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Keith Ladzinski  @natgeo Photographer / Director @3stringsproductions / @sea_legacy / @alpinestartfoods / @djiglobal / @arcteryx / @manfrottoimaginemore / @nikonusa ✌🏻

Can’t think of a good enough caption for this so I figured I’d just open it up for suggestions...

I woke up this morning feeling pretty much like this #anhinga looks here. After a quick 20 hour break at home I’m heading back to the airport for the next wave. No complaints, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little exhausted 😴

@rob_pizem riding red waves of sandstone in the Utah desert

Last day in beautiful #sanFrancisco - definitely one of my favorite cities in the world and a place that I never feel like I have enough time in. I shot this photo here a few years back, a mule deer staring out into the foggy city at twilight, photographed on #hawkHill

Last light at #PfeifferBeach, psyched to be returning to my favorite coastline very soon! #BigSur

Last December I spent the better part of the month in Colombia working on a documentary with the @wherenextlife crew. It was a hell of a trip, filled with great memories and experiences, one of them was this. We spent 3 days high up in the jungly #santaMarta mountains at an old farm house filming rare and endemic birds in the region. This white horse here was one of the local residents, a borderline feral animal that was hard to approach, living a good life with plenty of grazing territory in the wild. I tried with many failed attempts and was astonished when I watched my friend @_josecastano take this very respectful and casual approach to the animal, bowing down and allowing the horse to come to him. The horse approached and the bond was pretty instantaneous. The moment was brief and I’m grateful I had a chance to capture it. It turns out José’s wife trains horses and he’s spent a lot of time around wild horses, it’s all about the vibe, thanks for the lesson José!

The Dawn Wall, SEE THIS FILM! My good friends over at @reelrock have put together yet another incredible film thoroughly documenting @tommycaldwell and @kjorgeson battle to climb the hardest big wall climb on the planet. Their ascent was such a monumental achievement that even president @barackobama called to congratulate them! @andy_mann and I spent some time filming on the wall with Kevin a few years back (swipe to see some of the footage) seeing the crux pitches first hand blew my mind. The Dawn Wall is hitting theaters nationwide for ONE NIGHT ONLY on September 19! Make sure to get your tickets at #DawnWallFilm @rbmhfilms @senderfilms / photo here by the ever talented @coreyrichproductions

A Says Phoebe coming in for a landing in south west Utah under a #glory, the halo around the sun. Photographed from a blind triggering a remote camera. ☀️ @nikonusa

A flooded campground in North Carolina’s @capehatterasnps in the outer banks. The #OBX is a thin sandbar coastline that is at ground zero for storms, it’s highly susceptible to Ocean sea rise and has already been feeling those effects. I shot this photo in 2016 on assignment for @natgeo while working on a climate change story, I was blown away to see how beautiful yet fragile this place is. As hurricane Florence continues to bear down on the east coast, North Carolina is taking the brunt of it and much of this coastline is currently underwater. Sending thoughts and prayers to the residents here as the storm continues. 🙏🏻

Aspen forest shutter drag, my best Monet impressionistic attempt. Fall is here! 🍁🍂

Real estate in a #tidepool is as competitive as finding a place to live in New York City. Giant #GreenAnemone seen here living wall to wall in a 3X3 foot tide pool in @olympicnationalpark / for @natgeo

The pumice fields of #PiedraPomez #Argentina are overwhelmingly photogenic, a place that I would love to spend a more time exploring. The rock here extends for some 30 kilometers, littered with tiny canyons covered in rippled rivers of sand, I’ve never seen anything like it. It felt like a crime every time we walked across them, incriminatingly leaving foot prints as evidence. @danahrichardson @jacadatravel

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