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  Australia Two mums 🏳️‍🌈 Raising a son ❤️ Documenting our day to day life Expecting baby #2 in November 👩🏻‍🔬🔹👩🏻‍💻🔹👦🏻

Oh happy day! This afternoon we had a scan to check on the growth and amniotic fluid levels and we were given great news. The level has increased! In our last scan the deepest and only measurable pocket of fluid they could see was 1.6cm. Today the deepest pocket was 3.7cm AND there was also three additional pockets which made a total 7cm! It’s about half of what it’s meant to be but it’s a huge increase to what it was and even more importantly, the baby’s growth was spot on for 24 weeks. We need to go back for a scan every 2 weeks from now on, to keep a close eye on it all, as they expect the levels will fluctuate. They will make the decision on when it may be necessary to deliver based on the future scans BUT as of now we’ve been given a new goal of 28 weeks. I can’t wipe the smile off my face and I just feel so much lighter. The plan is to keep on doing what I’ve been doing - lot of rest, lots of water and to keep an eye on my temperature. A highlight of the scan was when the ultrasonographer pointed out the tuffs of hair on our baby’s head, just like Oscar had when he was born. 😍

Today marks 24 weeks! That means we have officially made it to ‘viable pregnancy’ stage and it’s a huge relief. Oscar asks every single day to see the baby (my belly) and pats my stomach, asking when she’s coming out. His new thing is to bring the baby presents, stuffing them under my top. We have a scan tomorrow to check on growth and amniotic fluid levels so fingers crossed for good news. 🤞

A throwback photo of Oscar and his Nanny hanging out at the park. This kiddo will still occasionally point out a blue car and say “Look, Nanny’s car!”, though not as much these days. It’s strange how it can seem like a lifetime ago that she was swinging alongside Oscar but also feel as if time has barely passed at all. I really hope he continues to remember her and the fun they had as he gets older. She’d be so damn proud him. ❤️

Leader of the pack. 😍

Lying here with my two babies, one asleep in my arms and the other gently kicking inside my belly. Lately when the littlest one starts kicking, I silently share with her all the beautiful and wonderful things she’s going to see in her lifetime. I tell her how much her brother already adores her and how she has a reserved place in our family so she doesn’t need to rush. I explain that she still has 3.5 months of growing to do and as much as I would love to meet her, she needs to stay put for a while longer. I desperately plead with her that if she can do that, I’ll totally buy her a brand new car for her 18th birthday. 🚘🎁 #negotiation

The other day Oscar pointed up at one of our wedding photos before asking, “Mummy, are you a princess?”. Candice and I both laughed as he continued with his mouth open in awe, “Oh, that is so lovely”. 😍😂

It’s been a hell of week. Three ultrasounds and several appointments have now confirmed ‘Preterm Premature Rupture of the Membranes’. We hadn’t heard that term before last week but to put it simply, the amniotic fluid levels around our baby are too low to carry her full term. There is a small tear in the membranes and I’ve slowly lost almost all of the amniotic fluid. It’s crazy how you can go from being so happy to being absolutely terrified. I keep hearing the drs words swirling around my head, “we can’t predict labor, it could be tomorrow”, “some people choose to terminate at this point”, “your baby won’t survive if born in the next few weeks”. Around and around. The lack of space and fluid around the baby is starting to compress her chest, meaning her lungs can’t practice breathing. We’ve been told that if I can somehow make it to 30 weeks, the baby’s lungs will still only be developed to that of a 24 week old. She’s healthy right now, nothing wrong with her perfect little body. I feel horrible, knowing it’s MY body that is failing her. I realise it’s not my fault but it’s hard to overlook the fact that it’s definitely not hers.

Right now all we can do is wait. Wait and hope that I can keep her safe inside my belly for a while longer. In a few weeks, we will have an appointment at the NICU at the hospital. Our dr said it’s important that we know what’s coming and be prepared.

For the full story, I’ve written a post on my blog to explain a bit more how this has all come to be. Link is in my profile.

Picking an outfit for the day has never been more fun for a 3.5 year old. The new Duns collection is superb. 👌🏻 @scandilandkids #letthembelittle #allthecolours #scandilandkids

We’ve been mentioning the baby more when talking to Oscar, regularly reminding him of his impending big brother status. Tonight I asked him if he was going to be an excellent helper when the baby comes. I suggested things like singing the baby to sleep and assisting when we change the nappies. He nodded assuringly before leaning his face in close to my stomach and singing ever so softly, ‘Happy Birthday Dear Baby’ to the luckiest little girl still growing in my belly. 😍

Happiest birthday to Oscar’s cousin, Anastasia. These two are thick as thieves and incredibly mischievous when they get together. He’s so lucky to have a little buddy within our family that is the same age as him. ❤️

Candice and I are doing some minor house renovations again so we had a bunch of errands to run today. Rather than have Oscar stuck in his car seat while we drove around, we dropped him off for a play at his cousin’s house. All morning before we left the house, he kept asking if he could go outside and make ‘chocolate cakes’ in his mud kitchen. A combination of us being rushed and it also being really chilly, we had to tell him no but promised that he could play out there in the afternoon once we were home again. Toward the end of our errands, we had a little time to spare so we ducked into an op shop and found Oscar some new pots to cook in. He loved the surprise and got straight into it once we got him home. We also added a few foil cases from the mini apple pies that I’ve been absolutely overindulging in. 😂#pregnancycravings

Almost halfway through already so I thought I better take a bump photo or I’ll regret not documenting these 9 months. Things are certainly different the second time around! I think I was closer to 30 weeks before my belly was this huge when pregnant with Oscar but I guess my body just knows what to do this time. I’ve felt like I’ve looked obviously pregnant since I was 8 weeks along but over this month, I’ve really popped. Strangely, Oscar doesn’t seem to notice my ever expanding belly. Except every now and then, he points to it and says, “You still sick, Mummy?”. I can now tell him that, no I’m not sick. All my nausea has gone and I’m so relieved! I really feel for those poor women who cope with it for the whole 40 weeks as it really sucks the joy out of being pregnant. I’ve now started feeling tiny taps/kicks and it’s beyond wonderful. ☺️ @scandilandkids #scandilandkids

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