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Lainey Griffin  Irish 🇮🇪Wife to @Lex_fitness and puppy mama 🐶 Cooking Food Lifting Weights in UK🇬🇧 YouTuber🎥Flexible diet coach Watch my latest YouTube HERE👇🏻

Strike a pose!

I'm officially a Griffin now. I always wanted to complete my half sleeve but was unsure as to what I wanted. Once I married @lex_fitness I decided that making my wing into a Griffin to match his would show him I'm in this for the long run😂
Tattoos by @tat2lisa
#ImFinishingMyHalfSleeve #HisandHersTattoos #sorryMum #ButImAGrownUpNow #girlswithtattoos #bikini

New video up on my YouTube now
Hit the link in my bio 👉🏼 @laineybopster
Join us crazy married kids on a day when we primarily look like this 🤗

When you've just trained legs but coach says you have to do cardio!!! #iHateYou #GetMeOutOfHere #GoingHomeToWatchLoveIsland #gymshark

Taken seconds apart they portray a different image of me.
I think I can be both!
#StrongAndSexy #SexySunday #StrongSunday #Murves #quads

This was taken 2 months into my lifestyle change. I was already seeing changes in my body and my energy levels! I hated having my photo taken before I started my healthy fitness lifestyle. But I am smiling in this photo because I was proud of what I was achieving. I wasn't always fit. Every day I have to make a positive mental decision to eat healthy to exercise and to maintain my fit physique.
In the beginning it is very difficult to imagine the changes that can occur in your body but once you start seeing even the slightest improvement you will be spurred on!
I hope this helps even one person who is on the brink of giving up! Look how happy I am here and I was only at the start of my journey!
#motivation #WeAllStartSomewhere #IWas30WhenIStarted #ItsNeverTooLate #MyBoobsDisappearedShortlyAfter #ButThenIBoughtNewOnes
Picture #1 2 months into training
Picture #2 5 years later

"On Wednesdays we wear pink"
There are "MeanGirls" in every stage of life. Just because you are no longer in high school does not mean they suddenly disappear. There will always be the popular click that everyone wants to be part of. The trend setters who decide what is cool. The sad thing is that the people who do not fall into the cool category get excluded. They are made to feel invisible. And why? Because they do not conform? Because they don't partake in frivolous conversation? Because they veer towards positivity and away from slander?
I think at some point in everyone's life they have been part of the popular group or have been victim to them. I have spent the majority of my life outside of the popular group longing to apart of it and even as an educated successful adult I am still on the outside looking in. It can be heart breaking to think you are doing something wrong to deserve your invisibility cloak but perhaps it is a blessing in disguise.
#MeanGirls #BreakTheCycle #DontBeABully #IncludeThoseWhoAreDifferent #YouMayLearnSomething #Empathy

Is this Summer? I spent my day in the sun with my dogs but also managed to edit a video too.
Want to see how I do my daily Makeup? Want to know what beauty products I use? Want to know the secret to my shiney hair?
You will find the answers to all these Questions in my new video.
Link in my bio 👉🏼 @laineybopster
I really appreciate every person who takes time to watch my videos and can answer any questions you may have in the comments!
#IsThisBritishSummerTime #RoxyLovesToSunbath #INowHaveTanLines

My #MCM everyday. I am so blessed to have this man in my life. He is my best friend and I love sharing all life's adventures with him. I cannot wait to see more of the world and what we can achieve next together.
#hothusband #bestiesforlife #becausewemadeitlegal

Oh hey there!
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Love your #murves
Following a fit and healthy lifestyle doesn't mean that you have to be the poster girl for shreds. Set your goal to be happy in your own skin then no matter what stage you are at you will feel confident.
I love when I have shredded abs but I'm loving my curvier physique right now. I normally would shy away from selfies at this stage but I want share how confident I feel right now so you guys can appreciate how much work goes into getting my abs when I have them. I am not naturally shredded so it takes dedication to my diet and training to get there. I am now proud of every stage of my body and you should be too. If you don't feel confident then do something to change it. #HealthyMind #HealthyBody #BeConfidentStupid

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