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Another couples post on thanksgiving 🍁 #shocker #thankful

So much to do at 21, you feel invincible 😉 #idme

Davis 310 back at it again. Happy birthday Alex❤️❤️ #seniors

Welcome to Atlanta baby

Issa look. 💋💋

Real sisters 🎆

When you don't try anything on, you just want a picture in the dressing room. 👗

You a diamond out the rough or somethin?
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I haven't showered or slept in four days, my body is going to need at least a week to recover, I got shit faced, I rallied, I woke up with several cuts I can't explain, I gave out more high fives in four days than I have in my entire life, I went camping for the first time, I met some of the coolest people ever, I tried strange shit, I cried when I saw Chance the rapper, and I had the best time of my life. See you next year Bonaroo! #happyroo

So, I made a blog. It's painfully unedited and undeniably insipid but it's honest. But if you're nosy and have nothing better to do might as well read about my utterly boring life. https://runningfromnirvana.squarespace.com

Livin' life without a care in the world 🌎