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Courtney  1 John 2:15-17 | RVA Makeup Artist | @glambycourt to see my work | Email

I’m so nice, I’m everybody type gah damn right. I’m so nice, Jesus Christ I’m better than the hype. I give you life 😏

Ok summer, I’m coming for you 😎

My handsome guys 🤗 Big 🐎 lil 🐎 shouts to @fuckyoubybeezy for the shirts #happyfathersday

Thank you for providing for us, and loving us the way you do. Thank you for giving us your all every day. You’re so selfless and smart, making the best decisions for our family. You’re so appreciated. Zayne and I love you ♥️ Happy Father’s Day!

I like it natural, actual, factual ➰

Happy 1 month Zayne! Having you here has been a life changing experience, but definitely the best. At one month, he loves to eat, to be held at all times, and story time. He doesn’t mind diaper changes, but he hates bath time, and pacifiers. Can’t wait to see how he changes as the months go by 🤗👶🏽💙

A different kind of love 💕

I’m wearing the smile you gave me 😁

21 days postpartum 🤪

Zayne Richardson 👶🏽 5 • 1 • 2018 ✨

Mommy and daddy are ready whenever you are baby boy 💙 can’t wait to meet you! There’s a lot of love waiting to shower you ✨ 📸

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