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Almost 2/3 of the year is behind us already and as scary as that may seem, it also means that there’s still 4 whole months left to work towards your goals. If you’re not on the right path, there’s time to re-align, make changes & still see results.⠀

If you’re serious about getting your Social Media working at an optimum level then these next few months are where you plan for and make those changes happen. Start 2019 on a strong foot!⠀

Reach out now via email or DM to book a FREE (no strings attached) discovery call/consultation to see what I could help you with & to determine if we’re the right fit. Or you can book your own consult at a time most convenient to your schedule, simply by following the link in my bio!⠀

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TELL ME: Do you plan ahead when it comes to your social media content? Or do you wing it as you go? ⠀

For my clients I absolutely believe in planning, it helps in so many ways and you can ensure that you’re showing up consistently and that you have purposeful content.⠀

I'm going to try take some of my own advice and schedule some of my content this week and see if it works. What I find difficult is leaving the content once it's scheduled and not faffing with it & often end up changing it.⠀

If you are struggling with your Social Media whether it be Content Creation, Strategy or just needing someone to take the wheel, get in touch - send me an email or DM. Even if you're just stuck or have a question, pop me message + I'll do my best to help!⠀

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You are not (likely) your ideal client.⠀

One of the most common mistakes I see with new clients is that their whole brand/business is built according to their personal likes & dislikes.🤦🏻‍♀️⠀

As a business owner you need to keep your ideal client in mind right from the start. Your branding is not created to attract you, it’s meant to appeal to the taste of your potential clients. And it’s not only your visual branding you need to think about but your brand voice too, everything needs to be done with them in mind.🔮⠀

Can you say that you keep this in mind when creating your content on Social Media?🤳🏻 ⠀

If not, then perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate your Brand + Social Media Strategy, work on fine tuning your vision, voice + visuals so that you’re reaching your target audience and so they love what they’re seeing!🤩⠀

Sound daunting, not sure where to start or what to do - pop me a message and let’s see if I could help you achieve this very necessary realignment with your ideal clients/customers.💌⠀

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Real talk...⠀

I started writing this post for the final day of #theimperfectwoman campaign last week but the more I wrote, the more awkward I felt about posting it. Actually, I was more ashamed than awkward, embarrassed even. I know that’s the whole point of the campaign - to discuss imperfections we see in ourselves, and that’s why I’ve had another go at writing this...⠀

*gulp* ok... ⠀

When I see people who are supposedly my peers (running businesses in the same field of work as I am) doing amazing things and achieving success, my first thoughts aren’t ones of happiness for them. In fact, they don’t even come into play. (Yeah, I know this isn’t making me sound great is it!?)🤦🏻‍♀️⠀

Instead, I begin to feel their success as my failure. They are succeeding, so if I’m not also succeeding then I’m failing. And if I’m failing then what am I doing?! I’m not good enough. I obviously don’t belong here then. Who do I think I am?! These are just some of the feels that play over and over in my head.⠀

“Imposter syndrome” has become far too common an issue in my opinion and the only way I can think to try help the situation is to talk about it. Yes, it might not mean much coming from me, but imaging hearing that your mentor/inspiration experiences or once experienced similar feelings of self doubt. Perhaps one wouldn’t feel so alone, knowing that others before you have been where you are and that it’s normal, and for the most part you can overcome these feelings by learning to believe in yourself. No matter how successful one is, there will always be certain areas of insecurity and that’s ok, because we’re only human and being an entrepreneur is hard, even when you’re fueled with passion and in your “dream job”.⠀

Illustration: Unknown, source Pinterest (If you know the artist please let me know so I can properly credit them. Thanks)

When I decided to take part in #theimperfectwoman campaign I began thinking of what I could talk about, what my “confessions” would be. I grabbed a pen and within 2-3 minutes wrote a list almost a page long of qualities I find imperfect about myself.⠀

