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Chelsea Celaya  Cheers to all who wine with a taste for adventure!

#sanakora is tonight's #20weeksoftikidrinks at @forbiddenisland. A strong flavor of bitter juices, another great favorite of mine mixed by the ever energized @brianrechenmacher. If you are going to #tikicaliente this weekend, he will be selling his amazing wares and I highly suggest you check out his stuff. I wish I we're going to get some of his stuff! Anyways, a major thumbs up for this week! ;) #20weeksoftikidrinkswithladyd

As I had only just seen the movie myself three or so years ago and with the new adaptation coming out, I thought, why not give it a go. I thought, this will only take me a day or two. I was not expecting the monster of a book that arrived for me on Saturday.

As of now, I have read 268 out of 1153 pages. I've never read a #Stephenking novel before. No one told me they were huge. @-@ #it #stephenkingsit #itanovel #atonly268pagesintheoriginalfilmisnotdoingitjustice

To the mothers I am so blessed to have obtained in my life, from my very own mom who has done everything for me to shape who I am and what I can accomplish to my mother-in-law who has made me feel like a part of her family. There are no words for how much you both mean to me. Happy Mother's Day!

Photos in thanks to @switzerfilm

Tonight at @forbiddenisland for #20weeksoftikidrinks is the #151swizzle! A healthy dosage of cinnamon and bite, this drink is definitely a contender for my top 5. Applause to @brianrechenmacher! Loving it. Only three tuesdays left! TT-TT #20weeksoftikidrinkswithladyd

@gouyokubanchou finished off #mutiny for me. If you're a coffee fan (which I am not), this is your tiki concoction! ;)

Double downed for #20weeksoftikidrinks today at @forbiddenisland with last week's special, the #colonialgrog and today's, #mutiny. Of the two, I definitely love the colonial grog. :3 Thanks for the fabulous mixes, @brianrechenmacher! #20weeksoftikidrinkswithladyd

This was at Target for $10. Decided it was time to own my own copy in case it ever gets removed from Hulu. I LOVE this show. Want the art book coming out in September (what perfect timing!)
#overthegardenwall #istillbuydvds

I can't believe I found #svengoolie on tv while randomly browsing on tv in Bakersfield. #ilovewatchinghorrorhosts #isthisconsideredcheatingonelvira?

Week 14 at @forbiddenisland for #20weeksoftikidrinks brings the #bigbamboo. If you like your tiki concoctions full of fruit juices that fall in the realm of bitter, this is your drink. It definitely was up my ally. ;) Thanks, @brianrechenmacher for the tasty mix. #20weeksoftikidrinkswithladyd

For the coconut cream lovers tonight's #20weeksoftikidrinks from @forbiddenisland is the #tradewinds. Not my cup of tea as I'm not a big coconut fan but still enjoyable! I love the garnish accents. So cute! ;) #20weeksoftikidrinkswithladyd

On our way to @thecastello. I am so proud of how my skirt came out and hope I remember to take lots of pictures to show off! >.<

Happy 10th birthday, @thecastello ! I'm so excited to celebrate our birthdays together tomorrow! It must be fate that our birthdays are mere days apart. My favorite place to visit and my favorite wines to drink. So many memories... I cannot wait to create more! Congratulations on ten years! #castellodiamorosa #thecastleinnapa

Photos of me by @gouyokubanchou or @sugarbunnycos

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