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Chelsea Celaya  The Now-Is Mrs. Celaya

Today's #20weeksoftikidrinks by @forbiddenisland is the #siboneycocktail. Super pineapple-y, I could drink this all day. Might be dangerous, but I really could. I think I'll need to start shouting out @brianrechenmacher every time these drinks rock. ;)

I love this lipstick. Two and a half hour wine tasting later and this is how it looks. #victoryred #besamecosmetics @besamecosmetics #iwouldswearbythislipstick

A rainy day at @thecastello is even better than a rainy day at #disneyland because it is accompanied by little to no crowd AND exceptional wine. I love my #castellodiamorosa.

Today's #20weeksoftikidrinks from @forbiddenisland is the #ladyfromsingapore. A very coconutty drink that even coconut-drink dislikers like me can enjoy.

@gouyokubanchou bought me a new blanket from @fabulousfurs. I think #sweetpea is in love. These have been taken over the span since it arrived. #celayacats

I was not planning for a funeral tonight. :/ This is depressing. #cougartownreferences #thisisactuallywaymoreupsettingthanithoughtitwouldbe

You know you're having a good time when you're able to chitchat with the best bartenders/servers ever whom give great advice on way too great of drinks and you feel like you really don't want to go home because you are. #20weeksoftikidrinks is getting dangerous!

Presenting the #martiniquecocktail from @forbiddenisland's #20weeksoftikidrinks for this week's special. Not your typical tasting rum drink but still very very good. I actually am loving the run in this quite a bit.

Oh my god. Shout out to @sugarbunnycos for being so kind in sharing this amazingly delicious #languedoc @-@ It is too good for words. Haven't had a rosé this tasty ever. #cotedesroses #grenache #cinsault #syrah #ivehadagrenache #ivehadasyrah #whatisacinsault #ithinkthisisthesecretingredinet

#Sabrina was the second to last of this season's #cinemarkclassicseries. Super cute and classy and ooh that #humphrybogart

Was tidying up our wine rack (broke a glass on the top shelf and needed to be sure I got all the glass) and I had to admire this beautiful collecting we have growing of #lacastellana and #ilbarone from @thecastello. #2005vintage #2010vintage and #2012vintage *.*

After the day I had at work, I totally pampered myself. Got my hair done by the best hairstylist ever. Devoured delicious salmon my family made and then poured myself a generous serving of @thecastello's #pinotgrigio in my #iearnedthis wine glass while curling up with the gorgeous @fabulousfurs blanket my hubby just bought me and arrived today to watch #cougartown. #lifeisntalwaysperfectbutitsfindingthemomentsthatarethatreallycount