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Jeff Evans  Hanging paper, fly fishing, bamboo fly rod builder wannabe and woodworker. Not always in that order.

Planing some pine boards for my drying cabinet that I've been procrastinating on. It's taking shape and all I need to do is put a face frame on it and build a door and hang it. I'm feeling the urge to add a small crown molding and a base even though I know those are overkill for this.

The beginnings of a beast of a roughing mill. #bamboorodmaking #macgyvermade #flyfishing

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Meanwhile, in Culver City, the jig is up after someone with a set of stencils and a can of spray paint blew everyone's cover.

I just know that I'm going to butcher this old saying but here goes: Keep your enemies close, and your French toast closer. Was I close? #breakfastfordinner

Bound and determined. #bamboorodmaking #handmade #flyfishing

Who has the best French fries? In N' Out? Five Guys? McDonald's (gag)? None of the above. It's a little hole in the wall called Case de Evans. The wait staff is cantankerous but it's worth the hassle. Lawry's seasoning salt, garlic powder and pepper.

Shavings everywhere this Saturday. They could have run the Indy 500 four times in the time it took me to plane out 2 tips on my 3 piece backpacking rod. #bambooflyrods @chet_croco @lienielsentoolworks

Riveting day at the office. @phillipjeffriesltd

Wow I'm so stoked to see my name associated with this great project on Traditional Home's Instagram feed. This little window is the gift that keeps on giving. @traditionalhome @graciestudio @thornton_designs

It was two weeks of early mornings and late evenings working on two #lcdqla windows. What a fun project! @graciestudio @palomacontrerasdesign @thornton_designs

Flashback to this beautiful Gracie that I installed just over two years ago. I don't usually get a chance to take good pictures when I'm finished because there are additional final touches that usually follow the wallpaper. I'm back in the house doing other work for some truly wonderful folks so I took the opportunity to get a few pictures of the dining room here. @graciestudio

TBT. All of our boys had thick black hair when they were born. My wife and I were actually having trouble figuring out which kid this was with her in the hospital. In a stroke of detective genius that would make Sherlock Holmes proud, our son Christian spied the bag of Cadbury mini eggs hiding under the pillow and said that it had to be Jake. Jake was born in March, right in the prime season for those glorious little chocolate treats with the hard candy shell. Our other boys were born outside of the mini egg season. #unsolvedmysteriessolved

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