Here are just a few of the things that made my list:⠀
- Sometimes I feel like I let my illness run my life⠀
- I avoid making plans for fear I might have to cancel them⠀
- I hate the sound of my voice - that’s why I struggle with IG stories. (Even though I tell all my clients to make use of them)⠀
- I am terrified of speaking to people on the phone. I will rather communicate in any other way possible before having to call someone.⠀
- I struggle with the fact that I’m so “needy”. So dependent on my husband.⠀
- most days I work from bed or if I’ve managed to get up then I work on the couch. This makes feel so guilty because I have a beautiful office, which my husband insisted we create in the bigger, nicer room of our home, (because I’d be spending my days in there) and we use the smaller room as our bedroom.⠀
... I could go on but I’m trying to be a bit nicer to myself, so I’ll stop here for today.⠀

It’s crazy how quickly I can find imperfections in myself. I know for sure if I had been trying to write down things I think I’m good at, or compliment myself, that page would’ve been blank for a good 10minutes. Why are we so quick to be hard on ourselves and especially so, as women?⠀

Photo credit @amy_madigan
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Today is the first day in the #theimperfectwoman campaign run by @imperfectbosses The goal of the campaign is to show that IMPERFECT IS NORMAL.⠀

Day 1 Confession: I’m starting to doubt myself + my capabilities. Yikes, it sounds terrible when I say it out aloud.🤭⠀

When I started my business journey I knew that it would be difficult and that I’d have to work my arse off to make it in a very saturated industry. After the first year I seemed to find my stride and thought to myself - hmm, you’re doing well girl, you got this! 💁🏻‍♀️⠀

Maybe I became too self-assured or too confident, or maybe it was 100 other reasons but slowly things started to get harder and harder. The goals I had been achieving started seeming further and further out of reach. So I re-adjusted, made more realistic goals for where I was at.😳⠀

Now I find myself wondering if I have what it take to reach any of my goals and succeed in running my own little business. Yes, I haven’t had a great year health wise and it does knock me down when I’m not well, but have I become weaker? I was ill when I started my business and yet I managed to achieve the goals I was setting and was coping just fine. I’m doubting whether I’ll ever get back to where I was.⠀

I see all these other badass business women overcoming massive obstacles and smashing their goals, achieving their versions of success and I’m sitting here wondering if I’m just not cut out for this - which is BULLSHIT! Who am I to question the path I’m on, who am I to start doubting myself!!🤨⠀

I am privileged to be able to do what I love everyday, to work with amazing, creative & driven women. But I am also IMPERFECT, when things get tough, I doubt myself and my capabilities, instead of backing myself and believing that I can do it, that I can succeed.⠀

I need to keep reminding myself: If I don’t believe in myself, how is anyone else meant to believe in me, believe in my business.👊🏻

Today didn't go according to plan. Not even a little. ⠀

I went to sleep last night with every intention of waking up today and being super productive. But for a string of reasons (which I won't bore you with) that didn't happen. It's now past midnight and I've just managed to finish the bare minimum of work needed. ⠀

Normally this would totally freak me out and throw me off for days, but today I'm choosing to take a deep breath and carry on. Not all days are perfect - no matter what social media might lead us to believe - and that's ok! My type-A, list making, black & white personality shudders at the mere thought of it but SHIT happens, it's part of life.⠀

Ever have days like this? Where you had a plan all laid out and the universe laughed at you? ⠀

Side note: I’ve been trying to educate myself more when it comes to manifestation, setting intentions and just general “woo woo” things (because when I grow up some day, I wanna be ☺️), and having days like today makes me wonder what I did to cause this outcome?⠀

Image Credit: the beautiful @thecarolinedoll

Some of you might’ve noticed I’ve been very quiet the past few weeks or so, but I’m baaaaaackk!⠀

Did a lot of thinking about my own biz (for a change) and am going to be REFINING my look + content a little moving forward to better ALIGN myself with where I’m heading.⠀

