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Lainey Griffin  #irish 🇮🇪 Wife @lex_fitness 💍 Healthy Cook 👩🏻‍🍳 @gymshark 🦈 YouTuber 🎥 Watch my latest YouTube ▶️ HERE👇🏻

I stepped on stage again today...
I did not place 😞
It may seem be disheartening when you work so hard towards a goal and not get rewarded but I see this as merely an obstacle!
Yes I have cellulite on the back of my legs right now... It does not make me less worthy to step on stage than any other woman.
It does not mean I did not work super hard or diet any less stringently than all the other women.
I will not judge myself or my worth based on placing in a bodybuilding competition.
I will however work harder and not let this stop my progress.
I am proud of my body because you know what it has come this far and this is only the beginning of my story 🙏🏻
#bodyconfidence #teamcellulite #cellulitesisters

Standing on the scales on my birthday I had gained 10lbs in 48hours🤭
I didn’t cry or berate myself... I actually laughed 🤣
I had enjoyed some AMAZING meals and ALOT of chocolate but I was ready to get back to it 🍔🍟🍕🍫🍪
I have spent the past 10 days concentrating on getting enough water in and making my meals as nutritious as possible. I’ve done some cardio and got back to regular training and the weight has dropped off!
A cheat day (or 2 🤦🏻‍♀️) will not ruin what you have achieved. Laugh it off (it counts as an abs workout) and get back to your healthy routine 🤩
Wallowing in self pity never got anyone anywhere 😳
PS A new video is live on my YouTube documenting my weight gain and my Birthday surprise gift from @lex_fitness
Link in my bio @laineybopster
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Practice makes perfect!
#bikinicompetitor #irishfitfam #quads #abs

The picture on the left was taken back in August I was newly married and extremely happy. At the time I was intuitively eating, training was great and I was finally accepting of my body 🙏🏻
The picture on the right was taken today still extremely happy with my life!
I am back to tracking my macros to reach my physique goals, my training has remained the same and consistent and I am still accepting of my body🤗
Just because I lost 16lbs of fat does not mean that I love my body more now. Accepting my body in every stage is so important for my mental health. It allows me the freedom to gain weight and not be disappointed with myself💪🏼
I no longer see the scales as an indicator of my self worth it is simply a guide💁🏻‍♀️
#loveyourself #murves #fitness #bikinicompetitor #fitnessmotivation #progressnotperfection #irishfitfam

Stepping on stage is one of the most thrilling experiences for me🤩
I have always loved to perform as a way of expressing myself 🤪
Last week was no different.... I got the usual vomity butterflies and the urgent need to pee right before I stepped into the bright lights 🤢🦋
I worked so hard for 20 weeks and this was my moment to strut my stuff. I know I did myself and my supporters proud so that to me is a win 🏆
My competition video is now live on my YouTube (Link in my bio @laineybopster)
Check out my full day before stage, on stage and my treats after too 🍟🍕🍫🍪
#bikinicompetitor #motivationmonday #saxonclassic #fitness #progressnotperfection #irishfitfam

I have been feeling poorly since my competition 🤢
But yesterday I pushed through and hit the gym 💪🏼
@bsnsupplements AminoX provides amino acid support and helps give me more energy to push through my training🙌🏼
Stay tuned to the @bsnsupplements account to find out even more about my training and nutrition.
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There are loads of new @gymsharkwomen items launching today🙌🏼
Here’s a wee preview of some of my favorites 💞
I am 5ft1 💁🏻‍♀️
UK size 6 and 32DD (because big fake boobies) 🤣
I wear size XS in all the leggings and shorts and Small in the bras and tops.
I have linked my athlete code in my bio if you fancy showing some love 🙏🏻
#gymshark #gymsharkwomen #ombre #sorryivebeenmia #ihavethedreadedcold

#throwback to my birthday last year... Because today I spent the day on the sofa with a headache feeling pretty crappy.

Yesterday was soooo much fun! 🙏🏻
I got to hang out with some awesome girls back stage who had all gone through the same prep period 😳
We laughed about similar experiences, practiced our posing together and even cheered each other on from the side stage 🙌🏼
I saw so many inspiring women and made a point of complimenting as many as I could because you know what it is nice to be nice and every woman there deserved to be told how awesome they are even if they didn’t get placed🏆💞
My body has improved sooooo much in the past 2.5 years since I competed last. I did not have the best body in my category but damn did I have the best body I could have had for me👊🏼
I will continue to work hard on improving but as always it’s #progressnotperfection 😘
#bikinicompetitor #itsnicetobenice #eveyonedeservesacompliment

I have prepped for 20 weeks and today I stepped on stage! I did not place but honestly guys I feel so fulfilled no trophy could match this feeling! I brought my best package today.... my body was in the best condition and my mind was so full of positive thoughts.
I need to thank my amazing husband @lex_fitness he has been super supportive and he has always been my biggest fan from day one.
My coach @william_grazione guided me through the past 20 weeks and I am excited to see what we can achieve moving forward.
@m.vdesigns made me the most beautiful bikini I have ever worn and I was literally sparkling on stage.
@gymshark (both staff and athletes) have been the most supportive family I could have asked for. I am so blessed to have you guys cheering me on.
My biggest thank you go to each and every one of you guys who have liked my photos watched my daily progress updates, subscribed to my YouTube and sent endless messages of support and love to me. I could not have gotten through the low carb days without you guys. I appreciate it so much.
I also want to thank my 2 fur babies for bringing me daily joy but I’m pretty sure they don’t have IG yet! 🐶🐶
This isn’t the end of my fitness journey and I promise to continue updating you all on my for life so keep liking and commenting because it brings me so much joy! 💗💗
#imawinnerinmyheart #itsnitaboutthetrophy #itsaboutthejourney #bikinicompetitor #whatsnext

Oh hey there 👋🏼
Just a casual selfie while do some posing practice in my stripper heels 💃🏻
3 days to go and then I get all the chocolate 🍫🍫... I mean I get to strut my stuff for realz on stage 🤤🤩
‼️The Q&A is now up on my YouTube Link in my bio @laineybopster
#selfie #stripperheels #bikinicompetitor #peakweek #peach #booty🍑

When it comes to cheat meals I have a very sweet tooth🍭🍬
My favorite place to go is Manchester’s Archie’s where you can create your very own Milkshake. I tend to pack mine full of Reese’s cups and loads of yummy whipped cream to top it off 🥤🥜🍫
Check out the @bsnsupplements account to find out even more about me 💁🏻‍♀️
#ad #cheatmeal #lovearchies #mymilkshakebringsalltheboystotheyard #reeses #peanutbutteraddict

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