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Monika.Giemula  <3 clothing <3 tea <3 BJD <3 OOAK <3 handmade <3 pretty stuff <3 everything that inspire me My dolly creations:

A little longer, but very important post this time.
I only have one bjd doll, it's still my first one. It's a guudoll, a small, not popular chinese company. When I found out about bjds and started looking for one, I found that company called fairyland, I guess non of my doll friends know that the first doll I liked was mnf Chloe :,D this love faded as quickly as it started. Then I found luts bory, and that was a doll I was seriously thinking about, and started to look where can I buy it cheaper (I was looking for a used doll). I found a super cheap auction on eBay (i guess, I don't remember exactly), it was new unused doll and I find it confusing that it's so cheap. So I've asked on fb what is wrong about it, I thought it was a scam. And someone told me that it is a recast doll, (I've almost buy it )D: since I was a poor person I gave myself more time for research, days and months of searching :D and I found a small shop on taobao, that looked legit, they had two or three molds then. And I feel in love with nao naixu face <3 got her on my 18 birthday (all money gone, but not regret)
She is a sd doll, and it was really affordable for her size, so there are always different options than buying illegal copies, I think buying legit doll is the best way to say thank you to the artist, and to help them grow, especially the small companies.
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Photos made by amazing @arahnophobia
From Saturday's Christmas meet up, didn't fit the theme, but I've had to wear my new skirt <3
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Snow today :,( #winter #snow #cold #nature

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