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kate gazaway  Photographer. Vagabond. Baker on most days. Founder & educator @PictureChange. Based in Nashville,TN but I get around.

Hey friends. I’m renting out my room in my sweet East Nashville home May 1 - June 7 for five glorious weeks.

Super ideal if you’re in between places or wanting to sample more of the “real Nashville” than a weekend on Broadway can offer. It’s a master suite with a private bathroom, inviting porch, and great location.
Holla at me if you (or a friend) are clean, chill, and interested.
DM or kategazaway@gmail.com.

The more I go to the edge of things, the less I worry that I’ll lose control and topple over. Learning a lot lately about being content in the present, stuck right there “on the verge of” and “how it used to be”; enjoying the anticipation and the roar, the fluid change and the constant of the space I inhabit. .
(📸 and adventure by @jessepaul)

It’s funny the significance locations can play in your life. I’ve visited this very spot many times in the past five years alone and not-alone and each time I notice something distinct, previously unseen, or with renewed success in taking my breath away.
It’s like reading the same book for a second or third time: the plot doesn’t change but certain cast-aside characters become more prominent in your understanding of the story.
Or maybe it’s just a 20minute detour off the highway during your drive home on some idle Tuesday. It’s all in your perspective and how you’re telling your story (or allowing it to be told). Maybe it’s just a bunch of water toppling over a cliff because they’ve had it with what’s upstream. Who knows?
Grateful to live in a place where such wonders exist.

I’ve seen @whereissionnie spark life in others (including myself), but bringing her own little flame into the world is hands-down-hallelujah miraculous. We’ve been on a lot of adventures in 5 years of friendship, but walking alongside her in motherhood has been the most beautiful to witness. Teensy little Arlo isn’t even mine, but I can already tell I’ll love him forever because of who he’s made of. 💗

If you think we are weak or frail or insignificant, there are billions over the centuries that have come before us, speaking the truth. Women, subtle and strong, reminders of perseverance and grace which alter the course of history like a river defines the shape of the land it touches.
In my tiny little life, I’ve known such women. One of them gave birth to me, a few more raised me, and a few thousand more have made me the woman I am today.

We give and sustain life. We can start fights and we can end wars. We can endure devastation and create splendor from it. My God, are we undefinable and unconquerable. And my God, are we beautiful.
When I was a kid, I always wished I was a boy because boys got to do more and were stronger. Now that I’m grown, so grateful to be a woman, to be part of this reckoning force around the world who feels and sees and cares and defends and weeps and laughs and everything in between. I’m grateful for sisterhood, for kinship, for connection.

And today (and every day) that is worth celebrating and uplifting, ensuring and empowering for all those who are next. Keep making history, ladies.

Me: “I hope we’re doing this in our 80s.”

Chandra: “What are you talking about? We ARE in our 80s!”
Backgammon, burgers, and babes make for a fine Tuesday evening.

Easy breezy camp-stove cliff coffee.

Necessary reminders.

An average Monday of to-do lists lined with salt air and nostalgia.

Every story has history. Honored to share the story of @picturechange with the @passionpassport community. Check it out! .


Today marks 4 years of someone very dear to me being off drugs and sober. And I think back to where our lives were 4 years ago (or 6 or even 10 years ago), about the great void between us, or the fear of getting that call saying he had overdosed, or even being the one to find him myself. I marvel at the fact that 4 is such a small number for such an enormous obstacle to defeat.
So really, in the case of overcoming addiction, “four” is representative of 1,460 days or 35,040 hours of sobriety, slowly fighting an uphill battle to turn your life around; to reclaim your life, your health, and the relationships that had been ravaged because of addiction.

Four is huge. From the time he decided to quit, four hours and four days were huge.
Proud, so proud of my friend. His journey has been far from easy. Now he works in a rehabilitation center, saying the primary reason he’s been able to stay sober is by helping others get sober themselves. He’s changing lives just as his was changed.

And for those struggling or who love someone struggling with addiction, it’s not too late. Be strong. “One” can turn to “four” before you know it and your whole life will be different.

I’ve seen a lot of beautiful things in this world, but witnessing @whereissionnie journey into motherhood and redefine grace is up near the top.

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