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  Australia Two mums 🏳️‍🌈 Raising a son ❤️ Documenting our day to day life 👩🏻‍🔬🔹👩🏻‍💻🔹👦🏻


At work and missing this face. 😍

Most mornings when Candice gets up for work, this little guy will drag his pillow into our bed and lay in her spot. Part boy, part baby. 😍

Quite a fun day for Oscar. It started with an adventure with his Grandma. She’s currently using him as a subject for some study she’s undertaking and needed to plan and observe him playing in nature. That’s right up his alley so it was a visit to a nature reserve and an environmental centre for those two. This left Candice and I free to go out and enjoy a peaceful breakfast alone! When we got home, I could barely keep my eyes open. I’m hoping this is a sign that something might be growing inside me and that it’s not just a side effect of the progesterone I’m taking. Either way, I napped for THREE HOURS, joined by Oscar for 2 of them, while Candice and her Dad mowed our jungle of a lawn. Then Oscar and Candice went for a swim at Pop’s house with while I did the grocery shopping and cleaned out the fridge. For the entire time I was gone, he only got out of the pool once (to use the toilet) and swam the rest of the time. This kid LOVES water! I’m back at work tomorrow after a week off and part of me is looking forward to it as it means less time sitting around wondering if the blood test will be positive on Friday. 😬

Embryo transfer day. A beautiful 5 day blastocyst, with an overachieving grade of 3AA. Make yourself at home, little one.

Candice sent me this photo while I was at work tonight. It’s of Oscar being a little show off, (I imagine he was shouting something along the lines of “ta-da!”) under a sign that she had set up with Muse lyrics. These words were used in our wedding vows and I love them so much. Getting this message was the pick up I needed. My family are pretty awesome. ❤️

Let the games begin.
On Monday it was my 34th birthday and you know what I got? Three bags full of IVF drugs.
It’s strange to be back here again, starting a full stim cycle and feeling the return of all the same worries.
Not feeling like you can take a breath until you make it to the next stage. The endless stages. Will my body respond to the same dosage as last time? Or will my ovaries over stimulate? Will the follicles grow enough and be good enough for egg retrieval? Will the egg retrieval go smoothly? How many eggs will they get? Will they fertilise? Will they make it to 3 day embryos? To blastocyst stage? Will the transfer go smoothly? Will the embryo attach? Will the blood test be positive? Will my HCG levels rise? Will I see a heartbeat at the first ultrasound? At the second ultrasound?
I wonder if I’ll be able to breathe again if we make it that far. 🤔😬 #ivfpregnancy #samesexparents #ivf

We’re started to get the hang of this camping thing. Thanks to @gaybymama @shan.of.the.rainbow for inviting us along to spend the weekend with them and for also bringing us a tent to sleep in. We are so, so tired and hella sunburnt but happy to have spent the weekend outside with such chilled company. 🏕
Side note: I didn’t delete my last post. It was apparently reported as being inappropriate. Turns out a 3 year old without a shirt on is incredibly offensive. 🙄

Afternoon strolls. ❤️

A pair of chipmunks, these two. 😂
Oscar and his cousin, Anastasia, are 8 months apart but they are thick as thieves. They fight like siblings. Adore each other like friends. Love each other like family. 😍

We’re home from our weekend away!

Our legs are tired from walking, our pants tight from eating, our bellies sore from laughing. Best of all, our hearts are full. Thanks @ourstorytomakeyou @ljm_photo for showing us your favourite Melbourne spots; wining and dining us and inviting us into your home. You guys are RAD and we had so much fun.
After an incredible weekend, Candice and I flew home this afternoon and were reunited with the missing part of us. This cheeky, giggling, beaming little boy of ours. ❤️

Yesterday, Candice told Oscar that we were going on an adventure. He was so excited and kept telling me, “Mummy, we’re going on an adventure!”. The adventure ended up being the Build for Speed exhibit at the Art Gallery and it was a total success. This morning though, all he wants is to find Mumma and for us to go on another adventure but unfortunately it’s Monday. I wish the weekends were longer, buddy. I really do.

We visited an exhibition at the Art Gallery today which was pretty much just LEGO building and racing cars. Oscar really loved it and it was adorable to see how excited he was. He was even able to make himself a medal to hang on the gallery wall. Not a bad activity for your car obsessed kid on a Sunday. ☺️

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