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La vie est belle, je viens de dormir 7 heures deux nuits consécutives après des mois d'insomnies quotidiennes. J'ai l'impression d'être un gourou de la vie saine. Je suis Gwyneth Paltrow quoi ...

Trouvé sur Pinterest, ca doit avoir deux ans et j'ai l'impression que ça en a 10. Époque blogueuse mode 😜 #ootd #noitsalie

This is my SHIT now

No Stinky. Also, fuck you. @bittycar

Call me Connor MacLeod people ! 🎉🎉

I miss you so much 😩😭 #newyork

Today was a good day and I'm thankful for that. I've listened to cool tunes all day long, like "American Boy" by Estelle three times, because it's too cool. Also all the "She's all that" songs, because I've always loved this movie and secretly want to nail this "Rockafeller skank" choreography. Also, for the first time of my life I understood the "Shoop" lyrics, because I was too young before and was more into "Let's talk about sex" as a teen, and I laughed as a kid, also Coney Island is in the video and I miss NY so much. Finally, I saw "Say Anything" for the very first time and damn, masterpiece about growing up and falling in love. This was a good, good day. #sayanything

What an awful shitty day. I always loved this picture of him and Jessica Lange, they were like a modern Joanne Woodward/Paul Newman couple.

J'ai une petite pensée là tout de suite : Le propriétaire de ce véhicule sait-il.elle que sa voiture est - certainement - sans cesse prise en photo ? #pantin

J'ai acheté un chapeau #ootd

Ouep. Ca va être l'uniforme de l'été 2017 pour moi... @lapetitefripeshoes #ootd

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