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WILD THING ⚑  [Sagittarius] Amsterdam πŸ“

The sunglasses were just as necessary as the coffee for the bags under the eyes.

After a stressful week I can say with relief that the first step for my life here in Amsterdam is underway. I got a job at a fine dining Japanese Restaurant in the city to be Supervisor. It definitely has been rough moving here with a lot of mixed emotions (mostly tears of exhaustion by putting 110% into everything) but it's a beautiful challenge that I'm trying to accept every day and remind myself to live in the present.

I prefer when my path chooses me and I feel like I am going against my stream but who knows something beautiful may happen because of it and there is so many reasons I am happy to be in Europe β™₯

Tuning into my style is so liberating.
Fashion is so expressive.
You are your own canvas.
The beauty comes from the confidence.
Be your vibe #beyou

Danke πŸ‘‹

It's official the Netherlands is amazing and I'm so happy (and cold) to be here 🏑

Tuning into manifesting my future here in Amsterdam.

Clear your mind, set clear intentions. And now wait without anxiety because you can be certain of the outcome and your own potential. πŸ¦‹

If I could turn back time β™₯ #myforevers

I pray for everyone's happiness and thank everyone for mine β™₯ #bedtimereflections

You don't realise that your familiar smiles and hugs light up my day, to see you all grow makes me happy and to get to share moments with you like no time had past. That you all accept and appreciate me for who I am is invaluable. I feel like I'm bathing in a pool of goodness when I am surrounded by pure and wholehearted people.

Be conscious of the energy you surround yourself with πŸŒ’

Growing older with the same friends is such a gift πŸ”Έ a sense of home and happiness

I thank whatever Gods may be, for my uncoquerable soul.

Hope everyone is aware of the special eclipse tonight and it's traits for epiphanies, change and surfacing your needs, lacks and wants. It's the time to realise and become our inner guideπŸ”Έ

I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul - William Ernest Henley

The drama and emotion in the night sky 😍

I thought I discovered the beautiful things in life until I discovered stillness. The ability to appreciate and understand your present self so much that being alone brings you happiness. Now combine that with beautiful things in life and the result is contentment. The next three days will be a luxury to me camping at a place I call home, near the ocean, alone. #2018withpurpose

Mood when you are back in NZ but you don't know what you are doing with your life

And I am okay with that...enjoying the process to reevaluate and absorb all the experiences and opportunities. #2018withpurpose

I want to escape back to Yosemite.
No distractions, no bullshit

2018: Already a year worth celebrating πŸŒ‰

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