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Nguyen, Nancy 

I found the little boy from The Jungle Book.

Please do not ask me any questions about my earphones (hehe). I had the thing on my chin, however, it kept falling. My jaw, man... I haven’t sang this song in ages (2013-2014 to be exact). I sang it (somewhat) all the way through once, and during the bridge I was like !%#£¥ (uh-uh, hell no). I sang it two more times... The earphones just ain’t havin’ it. Plus, I did not want to learn the bridge, just yet. I thought this video was funny. So, I kept it for the records. You can see how uncomfortable everything is in my eyes. LOL.


Things are starting to make sense. It started after I gave more than two cents into the things I didn’t want to give...
- did not know how to give.

~ Lucky Charms ~

Magically Exclusive
Drop everything, all that your ego contains, down to the floor. Command thee to show thyself... That is when life is truly high. I like it when I present my natural element.

You know some things that I don’t know. I know some things that you don’t know. Looks like we are the same on different wavelengths.
P.S. I am mesmerized.

The hardest thing was letting go of all the harmful spells I casted upon myself. Friday the 13th was my birthday. Let me tell you... I was frightened of myself. May I possibly still be? Hell, yes. However, it won’t stop me from learning how to love myself. I just got bitten by a spider. The little thing is reminding me to start creating, again.

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