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You haven't heard from me in a while.. 🤐 I hope you are fine 💋 I would be very happy if you leave a comment. Let's see who is still alive 😊❤

Hello thursday.. 🙋 #Weekend is coming soon ❤💋

Brrr..😖 We're freezing here in Germany but for YOU I take off my socks 😊💋

Time to wake up from #hibernation 😴💪😊 How are you guys .. and how do you like my new #chucks ? 👟❤💋

7 days .. did anyone miss me? Please, let me know and leave a comment 👇❤

#meditate with #buddha 🙏

#Wednesday I'm tired 😴 Good that you don't see my face 😜 !

Do I get one ❤ #like from you?

2 more #dirty pics from yesterday

I'll delete Patreon and keep my promise to posting on instagram ! Today with dirty socks... fits my mood 😑 !

In which color should I paint my toenails?

Well, my day was very long today 😕sorry for this late post, but promised is promised 🙌💋 xoxo

The first chapter of my story is online