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AIKO  Ukiyoe prints are available, click the link ↓ movie & info

For your protection #dragon 🔮 xo

Looking good- @delanyprecilla Have fun winter party season in NYC, gonna be super hot. I’ve been enjoying looking at all beautiful people are posing at this spot btw, thanks for 🖤everyone xo @lebainnyc @thestandard #rockthehouse

This piece was definitely fresh like rainbow stayed for 7 years in Wynwood. Miss this so much and especially the production days I spent day & night with @obeygiant @futuradosmil @barrymcgeeart @kennyscharf @osgemeos @swoonhq @marthacoopergram @jeffreydeitchgallery Tony Goldman @janetwynwood in the first year of @wynwoodwallsofficial such a special club xo nice view @myillegalview

Hello from Japan 🇯🇵 gorgeous autumn season is here. Japanese young girl is dreaming of being a dancer and big in New York City. Limited edition Ukiyoe wood block print; collaboration with National Living Treasure ( for real ) is available, click my bio for more info and wip movies.

This is one of the earliest piece with hommies when I was 4yrs old. Baby AIKO is in the middle, already mastered steady action on the ladder. Crazy thing is that still having flashback of this moment, especially when I’m on the ladder with really good mood. My attitude for creating art is still the same. #naturalborn #herstory #cantmesswithher

Have a good weekend xo #studiovibes #hotchick #chinatown #handstyle

Did u know 10/25 is #InternationalArtistDay ? 20 years ago in 1997, I moved to NY from Tokyo to meet new friends to make art together. It was very very tough era for young Japanese girl to start new life in new city, without family, without speaking foreign language, and no internet I couldn’t ask anything to Google. I was like new born baby and super nobody. Graffiti & Street Art community became my new place to be, cuz fancy gallery and arty people didn’t wanna talk to me at all. I decided to jump in boys club and dedicated my everyday life creating art with super positive energy with brothers and sisters. All magic was happened one after another, of course there was some downtime when I felt fucked up and real failed though, now you see me here still doing the same but bigger and better with people all over the world... thanks for support everyone xo #herstory #everyday repost @lifewtr

Looking good & so pinky xo repost @morganbrittbutler #oiran 🇯🇵 in #dubai🇦🇪

This sexy wall was too wavy for stenciling so I did free hand and traditional techniques, but kinda liked it. I must admit that every project I do is fun and exciting, but also it comes with some obstacles too so it doesn’t flow nicely as how I imagined in the beginning. However, the shit part usually turns to uniqueness to remember as the result, then makes me feel like to challenge more and do better next time. Just like our life journey hey? Have a good weekend everyone xo @beyondthestreetsart #losangeles

Nice to see you @therealfafi jet setter sista, we are such hustlers, thanks for inspiring eve 🛸 have safe flight back xo #48hoursintokyo

Cant wait to tell you I am producing fun goodies for coming season, stay tuned #ladyaiko #bunnyindahouse xo

Yeeey Baby AIKO, original #partygal says hello to everyone xo

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