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Keith Ladzinski  @natgeo Photographer / Director @3stringsproductions / @sealegacy / @alpinestartfoods / @djiglobal / @arcteryx / @manfrottoimaginemore / @nikonusa ✌🏻

Pirate. That’s what I was told they call her, one of many known #pumas in the Chilean Patagonia region. I’m not sure as to how she lost the eye but despite the injury she’s still managed to be a very successful hunter. We spotted this beautiful female cat yesterday morning with her two sub adult cubs walking in the tall grass in the early morning (swipe to see them). A beautiful sighting and just one more reason to love this beautiful part of the world. @hokaoneone #cougar #mountainLion

The circle of life is a hard reality but in death there’s life on many levels. I came across this scene of wild flowers blooming around a #guanaco carcass yesterday while scouting for pumas and the moment had a deeper context. The nutrients from this animal is feeding a multitude of organisms. From the puma that took it down to the many birds, smaller mammals, insects and surrounding flora that are scavenging it, all sustained by this act. A sad yet a meaningful necessity to life on this planet. #patagonia

Night talk, night squawk, whatever it was this #greatHornOwl was pretty conversational about letting us know that we were somewhere close to it’s nest. We kindly left the forest. Just another incredible encounter out here in #Patagonia / @hokaoneone

The sculpted beauty of Patagonia is a design all unto itself. Here’s quick carousel from the last 12 hours, so great to be back.

Terrifyingly beautiful, the power of a #tornado is something incredible to behold. You can see the scale of this massive #twister from the tiny houses in the foreground. We watched it form and drop from the clouds, wreaking havoc to anything in its chaotic path. Incredible to witness, however this beautiful beast went on to destroy 3 homes, thankfully no one was killed. Photographed in May while #stormChasing with @krystlejwright @nampix @tobypike @skiparmstrong 🌪

One of my favorite views. Great to be heading back to this beautiful place for my last shoot of the year! 🙏🏻

An African #SpottedOwl, perched at twilight in the #Kalahari desert. While driving out to photograph meerkats in the early morning this beautiful owl flew in and landed not 20 feet from us, he looked just as shocked to see us as we did it! Thankfully my camera was in my lap and I had just enough time to snap off 3 or 4 photos before it flew away. @tswalu @barry_peiser @danahrichardson

Really excited to see my good friend @paulnicklen’s latest book "Born To Ice", a stunning collection of his passionate work in our polar regions. Our frozen places are some of the most unique areas on the planet and are changing more rapidly than anywhere else. There is no greater lover and documentarian of the arctic than Paul, without a doubt one of the most gifted natural history photographers of our time. This book is without a doubt his most impressive fine-art book project to date, reproducing his favorite photographs in what is truly a coffee-table book after a lifetime of living and photographing in the polar regions. There are also limited-edition versions that include signed limited-edition prints. For Paul, we must act now to save Earth's delicate ecosystems and the precious diversity of life. Combining some of his most extraordinary photographs with personal experiences this stunning Paul Nicklen photo compendium is both a remarkable collection of nature photography and a passionate rallying cry to stand up, have a voice, and enact positive change for our planet. For more info, go to his website at @paulnicklen

Just gonna hang an impromptu right here. This type of lightning is called #SpiderLightning and is a cloud-to-cloud strike, often seen in stratiform clouds, like these.

Cute and cuddly little killers, this cub here is only a couple months old and still very dependent on mom for milk and protection. That protection is not only from outside predators, but from members of the pride as well, like an angry male or an overly playful subadult. If you’re a female, you have a place among the pride for life. Male’s however are typically pushed out between the age of 2-3 to make a life of their own. Photographed in the Kalahari a couple weeks back / @tswalu @hydroflask @danahrichardson @juliefranzrich @barry_peiser

Wind is a master sculpture, relentlessly indiscriminate and consistent in its architectural symmetry.

Heart lake, that’s what we called it anyway. This glacial fed lake was our view from advance basecamp for the better part of 3 weeks as we climbed the face of an unnamed tower in #Greenland last year. Swipe over to see our objective, a 2,000+ foot technical tower that had us in awe the higher we climbed and dodging rock fall from time to time. The over all route went at 5.13b and was onsighted by @ethan_pringle and @mikelibecki / @andy_mann @connor_seybert @3stringsproductions @djiglobal

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