It’s something I’ve been putting off because a while ago I ask some questions and listened to the answers but it never really felt right.⠀

You know when you flip a coin to help make a decision but when it’s in the air you suddenly get a gut feeling for what you want it to be? If so - that’s how I feel.⠀

Needless to say I’ve had a million + 1 new ideas and can’t wait to get cracking! Time to treat my biz as one of my own clients + LEVEL UP!!!⠀

TIP: It is important as a biz owner to constantly (well, regularly at least) assess where you are + where you want to be. Sometimes this will mean to need to make some changes + REFINE your strategy to better ALIGN yourself with the future you desire!



But seriously, sometimes in the business world, you really have to stand up for yourself, especially being a woman! That said, you definitely don't have to be rude but sometimes you need to assert yourself, show them whose boss ya know!? 💁🏼⠀

There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs - Zig Ziglar 🙌🏻⠀

Something I've realized over the last few weeks is that if you're not going to engage with your peers, encourage them & most importantly support each other, then you're going to walk a very lonely path in business.⠀

I'm not saying you have to be besties with everyone in your industry, I understand you'll have competitors, biz models that you don't agree with, but all I’d like to emphasize is that - if you can't offer encouragement or words of positivity then rather say nothing at all! ⠀

“Play nicely”⠀
“Mind your manners”,⠀
“Treat others as you want to be treated”⠀
... & so on. ⠀

👆🏻All things we were taught as kids. But now we’re grown-ups & let’s act like it & just not be bitches, k?! 😉⠀

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I want to be honest with you, transparent even if it’s not pretty + vulnerable even though it’s scary.⠀

Here’s my why...⠀

For a lot of us, (well for me at least) one of the main benefits of starting your own business is having a more flexible structure with regards to working hours. ⠀

Not because we’re lazy, (because I definitely work more hours than I would at a 9-5) but because it suits ones desire to live a more enjoyable lifestyle. If I'd like to go to the mall - I can, if I feel like visiting my family - I can, if I feel like spending the day in bed - ... you catch my drift.⠀

Well, that’s at least the type of thing I’d like to say my reason is. ⠀

The real reason is because I failed, or my body failed me, or I failed my body. However you slice it, the gist was that I couldn’t cope with my 9-5 in the end. I was constantly tired, I started experiencing what is known as ‘brain fog’ (which is exactly how it sounds - you’re confused & your thoughts aren’t clear), but I couldn’t take the proper meds I needed because they made me even more drowzy. The worst part was that I tried to hide it for as long as possible, because I was so scared of being seen as weak or less able than my peers.⠀

Eventually, it all became too much and I became the poster child for a 1/4 life crisis, had a nervous breakdown, quit my job & went through some of the darkest days I’ve had.⠀

Fast-forward through a rocky start, some really amazing highs followed by scary lows, my experience as a ‘solopreneur’ has certainly made me understand the very frequent use of a rollercoaster analogy in business. Yes, running a business is challenging, especially when you throw a Chronic Illness into the mix! I probably work from bed 80% of the time and often work 18hrs + on good days to make up for days when I’m not able. ⠀

But that’s ok because I can still work, I can still help other Creative Entrepreneurs smash their goals through effective Social Media strategies & content! I have discovered my true passion, through failure.⠀

Failure is my why.⠀

Illustration by my new FAVE: @sassrobcreative

( 1 of 2👇🏻cont. in comments)

Usually when I’m creating mood boards it’s for clients or new projects, but recently I’ve been using them more as a creative outlet. Allowing myself to just create without thinking too much + I’ve really been loving it! It’s helped keep my creative juices flowing while I’ve had more “admin/biz” related periods of time. I’ve found that often I end up finding inspiration along the way - whether it be for my biz or just life in general.

Do you have a creative outlet? If so, what is it?

Remember: you don’t have to be a “creative” or in the industry to enjoy yourself let the right side of your brain be free + have some fun.

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