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Happy Birthday to my teen dream, favorite Pisces, and magical purveyor of poetic angst. It's never been the same without you ... 🖤🖤🖤

Grown and sexy ❤👴🏻❤ #adulting #tarotrealness #tarotmemes


Happy Valentine's Day to ALL the lovers 🥀🖤🔪🚬💉

Goodbye weekend and goodnight 💤💤💤

🌀🔥🌀🔥🌀 The struggle is real • it's tough being the "number one stud at a psych-out freak-out."

this modern love • photo by Nan Goldin • 🔥🔥🔥

• Sending Imbolc blessings to all my witches • ✨🔮✨•

No more moving blues. Tomorrow we bid a final farewell to the current Unicorn Lair and say hello to the sweet new crib. ✨🔮💘🦄💘🔮✨

G E T L I T • S T A Y W O K E

It’s that day again—Jaan Uhelszki Day (pictured in the middle before she performed on stage with KISS for an epic @creemmagazine story). My best friend and the head witch in charge of my coven, my mom is an enduring inspiration for me as well as all women (and men!) who’ve never taken no for an answer. A pioneer feminist, kick-ass rock journalist in an era of misogyny and blatant institutionalized sexism, and a stellar mom who always encouraged me to strive for my dreams no matter how outlandish they were (“I’d love you even if you were an axe murderer just as long as you were happy.”) @jaanuhelszki is the most magical and nurturing person in the universe. I thank goddess daily (hourly?) that I was blessed with such a fabulous person as my mom. Happy Birthday to the ultimate ageless babe with endless talent, grace, and the biggest heart. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, MOM. ✨🏹❤️🏹✨