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something is coming…

Tonight we would like to introduce you the Ambassador of Ladeuxo, @revadeefinocchiaro
Three words to describe her, generosity, beauty and freedom who are the very spirit of Ladeuxo.
More projects are comming so stay tuned.

Here a short video of our team @revadeefinocchiaro and @aesthone at Köln for the last #fibo2017 We had a lot of fun by shooting it and we hope you will enjoy it.
For any video project contact us by private message, we will enjoy to make it with you.
#filmaker #fitness #fitgirl #aesthetic #motivation #exploitezvotrepotentiel

Don't make excuses make progress.
#exploitezvotrepotentiel @mikaderyck

Be stronger than your excuses. #exploitezvotrepotentiel @mikaderyck

If it hurts, it's working.
#exploitezvotrepotentiel @mikaderyck

A better you is always worth chasing. #exploitezvotrepotentiel @quentin_dwayne

The greatest resolutions are the ones you keep. #exploitezvotrepotentiel @quentin_dwayne

Your life's work in as little time as possible. #exploitezvotrepotentiel @quentin_dwayne

Work hard in silence, let the success make the noise! #exploitezvotrepotentiel @kim_angel

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. #exploitezvotrepotentiel @kim_angel

The most important thing you wear is your personality. #exploitezvotrepotentiel @kim_angel

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