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Jools Walker  Black woman usually on a bike - currently behind a 💻 writing 'Back In The Frame'. 📚out 2019 - published by Sphere (Little, Brown). 👇🏾Latest blog post:

REAL TALK KLAXON: Sometimes things don’t go according to the plan you had mapped out. But I’m learning not to freak out too much and accept that it’s OK. Going freelance in 2016 was one of the scariest things I’d ever done. It was a massive unknown (and still is) and even when you’ve MS Excel’d yourself to the eyeballs with budgets, layouts and lined up jobs & gigs within an inch of your life and think you’ve got it all sorted, just one of those things falling out of place or being let down can leave you in a “WTF😱” tailspin (both mentally and financially)... especially when you have other people relying on you. There is also the self-destructive action of comparing yourself (oh the curse of social media eh?) to other women similar in age or younger who appear to have everything locked down with no hitches and have work/jobs/life running like clockwork. I can’t lie: all of the above + freelancing has left me doubting my self-worth, confidence and dancing with my best enemy (💃🏾👋🏾 Imposter Syndrome!) more times than I wanted to bust a move with. BUT I’ve learned from the experience, and have worked my arse of and achieved amazing things doing so. It’s been hard and tbh really rather shit in places, but some good things are still on the horizon, and I have to smile about that and the people who have supported & believed in me on this journey and are sticking with me on it too. Things are changing around these parts, some perhaps for the better although it smarts like mad and is bloody mentally exhausting, I gave it a try for a couple of years and have to keep moving forward. So, that’s what I’m gonna do. 🙌🏾🚲🌈💁🏾‍♀️
📸: @grobelaar
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Hold tight pals: it’s the sexiest couple in Pizza Eating. More spicy than the hottest Nduja, right? 🍕💖😭🔥

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If you come to the REAL @youngandfoodish #londonpizzafestival and getting a slice of @santamariapizza from a dancing @papachionchio isn’t your first stop, did you really come to the pizza festival? 🤔🍕👌🏾

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2018: the year of old skool @tattydevine wishes coming true. @robryantown - I regretted never buying your “Everything I Love Lives In My Heart” brooch, especially when I got back into cycling. All things considered at the moment, it feels like a positive omen to have found this now 💖🚲 After years of eluding me at various sample sales, I finally got an original Bubbles statement... a set with an old pair of earrings and the ring is now complete. Marbles was a nice bonus. Thanks for an excellent event (as always) @teamtatty 👏🏾 After the Nib a couple of weeks ago, I think I’ve hit peak TD this year ✨👌🏾🌈

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The new issue of @casquettecc Magazine is out! Great to speak to @emilyofchappell openly about my relationship between cycling and depression (which can often be a 😱 to reconcile - pretty timely at the mo to... ha!) Grab yourself a free print copy direct from 🚲✌🏾

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2 of the most joyous photos of the year for me 💕 As some of you already know, @grobelaar was attacked + mugged on Saturday which was shit to put it mildly. He’s getting back to normal (pulling stupid faces as standard) AND he’s back on his bike cycling to work too! I already know I love this man more than words can describe BUT after what happened to him on Saturday, it put a lot of things into perspective. Besides, he’s my best bike buddy and I’d be lost without him. Love you, you weirdo 💕🚲💕🚲

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#tbt to 2010: the year I got my Pashley and went riding around the New Forest on it. Defo a bit of a stupid idea and not the right bike for some of the terrain out there... but that’s what also made that day so magic: I didn’t give a shit. I just wanted to get out and ride on my brand new bike, even if my arse and legs were screaming in agony at me by the end of the day. Part of me feels like I’m losing that spontaneous spark with cycling. Feeling a disconnect from something you love and kinda defines you is a bloody terrifying feeling. Perhaps I’ll blog about that sometime, as a few things are keeping me away from the saddle at the moment (illness being just one of them). Just 🙏🏾 this random sunshine hangs around for long enough and my lows shift so I can get back to being that smiling dork with a sore arse on a bike again...✌🏾🚲

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AT LAST. Only been regretting not buying this since 2008, as lamented in the ‘Women We Watch’ interview I did with @tattydevine recently. Its taken 10 years of hoping, scoping out every online market place you can imagine and keeping my fingers crossed for each sample sale to yield one... and finally, a Giant Nib Crystal Necklace is mine! Mint timing too 🖋📚✨

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Psychedelic cycle scenes in the sunshine this evening. Need more bright days, cycling and colours like this 🌈🚲🌞

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Re-gramming like an excited and proud bike-geek girlfriend... BECAUSE I AM ONE! ❤️🚲 @grobelaar is off doing the Isle Of Wight Randonnée right now - this was him before heading off for the ride all 👌🏾🙌🏾 in that kit! Wishing you luck and fun from London doll... Have a blast of a day in the sunshine lad and enjoy the miles with smiles! 🌞🚲🌊💕

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A tale of two cycling days - both involving @judesicecream by pure coincidence : @grobelaar grabbed one on his 42km ride today in the Portsmouth sunshine - I grabbed one while still writing a cycling book in the Tate. BUT, he didn’t get to try Black Coconut tho 🖤🥥 🍦

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