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Today is this handsome hunk’s Birthday!!! ❤️🙌😍🎉😘 He doesn’t like his birthday to be made too big a deal out of 😉, but by now I think he knows I can’t help but celebrate how wonderful & ridiculously special he is!
I still can’t believe I get to be with you & celebrate all your birthdays!
Happy 33rd, my love & favorite person!!! ❤️

Show me that smile again... (Oooh show me that smile...)

It’s a pity & a sin, she doesn’t quite fit in. She’s reading books with titles that are hyphenated.

Waiting for Bidet.

Happy 7th Anniversary to the best around! ❤️ Nothing’s gonna ever keep us down.

My contribution to Mom & Heather’s business.

LOVED taking Sunrise Yoga at @livethepuravidalife this morning!!! Perfect start to the day! 🙏❤️⛅️ #puravida #livethepuravidalife #longview #longviewtx #sunriseyoga #namaste

Today we’re grieving the loss of our precious bird Ernie who passed away in the night last night. Our hearts are incredibly broken over this. We got Ernie in March of 2013, less than 2 months after moving to LA. At that time the wonderful shop we got her from & we were all convinced she was a male, thus the name Ernie. Ernie had the sweetest & friendliest personality & has brought us so much daily joy the last 5 years. She was our baby & tiny family member & it brought us closer together having something smaller than us in our home to love & take care of together. •

So many of our friends knew her & got to love her, too. •

We realized Ernie was a girl for the FIRST time when we found she’d laid eggs just last August. Since then, we researched what new ways we might need to take care of her to support her health & did all we could & were told, but it seems that egg-laying complications is what’s taken her from us. •

After 5 years she leaves quite a hole behind her in our lives, & it’s hard to think about how we dreamed she’d be with us for the whole 20 years we had heard were possible, & that we’d have kids who would know & love her, too before she passed. •

But this is just part of life & the grieving process which I’ve become very familiar with. We’re so thankful for the great times & love Ernie brought to our lives & to others, & how she’s helped us heal through hard times as well. •

I know everyone who’s loved a pet will understand. Thanks everyone else who loved her, too! ❤️ I’m sorry for the terrible news.

Stud of the Gaslamp District.

Evening Beach Babies 🏖❤️

I’m posting this not to make anyone feel sad, but just for me to remember. ❤️❤️❤️

When dancing with my Dad on Jordan’s & my wedding night, I experienced the whole gamut of emotions. My dad recommended the song & it was perfect. (Beautiful by Gordon Lightfoot) He SURPRISED me with sophisticated & elegant dance leading skills. He hadn’t practiced in advance or anything, they were just apart of him. (We all knew him so well, yet he was always surprising us.) My Mom, his best friend, was not at all surprised. 😊❤️ It was crazy to see this dance later captured in Photos, because they tangibly represent the feelings my Dad has always brought up for me so easily in my life. A very tender, profound, & meaningful space he takes up in my heart, & in who I am, & how I live life & interact with people.

If you know me well, I’m sure you’ve seen me get emotional in front of you. It’s easy for me to be vulnerable, though I’m also pretty tough, (I think) based on a strong sense of logic. I’ve learned how to have & to balance these qualities from my Dad.

Anyways...all that to say:

Happy Father’s Day to the man who gave everything he had and more to being a great Dad & husband. Who worked the same job at a Power Plant everyday for 32 years. Who was smart & always learning, truth-seeking, & looking for a better way. And maybe most notably, whose amazing humor & positivity & love for fun turned any boring day into an exceptional & memorable one! Reminding us that it’s never about what you’re doing, but who you’re with! ❤️

And if you’re still with me...

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing Dads out there!!! ❤️ And to all the Dads who try. (It’s NEVER too late to try! 😉)

Traditional Birthday compilation for my lovely @nicoleisheart ! This past year has been such a crazy one, and there were a few less pics than usual this time around. But I definitely plan to remedy that this year, my awesome friend! ❤️😊 HaPpY BiRtHdAy to a girl who is SIMPLY THE BEST, better than all the rest! 🎼😜💕🎂👑

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