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#stopdropandspin response for @baelienhoops and I’m passing it on to @mayababe808 (cause I miss yew!), @mandyycandyyyy (cause it’s your birthday HOE 🎂), and @amanda.delrae (because we both rock tf out of our UltraHoops by @ultrapoi ✨ You can score yourself this hoop *or two!* with my discount code LADYBLU at the checkout!
This post has got me all excited inside, cause I’ve been working on this combo for a while now and I FINALLY GOT IT! It compiled of three tricks I had been having thee HARDEST TIME trying to ace! Finally got it. Now I don’t know any of the names for these moves, so if you know, drop the answer below 👇 The isolations ➡️ the behind my back chest roll ➡️ escalators ➡️ wedgie ➡️ leg stalls ➡️ frontward body coin wrap 👍👏🙌👐🤟👌 FOK YAAAAAS!!!!!! •

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Here’s a time lapse of my rope dart practice today - I clearly have no idea what I’m doing lmao 😆
My practice glow in the dark rope dart is from @homeofpoi (use my discount code LADYBLU for savings at the checkout on all your HomeOfPoi orders).

We has a blast and ate lollipops on the Ferris wheel of Seattle 🎡🍭🍁 Our vacation was too fun!

TAAA DAAA ✨ Here are some of the highlighted content that miss @jasperlov.e and I created together 🌻 This shoot is the fifth photoshoot with my partnership with @cocolocojewelry 🥥 The earrings and necklace are all from #cocolocojewelry 🐚 ✨Model: @jasperlov.e 🔮
✨Photography by me; be sure to check out the full set from this photoshoot at 📸

Just playing in the dirt again. Nbd. •

📸 by @mandysaintjohn
Acid Sky Sleeves by @freedomravewear
Speqz by @esqape

Missing WA State like...
The first photo is from our adventure to La Push, WA and the second photo is of my Dad, Rel, Joseph and I at Lake Cushman, WA. Such amazing memories, I love my family so so much 💕

Marvel at these incredibly enchanting Brujas 🔮 Here is part of the mystical photoshoot with my babes of @thecosmichealingshop @cosmicaptain_ and @sirkamikaze ✨ ✨Photography by me; be sure to check out the full set from this photoshoot at 📸

A photo of my dad and i during my vacation to WA State to see my family. I hadn’t seen them in about 5 years, so this trip was extremely eventful (making up for lost time without enough time). This was also my family’s first time meeting Joseph, and him and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary on April 20th - WHAT A HOLIDAY ✌️ such an amazing trip, I can’t wait to go back and visit again soon 🏔

📸 by @mandysaintjohn
Speqz by @esqape
Acid Sky Sleeves by @freedomravewear
Dress from @platosclosetabqwest

When life starts getting you down, just remember that these obstacles & frustrations are all a test from the Universe 🔮 Triumph through all the difficult-times and you will be forever successful. ✨
📸 by @osterholtz
Top by @damascusapparel (Code LADYBLU for a discount).

Some more of my fire flow from the Spinurn Gathering at Gasworks Park in Seattle 🔥Thank you endlessly to my sponsor @livijoyhoops for being so generous as to allow me to flow with her fire hoop🔥 such an honor! If you’d like a hoop from her, you can order and save some money with my discount code LADYBLU15 at the checkout 🔥

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Happy #3DThursday from @osterholtz and I 🔮
Towel by @sand_cloud (Code LadyBlu25 for a discount).
Top by @damascusapparel (Code LADYBLU for a discount).
Goggles by @glofx (Code LADYBLU for a discount). Overalls found at @platosclosetabqwest by @hm

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