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I’m posting this not to make anyone feel sad, but just for me to remember. ❤️❤️❤️

When dancing with my Dad on Jordan’s & my wedding night, I experienced the whole gamut of emotions. My dad recommended the song & it was perfect. (Beautiful by Gordon Lightfoot) He SURPRISED me with sophisticated & elegant dance leading skills. He hadn’t practiced in advance or anything, they were just apart of him. (We all knew him so well, yet he was always surprising us.) My Mom, his best friend, was not at all surprised. 😊❤️ It was crazy to see this dance later captured in Photos, because they tangibly represent the feelings my Dad has always brought up for me so easily in my life. A very tender, profound, & meaningful space he takes up in my heart, & in who I am, & how I live life & interact with people.

If you know me well, I’m sure you’ve seen me get emotional in front of you. It’s easy for me to be vulnerable, though I’m also pretty tough, (I think) based on a strong sense of logic. I’ve learned how to have & to balance these qualities from my Dad.

Anyways...all that to say:

Happy Father’s Day to the man who gave everything he had and more to being a great Dad & husband. Who worked the same job at a Power Plant everyday for 32 years. Who was smart & always learning, truth-seeking, & looking for a better way. And maybe most notably, whose amazing humor & positivity & love for fun turned any boring day into an exceptional & memorable one! Reminding us that it’s never about what you’re doing, but who you’re with! ❤️

And if you’re still with me...

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing Dads out there!!! ❤️ And to all the Dads who try. (It’s NEVER too late to try! 😉)

Traditional Birthday compilation for my lovely @nicoleisheart ! This past year has been such a crazy one, and there were a few less pics than usual this time around. But I definitely plan to remedy that this year, my awesome friend! ❤️😊 HaPpY BiRtHdAy to a girl who is SIMPLY THE BEST, better than all the rest! 🎼😜💕🎂👑

My #sweatyselfie after today’s Cardio workout reflects the way I actually feel physically and emotionally more and more all the time these days. ☺️❤️ I’ve been consistently working out and eating clean and healthy for about 4 weeks now, and I’m not stopping anytime soon! What a crazy difference it makes! (Who would’ve thought, right? 😜) .
After 2-ish years of pretty crappy self-care and discipline, (much in part as a reaction to grief), it feels good to be living intentionally again, and bettering myself so I can be better for others. ❤️ .
I’m so thankful for @annabfit_ness & all of her motivation & encouragement! My daily perspective on health & fitness has and is still transforming thanks to her, & her awesome accountability & that of the other women she works with makes this lifestyle fun & sustainable! Definitely reach out to her if you’re interested in making this change in your life! I’m very excited about my future & what crazy things I’m gonna accomplish that I never thought I would. 💪
Also as a side note, I’m beyond thankful for my @radiuschurchla home, where I’m able to grow as a person, leader, friend, wife, dreamer and doer every single week. I’ve never known a community as passionate about people and as I mentioned before, intentional living, in my life. It’s a thriving, growing, heart-filled family of the coolest, most nonjudgmental Christ followers, and I’m just so thankful to be apart of it. If you want to check it out with me some time, let me know! For reals. That is all.

Getting one last use out of it! 😜 #oldheadshotday #circa2008

❤️ these peoples.

These pics are all kinda old (2006-2012 I think...) But it’s hard to get us all together in photos! Plus these are great memories. 😊❤️ Love and miss the best siblings in the world! 😘🌎 #nationalsiblingsday #lovemyfamily

Adventure Time.

Continuing my Big Bear tradition of posing in a Hand Chair. (2016 & 2018) •
Also, just curious to see how I’d pull off a scene from The Parent Trap? 🤔

#bigbear #bigbearlake #bigbearmountain #twinning #handchair

So excited for Radius Church’s Easter services at the beautiful El Portal tomorrow! Come join us for an amazing time with the most authentic, passionate, SUPER rad and loving people I know. ❤️

My beautiful, talented Mom is singing at the Gladewater Opry tonight! So proud of and excited for her!!! East Texas, you better go and see her tonight! Give her a special St. Paddy’s Day toast for me! 😀❤️🍀 #gladewatertx #gladewateropry #lovemymom

I’m so proud of @jordancrowder who is currently in the beginning stage of his first ever GORUCK Tough event tonight! It’s been inspiring for me to witness the growth and discipline he’s learned, and all the really hard work he’s done in preparation for this weekend. I’m proud of him for getting out there and doing something so challenging and adventurous and community-driven. He won’t see this until he’s free tomorrow, haha, but Jordan I love you and am so thankful for your example in my life! ❤️😘 Big thanks to a really good friend, @justinhilden for this portrait he made to cheer Jordan on this week! (To me, it’s my sweetheart in his happy place. ❤️)

Here it is: @jordancrowder delivering my favorite Bowling move of last night, in fabulous Slo-Mo! Don’t miss that squat hold in the middle, or the epic twist out out of the move at the end! 🎳🙌❤️

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