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Whimsical Art & Geekery  Doodler πŸ–οΈ #LilPep Chaser of Dreams πŸ”οΈ Pizza Lover πŸ• Slytherin 🐍 πŸ™ πŸ’›


L O V E - P U N S

I've felt so tired I've barely left bed all day. I've showered and eaten, then came straight back to bed to chill. I've been working long hours and I think it hit me today, so I'm listening to my body and having a break.

However, I kept my sketch book next to the bed and I've been doodling more Valentine's puns.

Which of these is your favourite?

O P T I M U S - F I N E

Lots of new cards now in stock, like this one ready for your Valentine's Day needs 😍❀️😘

B E L I E V E - I N - Y O U R S E L F

I posted the sketch of this the other day, and I felt that Nessy deserved her own spot amongst the #punuary doodles.

I have even used the Loch Ness Tartan in the background! Could be on a tee at some point, in some variation of this design.

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O T T E R L Y - A D O R A B L E

While going through some old images I found this of one of my favourite illustrations. This was later painted in full colour and the original I still have (too attached to sell just yet). I love working in many different styles, I'm still figuring out my creative voice and I'm not sure I'll ever find the final version. I like creating things to make people smile, terrible puns and ridiculous cuteness. Whatever I create tends to come from that, so I suppose that just about sums me up! ❀️

H O G W A R T S - P R I D E

The #acrylicjewellery has now arrived, and I'm over moon with the quality of these! Thank you @zapcreatives 😍

Each one is inspired by a #HogwartsHouse so we can celebrate our #wizarding school pride! £12 each, and will be up on my webstore later today ❀️

M Y - A N A C O N D A - D O N T

Valentine's Card - Yes or No?


Been wanting to illustrate this one for a while, the snake is most certainly NOT an Anaconda, I referenced my very own #AriesTheCornSnake here at home. She is such a beaut, I had to!

She only wants to snuggle, no struggle.

#myanaconda #myanacondadont #strugglesnuggle #dailydoodle #punoftheday #puns #punoftheweek #Pun #Valentinescard #valentinespuns #lovepuns #dailysketch #dailydraw #adobedraw #adobesketch #doodleoftheday #doodlesofinstagram #doodlelove #doodleart #doodlesofig #bunnystagram #sneksofinstagram #sneks

T I N Y - P E R S O N

New #greetingcard now available on my webstore (link in bio), for when you need to celebrate procreation.

#newbaby #tinyperson #genderneutral

F A M I L Y - F U N

This was a recent #doodle commission for a really lovely family, with three generations, and of course their dog!

I had so many ideas to choose from to bring them to life, the photos were gorgeous. But overall little Oscar in the wheelbarrow being scooted around by grandad did it.

I truly believe it's the small silly moments in life that have the biggest impact on our well being. As adults we need to remember to play more, turn the TV off (after all we can record our favourite shows anyway!) go outside and be with the people that matter. πŸ’›

Thank you to everyone who allows me to get a glimpse at their lives, it is an absolute privilege to capture these.

B L U E - M O N D A Y

Today is meant to be the most difficult day of the year, midway through January, Christmas is long gone now and pay day is likely a stretch for a lot of people. Hence, #BlueMonday.

Mental health is my biggest priority these days, and I've been feeling a little anxious this past week.

Therefore, this morning I ensured that I was in happy company, making plans for the future and being creative. I also treated myself to a gorgeous hot chocolate @shopthewillowtree with @holski53.

It's totally OK, not to be OK. πŸ’›πŸ‘Œ

O L I V E - Y O U

As it is #BlueMonday, I felt it was the right time to share something sweet to help make someone smile.
Tell someone you love them today by sharing this image with them.

Friends, family and significant others, it could make a world of difference.

This will soon be a Valentine's Card available in my online store.

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