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Hey IG Friends,

My sister was wrongfully given in school suspension at Window Rock High School for wearing this t-shirt protesting the current presidency. This is against her first and fourteenth amendment rights and goes against the Supreme court case "Tinker Vs Des Moines Independent Community School District" as well as the "Pickering vs Board of Education" case. She doesn't need this level of stress her senior year in the middle of College Applications. we're requesting that the school remove the suspension from her record as well as issue a statement of apology.
Share for Awareness and Contact the School at (928) 729 7004
If you would like to help us establish a paper trail you can also mail this letter to the School at PO Box 559 Navajo Route 12 Fort Defiance AZ 86504 ... To whom this may concern, A seventeen-year-old student by the name of, “Metteba, S. Mikki” was given In School Suspension for wearing a shirt protesting the current president’s actions which one could consider to be colonial and fascist. Minors, as established by the supreme court case Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District, have the right to peacefully protest within public schools, including symbolic protest such as T-shirts with depictions. This shirt does not, in itself, create a substantial disruption in a classroom environment, as it has been worn in other public spheres of education including other public high schools such as this one. This shirt also does not promote or seem to incite violence and is a matter of public concern, meaning it passes the Pickering Test, established by Pickering v. Board of Education. It is requested that the suspension be removed from “Metteba, S. Mikki”’s record, as well as an apology be issued to her and her family (in a written statement or in private) for causing unnecessary stress during her senior year at Window Rock High School, as well as during the middle of her college application process.
Awaiting a response, ... Baah ahxeeh nisin shik'é dóó diné'é'
(Thank you friends and family)

After recovering and still being very sick I want to see my thank yous to the center at Western New Mexico University.. all the members and patrons of the community and of the University... I humbly thank you for the opportunity to entertain and gracing the stage for your pleasure it was nothing but amazing!
SilverCity you are always be a second home for me. I love you!🖤🖤🖤
#WNMU #westernnewmexicouniversity #MUSTANGS #thecenter #silvercity #truenewmexico


The LADY is invading #WNMU
For the annual GLAM WEEK presented by The Center
Wednesday October 11th

7-9pm at WNMU Light Hall

Hosted by: Liber Ronchi
Come win a grand prize of $150

Come see me perform and be the Simon Cowell of the night

Ohhhh no...thats not good! More room means, i can buy and make more DRAGSSSSS!!! #DRAG #dragqueenproblems #makingroom #gettingpageantready #christianlouboutins #formerbeautyqueen

Upon suffering beyond suffering: the Red Nation shall rise again and it shall be a blessing for a sick world. A world filled with broken promises, selfishness and separations. A world longing for light again. I see a time of new generations when all the colors of mankind will fight and respect mother earth and the whole Earth will become one circle again!✊🖤 #KéBeiNihiDziil #Justice4Loreal #KéPower #JenniferMarleymyHero #AbolishTheEntrada #TheRedNation #KéDoesNotDiscriminate #KéSmashesRacism #NativeLiberation #SmashHeteropatriarchy #LGBTQ2i #DinePride #KéInfoShop #ThroughKinshipWeAreStrong

I might be overdoing it but it's a sale and I have a weakness for Gummy Bears!!! Candy for dayzzzz
#organic #organiclife #organiccandy #blackforestcandy

I'm very excited I'm happy for my beautiful native sister TWIX that just won and captured the title of Miss International Two Spirit 2017-2018.. The Navajo Nation is proud n happy you brought the title close to home. May you have continued blessings and an amazing reign!! Slay my queen ✊

#nativequeensdoitbest #missinternationaltwospirit #arizonasqueen #soproud #nativesisters4lyf

So happy and blessed to have met this beautiful young trans sister today. May you become a star and continue to be inspiration as you inspired me Tia!!! 🖤✊ #PRIDE #transsisters #family #silvercitypride

Its my Saturday!!! I'm so lucky to have a good boss, he lets me be able to take off a few of the weekends to play with the homos!
Silver City PRIDE here i come!!!! #dolcegabbana #dolcegabbanaeyewear #downtowngallup #213westcoal #silverstallionbreadandcoffee #worklife #truenewmexico #route66 #orangiclife #silvercitypride #PRIDE

She tried it...Heels at the Navajo Nation Fair 2017!

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