tree.

Spent the day playing in Cheeto™ dust.

Things are such an upward struggle for so many of us rn, & It’s really difficult to genuinely talk about ANYTHING these days without getting extremely convoluted, or having to feel as though you need to defend your stance, cOnStAnTlY !! Isn’t that crazy?!?? At least that’s how I feel, so I tend to stay quiet about my thoughts & opinions in any public forum, incl social media. Like, tweeting actually makes me rly uncomfortable & why should any1 even care, ya know?!?
ANYWAY… lately I’ve just been mostly thinking about gratitude & empathy, both to do with the world at large & within circumstances happening amidst my own personal life.
I won’t get into it, cos like, I know we are all really busy & our lives are the most important thing ever, & then just the world is a rly bummer place to be in right now. But you know sometimes it’s good to stop for a sec, breathe & acknowledge that in the immediate present moment, we are O.K. I mean, you are scrolling thru your IG feed right now... so while I have your attention, (this pt is important!!!) you should probably know that I love you. & in my weird, neurotic way, am over here in my little corner thinking about you, wishing you well. If you're ever going through some s h i t, PLEASE reach out to me or any of the many people who love you before you ever feel like things need to be escalated to a situation that can't be taken back, because YOLO will always be a thing even if it's uncool to say now. & finally, encourage you to join me in thinking a little more about gratitude & empathy in a world that lacks & needs it so!
God, sorry, this is weird, I’m so weird. Life is weird!! All of you are weird!!!!! I promise I’m not having a meltdown.
As far as I can tell.

U get me.

"You're beautiful, but you're empty... One couldn't die for you. Of course, an ordinary passerby would think my rose looked just like you. But my rose, all on her own, is more important than all of you together, since she's the one I've watered. Since she's the one I put under glass, since she's the one I sheltered behind the screen. Since she's the one for whom I killed the caterpillars (except the two or three butterflies). Since she's the one I listened to when she complained, or when she boasted, or even sometimes when she said nothing at all.
Since she's my rose." 🌹✨

Nostalgia for the peculiar things that have taken place in this little suburban driveway.

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