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Great news! In a landmark decision, Los Angeles has voted in favor of a ban on the manufacture and sale of fur, becoming the largest city in the world to go fur-free.

This draft bill still needs final approval from the council and sign off by Mayor Eric Garcetti, but supporters expect it to be finalized by January next year.

Read more at the link in our bio!

Sadlt, the Shrine Circus still keeps wild animals in chains and cages, forcing them to do demeaning tricks and give rides for the sake of entertainment. In their most recent incident, a terrorized camel, forced to carry people on its back day after day, was spooked by a thrown shovel during the Shrine Circus in Pittsburgh, resulting in injury to seven people.

Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus shut down last year because people don’t want animals to live brutalized lives. But the Shrine Circus persists in keeping wild creatures in their shows.
Sign the petition to let your voice be heard and to urge the Shriners International to stop supporting animals’ misery in their circus.
Link to petition in bio.

An abandoned kitten named Karma, who was found with her ears and part of her tail cruelly chopped off, has been showered with love by foster carers and received her very own crocheted cap complete with adorable cat ears.
After such a rough start in life, this little kitten has found happiness in a new forever home; she was adopted within one day of returning to the shelter 💕🐱

SIGN & SHARE: Bring justice for Chico, an 18-year-old dog who was buried alive in the backyard. The helpless, elderly dog was left to suffocate in the dirt, terrified and trapped under a large rock for at least five hours.
Tragically, Chico couldn’t be saved — his suffering was so intense that vets had to euthanize him.
Sign this petition (link in bio) urging Worcester County District Attorney Joseph D. Early, Jr to take a stand and show that this severity of animal cruelty will not be tolerated.

In a huge step forward in the fight to ban the consumption of dog and cat meat in the US, the House of Representatives passed the Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act 2018 (H.R. 6720) in a voice vote this week.

The bill bans the slaughter, transport, possession, and trade of dogs and cats for human consumption. It also outlaws the trade of dog and cat meat between states and internationally. Currently, only six states have regulations banning dog and cat meat.

If you haven’t done so already, sign Lady Freethinker’s petition in support of this bill, ensuring that the Senate supports this important step for animal welfare. Link to petition in bio!

This poor dog was chained up all alone in the woods near a home in Laurens County, South Carolina. The pit bill was starving and on the brink of death by the time police found him. Left with no access to water or shelter, the skeletal dog was so weak he could not stand, or even respond to rescuers when he was found.
He was infested with maggots, overloaded with parasites, and needed multiple blood transfusions and fluids.
Police have charged suspect Michael Christopher Yeargin with ill-treatment of an animal. Now, it’s imperative that the courts make it clear that such animal cruelty will not be tolerated.

Sign this petition urging the circuit court attorney to prosecute Yeargin to the fullest extent of the law, and make sure he is never allowed to have an animal again. No more dogs must endure this torture.

Now this is a trend we can get behind! For the first time in history, London Fashion Week will have zero fur.

This magnificent gesture by the British Fashion Council represents a milestone in the garment industry and could influence countless consumers to ditch fur themselves👏🏼

SIGN & SHARE: In a horrific act of cruelty, a woman in Lutz, Florida poured fire accelerant over her estranged husband’s favorite dog, Denali, then ignited the helpless animal in flames before lighting the entire house ablaze.

Denali was in agonizing pain when rescuers found her, suffering severe burns on her back and head. Vets gave her just a 50 percent chance of surviving the night, and seriously considered euthanization.

Denali appears to be pulling through. But her recovery is far from over. She must undergo general anesthetic every day for bandage changes and wound care, and needs strong pain medication. New wounds are still emerging, a common occurrence with chemical burns.

Sign this petition calling for justice for Denali 😥

With Hurricane Florence threatening millions on the East Coast, please make sure you have a plan in place to keep your pet (and of course yourself) safe during a Hurricane 🙏 get important tips in the link in bio

Petition Update: In February, nearly 23,000 Lady Freethinker readers signed our petition urging the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office to strongly prosecute the criminal who hurled Dunky, a tiny Chihuahua, off a ledge on the 7th floor of a parking garage, killing the helpless dog.

On September 6, 2018, defendant Wakeen Best was found guilty on charges of animal cruelty, vandalism and burglary. Best will serve a three-year prison sentence for this horrendous and inhumane crime.

Thank you for adding your voice to speak out for justice and persuade authorities to take cruelty to animals seriously. Together, we are building a world where animal abuse will no longer be tolerated ❤️

SIGN & SHARE: Bring justice for this puppy that was tied up and abandoned, left to die in a swamp. Thankfully, the puppy - now named Nash - was discovered just in time, and is recovering in the care of fosters 💙

Sharing values alongside meals. Read about the journey and decisions this parent made when making the choice to raise her baby as a non-meat eater. Link to story in bio.

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