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Lahni Gordon  Birthed in the Australian Outback• Woman's Empowerment • •Poetry•Dancer•Choreographer•Remedial Massage•. Sacred RiTual & Medicine Devotion•

Here I am with Conjunctivitis .
In the Amazon I broke out with the itchiest eye during the previous nights medicine ceremony. Not knowing it was Conjunctivitis, I left the ceremony space to wash my eye with what I usually wash with (essentially bore water). During this particular ceremony I received a really strong mariation, where I experienced a lot of messages flow through the vessel that I am. Papa’s icaros (songs) were coming to life in the form of visual patterns painted across the earth and sky, all the time, experiencing the most irritable sensation in my eye. As it gradually swelled, it then throbbed and increased in pain, like a fire igniting uncontrollably over a dry landscape.
What can you do!? Just sit, receive, practice mindfulness: sit in the experience of the physiological sensations and laugh hard (in this instance on the inside!)
It reminded me to ride the wave of life, what ever wave (or acute bacterial infection) gets delivered to you, big or small, ride it, with no expectation and all joy! . #bacteriawasmyspiritanimal #omshanti #conjunctivitis #moneyshot #iforgotmysunglasses #wherecanigetapairofsunglassesinthisjoint
#ointmentisafunnyword .
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So excited to be returning to @boomfestivalofficial this year to share our ritual offerings and performances. I’ve recently returned to work with @eclecticaperformance and I’m looking forward to choreographing this years Boom Festival performance pieces with my girls!!💃🏿 💃🏿 💃🏿 .
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Mystify me in the darkness of
nights face
Those deadly night shades
got me stunned like sun dropped rays
Mama moon made us wild
Closure of another cycle
We are back, nights journey reflected like an eclipse
Coming full circle .
Unspoken understanding
Of co-creation under star skies
Together with the glimpse of golden source sunlight
Ready to inhale the first breath synchronized
Soaked in through dew eyes .
The land is dry and leaves have long fallen
All that’s remained permanent is the vastness
of the horizon
The ladies of the lake need liquid
Soak our bodies
Wet and fresh
We follow our feet on .
Wandering through the dust and gum nut shrub
we look to father sky
Let’s sit here you say
and take it all in
That psychedelic sunrise .

I just found this photo from many moons back .
💛 .
⭕️ .
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Overlooking Es Vedra, Ibiza. The magnetic energy of this part of the world and the sheer beauty of the limestone rock island is a powerful and mysterious area to witness. 🌪🌬☄️🌊🌕🍂
Canon EOS 1100D
Lens Canon EFS 10-18mm
#esvedra #meditteranean #ocean #ibiza #mountain #limestone #cliff #spain #ufo #ufosighting #photography #photographer #ibizasummer #spain #familia #festivalseason #journey #magneticisland

The days of warmth in source sunlight
Morning rituals of waking with you
We share dreams and speak unfiltered
contemplating the truth
Out of the tipi to stretch and breath
Into the deep synchronicity
Then together we bathe
surrender to our practice and stretch
under Grandfather gumtrees shade.
Drop into breath, nibble cacao and fruits
Dressed in lace, tribal chains
and blundstone boots
brewing intention to explore, observe and contribute
before we stomp into the grassroots
It’s in song, by the riverbed we celebrate and create life in
The thud of the drum inspires collective chanting,
Sacred fire keeps the bodies sultry to the bone, tender element kissing and warming our skin tone
Weaving magic connection ties into the night
where we savor snuggles, laughter
sipping upon spiced chai
Our bare bodies expressing freedom
Soaked in living dreams in the steam room
Reflecting Autumn, we are in bloom
Become growth in the now, a present moment you can glue into
Presence reminder to live simple and in tune
Coming back home to sleep in our shared space
My family, I am what I am because of you
and what we collectively believe and create
My eyes close, heart’s beating rhythms remembering
Sacred words and chants sounding a deep drum pulsing tuning my heart strings
I’ll drift into dreams of spirits messaging
To awake a new slate to live out my true offerings,
Repeating the infinite of presence in the many ways of being
Love, learn, share, express, dream,
awake. .
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This was the post that got deleted yesterday. Everyone is covered, as if they are wearing togs. If you have any issues with nudity, refer to my previous post on body image and sexual distortion and I kindly ask you to unfollow me. ~
Here is what I wrote with the post ~
There’s so much power in coming together onto the land and gathering with our community. In this space, we can take time to figure shit out and question things with others, reminding us of what our personal intentions in life are.
How have you been filling the space in your day? Have you been compromising a lot lately for your health, happiness and passions?
What fuels your fire and aligns you with your daily offerings you wish to live out?
For me, Sitting in the soil with my loved ones is a perfect place to heal and to remember what my true message and offerings are.
Thank you family for the weekend we created. .
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My last post just got deleted.
The images were of friends & I at Confest over the weekend. We spent our days swimming, singing, playing, deeply conversing & enjoying our moment.
By the river, people do take off their clothes to swim. People are comfortable in their skin. Nobody is starring at each other’s genitalia with a sexually distorted view. I see so many different body types of all age groups, which is a direct reminder of the diversity of body types. It also gives so many other people permission to feel comfortable in their skin. I’m grateful to be surrounded by empowered communities who understand and acknowledge that we are all physically diverse & shouldn’t feel shame in our bodies, instead we should embody and express our beauty from within. If the only access to view the female (& male) form is from porn, movies and the media, the influence on our psyche will remain distorted
We need to, as a human race, dissolve the illusion of what our bodies are “meant” to look like, so women and men don’t feel pressured to get plastic surgery, mutilate their genitalia, inject steroids & starve themselves to feel like they belong
The topic of body image also brings up the issue of sexual distortion for me
The reason as to why there are so many indecent sexual acts is directly linked with the lack of education & access to realistic body exposure & healthy sexual expression, instead a dark veil has separated and almost concealed the beauty of the human body & our personal connection to our natural, intuitive aspects towards sexual expression.
Our naked bodies have been deemed “sinful”, “rude”, embarrassing”, “offensive”, “explicit”, “pornographic”, “unpleasant”, “humiliating”..The list goes on.
These cultural and social belief systems have conditioned so many of us with distorted perceptions surrounding nudity & sex.
Let’s speak up, educate & express from love. Let’s change the idea of body image, sex and sexuality so it can be represented better. Get to know your body. Love and accept the skin that you reside in. The human form is a beautiful, powerful creation, in all of its colours and shapes. 👣🍃🍑#freethenipple #bodypositive #speakup #speakout #empowerment

