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I have loved this song for its lyrics and the different sounds of the guitar in this single. I also find interesting the return to the basic image of the disks without luxuries. Standing out only music as the only objective and purpose.
#JCM #기타 #Clayton The end of the song is a Open Road #Hope
#MusicandBooks #booksandmusic
PS: This song has a meaning to me. The first time I heard was live in I heart the radio & the day begin bitter but give me hope . Cause I say goodbye to someone but the sound of guitar continue in others & there is a hope (Life)
💎✨PSII: I love it the video playing with the words. Only someone who enjoy the art of words can play with words too. 💎✨

Yesung has returned with his new Album.
I'm still analyzing what my favorite songs are. It was a nice detail that he wrote the lyrics in English for the rest of the people who admire him (I will not say fan because I think it's a horrible word and I will not say ELF either because these days I do not like to be labeled)
So I'll hear it long enough to then decide what song reaches my heart.
 For the moment I will say that coincidences affect me, so strange.
Yesung Story (Y'S) I'm a little desconected with Korean Music cause I would like see live tours but my country is always forget & the tickets are expensive & I don't have a good experience with the light in front my eyes when I paid to enjoy the show.
So I hope Yesung give us a show more like KRY with a live band playing instruments.
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This I posted yesterday in the story for those who did not see it can read it.

I was playing to be a doctor (😗😉😀)
He wrote observations and, as expected, I completed it.
Probably I erase this 😗🍫💋
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I have left behind my rebelliousness regarding cooking. Cook this with spices from the garden at home, I was losing the privilege of enjoying the aromas while cooking and how beautiful it can be when all the ingredients are combined.
The little tomatoes are from home too (First of the season is lovely). I'm not a chef, there's no decoration on the plate. I like to cook certain recipes, so I choose them following a style. It's never been my desire to cook, I must say that it makes me happy that my sister or my mother enjoy it because they have always been specialists.Treating friends cooking for them today makes me happy too, even when I still have very few recipes for them.  It is still hot in Buenos Aires. We will see what the new recipe will be before the end of the summer.
He cocinado nuevamente, mis dias de rebeldia en la cocina han terminado.
Sin darme cuenta estaba perdiendo el disfrutar de los aromas de las especias frescas de la quinta en casa. Estaba perdiendo de observar la fusion de los ingredientes y el natural amor que se siente cuando cocinas para quienes queres.
Los tomatitos pequeños son los primeros de temporada, tan bello.
#DreamyPicara #PicaraSoñadora #Poet #Writer #Cooking #HomeSweetHome #Loverecipes #날씨 🌋 (Weather) PS: Can I cook for you? 😘💋💋💋 PSII: While are cooking music is a great company I didn't know.
PSIII: #Ellipsis #Flavour 😗 I can cook but I can't eat like when I had 20, in this moment of life everything counts (In the year of Pig I don't wanna be a Pig #healthyhabits ) . My nutricionist controls my habits

Should I believe you? I do not believe you. Prove it to me.
Love is like a 🌱🌱🌱 💧
#lifethings #lovenotes #loveletters 😜

So cute, is my Spring Spirit who loves this things.
I love this Bear.
#Honey #Sweet

Summer in Buenos Aires burns! Water, smoothies, air conditioning ... Waiting for the rain!
I really love summer rain 💞💞💞
Meme of myself 💋 Waiting ⚡⚡⚡
Verano en Bs As simplemente arde.
Agua helada, licuados, aire acondicionado ...
Esperando la lluvia.
Amo la lluvia en verano.
#Sleepy #Summernight #RainingDays 💞 #비 #날씨 🌋
....4 🔷🔷🔷 burning #PhillyMood
PS: See you later? Probably I'll be awake
PSII: Soon I have to wake up early summer will finish
PSIII: I add text

I'm not a Chef but I'm tryng!
I tell you a story before sleep...💋
Well, I'll love it Good Night!
#lovenotes #loveletters #oldfashioned I'm still being Picara I know my Cards #Ellipsis
How can I get your heart? I'm still thinking Buenas Noches #Flavour #Honey & #DarkChocolate Lovely & kisseable lips you have #dear #homesweethome #bedtimestories
PS: His arms sweet flavour
#logarithmoflove #poet #dreamypicara #writer
PSII: Would you hear my voice ...whispering ...your name ...not yet 💋
PSIII: ✒Write me 🌸🌸🌸

My dream as a writer has always been that Emece Editores publish my book.  I am from the generation that was born when the letters sent by mail and would be history, very few letters written by hand I received. Very few letters I have sent.

In other words, I am from the generation of fire in Chinese horoscope.

Fire is passion and creation, my hope is that this editorial emerges from the ashes like the Phoenix Bird

My loved ones in my life that if they were still alive are the ones who worked there and gave rise to my dreams. (They have today 91, my two grand uncles)

In Argentina Emece Editores today does not exist as many publishers that are disappearing. The bookstores are also disappearing, everything makes the person who wants to protect the job of writer every day more difficult.  I will continue dreaming to fulfill my wish.
Tengo un sueño y es que Emece Editores resurga entre las cenizas, creci rodeada de los catalogos y libros de este editorial, llegaban a mi porque mis tios abuelos y mi abuelo eran trabajadores alli. Mi tio abuelo alentaba la lectura y mi escritura.
El solia hacerme leer las biografias de los escritores de Best Sellers y me decia algun dia tu poesia sera parte de la edicion en Emece.
Emece desaparecio en Argentina como los Bookstore que tambien estan muriendo. Como asi tambien ha desaparecido el envio de cartas, algo que amo.
Mi sueño probablemente lo cumplire en otro editorial algun dia.
Algo que pienso hacer de ahora en adelante es mostrar ese amor que tengo por la literatura y en particular por este editorial.
#DreamyPicara #PicaraSoñadora #Poet #Writer #Dreamer #Dreaming #Storyteller #Reader #Escritora no profesional lo hago por amor My proffesion will be other cause my goal in this moment is only an Utopia a dream #EE #EmeceEditores #Vintage #Editoriales #Bookstore #Emece #Poesia #책 #homesweethome
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My personal #library I'm #LimitedEdition
#SpringSpirit #loveletters #lovenotes I love 🎸🎹 💞 #honey #logarithmoflove #💌🔄💌 What do you think honey? Write me ✒
#soulandbody My wild curves ❤ #yourarms #ellipsis #🌸🌸🌸

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