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  Lady Gaga 🌹 ARTRAVE 5/18/14

😍😍🥀 wowie

Okay but Gaga is a queen end of story

I’m back 💕

Germanotta babies 😍😍😍

She’s so precious ❤️❤️❤️

She’s the only one keeping me stable

The Cure 😍

We are all gaga for that lady look out here she comes baby.
Put your torches and pitchforks away cause she’s here to save the day.
Can you imagine a world much better without your mother, brother or lover.
She stands for equality throughout the nation just be yourself there’s no expectation.
Freedom rings throughout the land so don’t be shy just take my hand.
Love and kindness fills the air, haters back off just beware.
Do what you want and say what you want about me and if you wanna know, no I'm not sorry.
I'll be myself till the day I die, not even when they close the coffin can you deny me the right to be who I am and I'll be who I want because I can.
I say no way even in vain can you change who I am even through pain.
Just dance it's going to be okay, so now tell me how is your day.
When they all yell SLAY I say just be GAY.
Get it together just come on, come with me and sing this song.
Let's make some noise and here we stand together at last, marry our significant other now we can
She’s an international popstar sensation just wait for the date for this an amazing occasion.
She’s a new yorker with some spunk come on now don’t be a punk.
Lets all play fair it’s truth or dare now can we all compare the pain in our hearts that we bear.
She’s a crazy lady with a dress of meat i mean how can we all compete.
No matter gay, straight or bi you’ll always survive
Her voice will take your breath away she's also very unique might I say.
Live life in the land of the gay cause baby you were born this way.

Babes 😍😍😍

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