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Lady Nan 

A daily necessity, nowadays, is to write down my affirmations. It includes the complete chakra system and the knowledge I learned through one of Don Miguel Ruiz’s book. I plan on getting the information hooked and locked, becoming second nature to my being. The day that I discontinue the writings of these affirmative spells, will be the day I acknowledge the first awarding results of my personal growth within my being on Earth.
P.S. it is usually written in my notebook. I thought I’d share a less personal piece of matter and mind. Go, Starbucks, for the paper bag!
P.S.S. Life is constantly evolving, and it is, honestly, draining keeping up with society. I pray for you all, and wish the lightest and divining journey you embark upon this path of being your authentic-self. Thank our creator for giving us the choice to decide upon our own creation of life.
P.S.S.S. If you are in the dark, best believe you will and always will be the light way out. Flow on, beings of this creative planet. Help me help you remind ourselves the true love of life, our own personal-being.

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