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AIKO  Beyond The Streets in LA 5/6-8/26 | Ukiyoe prints are available, click the link below ↓ wip movie, info & order

Few more days @beyondthestreetsart if you are in LA come through, LA Weekly Article by @trinaluz >> Just one of the 150 artists in the knockout "Beyond the Streets" installation taking over downtown this summer, AIKO has a unique story to tell about finding success as a woman of color in the street-art world. It’s a sexy story too, full of action and adventure.
Sultry red lighting reveals figures of stenciled women, in poses of ecstasy, painted on the walls with spray cans. In a city street scene, a sex shop stands out from the shadows; and inside the massive warehouse art exhibition "Beyond the Streets," the installation created by Japanese street artist AIKO is just as provocative.
Her super hot fantasy room is tucked around a corner of the exhibit; you could miss it if you don’t see the steps that lead up into the strip-club, disco-ball haze. Featuring wall-to-wall paintings of AIKO’s graphic naked women in the throes of racy sexual moments, a stripper pole invites you to take a ride of your own, and stenciled texts promise “Thrilling Experiences” and “Here’s Fun for Everyone!”

Lord of the dance @parkerkithill vogued around @lebainnyc @thestandard the other night, super hot enjoy nyc xo

@wildstylethemovie I had fun and memorable nyc evening on Thursday @therealgrandmastercaz and many legends all together it’s like time traveling. My big passion and love is subway art, graffiti and illegal street art and I’m always fascinating with fashion, dance, and music comes with hip hop and punk underground scene in very early time as well... congratulations @twincharlie thanks for preserve all great real things and show us young generation. This is like my ultimate church for all believe... It was nice to see u @jahearnart and fam too xo

Nice catch @xoaubriecostello @thestandard summer time baby have a good weekend #westhollywood xo

@marthacoopergram and Lucy Vinis, Mayor of Eugene Oregon. It was quite honored to meet you and discover your city. I am glad everyone were so welcoming and interested in our project, thanks for the big love and energy, nice to see you all xo @20x21eug >> The 20x21EUG Mural Project is an initiative of the City of Eugene Cultural Service’s Public Art Program to create 20 or more world-class outdoor murals in Eugene between now and the 2021 IAAF World Championships. The project is led by a highly engaged committee representing collaboration across sectors including communications, law, architecture, small business, nonprofit and the arts.

Few more actions here before flying out. Signing mission for Eugene Walls, have a good weekend everyone xo @20x21eug

Thanks for the illest pictures always Martha, I’m glad we made this trip successfully #artistinaction @marthacoopergram @20x21eug xo

Big Love from Oregon. My new mural, Japanese Sisters, is part of @20x21eug It’s located across the street from @hultcenter Hults Center for Performing Arts, @hiltondowntowneugene and Eugene Japanese American Memorial. Back in my grandparents generation, not so long ago, 120 thousands of innocent Japanese were sent to concentration camp in middle of desert with one small suitcase. Google > #TuleLake War Relocation Center deep📿🙏🏻 OK all hard part is done everyone, look up and enjoy the piece from top to bottom xo #dancers #heritage #sisters

Interview with @npr for my fresh piece in Eugene @20x21eug I’m glad to see everyone is so hyped about street art in Oregon, enjoy nationwide xo 🇺🇸

Day 1- terrible heat waves are here Eugene Oregon too. My head says don’t wanna kill myself but wanna kill this wall and chill in forests so bad!🌲... @20x21eug festival is happening this week. I’m with my homegirls @marthacoopergram and beautiful folks, wish u were here xo

Check out- I’m super happy to announce that finally my woodblock ukiyoe prints are released on the 25th from Japan 🇯🇵. It took us whole year to reach this day. This is very serious collaboration with Japanese National Treasure; Ichibei Iwano, traditional hand-made paper master who only can produce this hi-end Echizen Kizuki Washi paper ( sadly it’s gonna be extincted very soon) Also teamed up with @adachi.hanga one and only Ukiyoe print shop in the country who produces Hokusai, Hiroshige, Japanese old masters and also recent Kusama ‘s originals. Because of digital technology Ukiyoe is critically disappearing art form I like to help preserve, and I must say this project was way way beyond the street art and super expensive to make each piece. It’s 22 layers full color job, carved and printed all by craftsman’s hand, edition of 50 comes 2 prints ( spring and autumn version) If you are fancy for this special babies, please click the link on my profile or DM with your email address or email to, I will connect you to the distributor. Thanks for your support xo #ladyaiko #heritage

LA thing 🖤 @dri_lapse @beyondthestreetsart xo

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