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Love to pair amazing @katyakovtunovich beach dresses with @lamichaux bikini #matchmadeinheaven ❤️

What really matters. Happy people, children playing on the beach. They don’t have much, but they enjoy their lives to the fullest. Always makes me think and reevaluate.

I swear it was two days of vacation only...I guess I take too many pictures😂🤦‍♀️

You don’t have to be the God to give life. You don’t have to be a mother to give life. All you need is to say a kind word to someone in pain. To smile to a stranger. To choose love over fear. To be honest. To be yourself.

A little food inspo for you, guys. Summer is pretty much here and we got the last chance to perfect our bikini bodies 👙 Btw I started working with a nutritionist @yudin.si3 about a week ago in order to get rid of all the extra water and fat I’ve gained over very stressful few months. What am I trying to say is that we’re all human and all walk our paths, so don’t judge yourself too much, try to be forgiving to others and yourself first and always aspire to be better and do better. I love you❤️

A weekend well spent gives a week of content😂 @lennyniemeyer swimwear at @amanera resort

Had the best time riding at @ranchomagantedr yesterday. Wish I could just stayed there forever❤️

@ranchomagantedr the best experience today! Wish I could just stay here forever❤️

Heat...wearing my fave @lamichaux bikini for the Amanera weekend escape✌️

Had the best time working with @calebandgladys today🙏 MUA @akihisa0704 styling @martiarcucci @wilhelminamodels

With so much determination I was running to Prada to buy a Gucci belt🤦‍♀️ #idiotalert spotted by @theotherbob_

You know I can’t stop thinking of you, baby. Even if you’re far away one day we’ll be together😂🍕 #pizzalover

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