Water plummeting over the Barron Falls. Monsoon season in my homeland. Rains be poorin down and boogie boards are out! Thanks mama earth for providin n remindin us ah your POWAR!!
🌴 🌧 💦 .
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The darkness of new moon
revealing old wounds
Womb speaks unvarnished
Raw messages come through
I meet myself under the
grandfather tree~ Bodhi
To plant the seeds of the reality of She
Held against mama earths bed
In opportunity to feel and transform
After the shed .
She met herself under the darkness
of moonlights face
And began to heal and cultivate
Consolidating Her being, in all its
shades and states
She experiences the innate ritual
to consecrate
Drop into sensation, surrender to the call
Chasm beginning to open, as night falls
She’s on a cyclic pursuit to go inward,
self enquire and undo
She wraps her body around tree trunk in embrace
Connected to earths grid line tune
Bodhi’s wisdom supports the birthing
Of Her being into anew
Emotional and spiritual attunement
the release has begun
to understand the alchemy of Her beings truth
She is woven within Bodhi’s vines
And universal gestation
Feminine unfolding, contract to expand
through womb consciousness, inner knowing
Giving back to mama earth the
Purest blood to the land .
Bodhi’s got me under His tree
It’s with Bodhi She grew
His branches widen as an extension
of Her balancing masculine and feminine energy into truth
Sprouting saplings of creative essence
Remembering and reclaiming the innate experience
of what it means to live as
She. .
#womb #thoughts #newmoon #newmoonritual #bodhi #poetry #wildwoman #wildwomansisterhood #womanhood #divinefeminine #divine #menstralcycle #moon #ritual #sacredceremony #spokenword #womanscircle #facilitator #earthconnection #lace #inward #selfenquiry #raw #bare #truth #share

Your great mistake is to act the drama
as if you were alone.
As if life were a progressive and cunning crime
with no witness to the tiny hidden transgressions.
To feel abandoned is to deny
the intimacy of your surroundings.
Surely, even you, at times, have felt the grand array;
the swelling presence, and the chorus,
crowding out your solo voice
You must note the way the soap dish enables you,
or the window latch grants you freedom.
Alertness is the hidden discipline of familiarity.
The stairs are your mentor of things to come,
the doors have always been there
to frighten you and invite you,
and the tiny speaker in the phone
is your dream-ladder to divinity.
Put down the weight of your aloneness
and ease into the conversation. The kettle is singing
even as it pours you a drink, the cooking pots
have left their arrogant aloofness
and seen the good in you at last.
All the birds and creatures of the world
are unutterably themselves.
Everything is waiting for you. - David Whyte
#poet #writer #wise #words #spokenword #spokenwordpoetry #artinwords #palenque #mayan #mayanruins #abandoned #abandonedplaces

I’m so grateful for my time on my homeland, Far North Queensland. It was spent with my family, as I integrated my time in the Amazon, sung to my plants, wrote, ate fresh food and tropical fruits, bathed in creeks and stomped my feet into the land with my dear friends, over and over again. I’m feeling creatively inspired and have been sewing and collaborating in photo shoots with some sisters of mine. This particular photo was shot last Friday by the very talented @cristina_thephotocorner
I was so inspired by the way she can see her subjects strengths, become inspired by them and construct that vision. This not only reflects her skills as a photographer but as a director. Thank you for being so inspired by the female energy and form. 🙏🏽🦋🦉
Photographer- @cristina_thephotocorner .
#cairns #fnq #feminine #photography #owlwings #taxidermy #tribal #tribalphotography #natural #wildwoman #wildwomansisterhood #beautyphotography #cairnsphotography

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