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Los Angeles County Museum of Art  Centrally located between the beach and downtown Los Angeles, LACMA features artwork covering the expanse of art history and the globe.

Is that an Obsession perfume I see on the counter?

Names: Travis Yamaguchi and Akemi Yamaguchi
Location: Antinoch, CA
Year: 1993 or 1994?
Notes: "I was in our parents bathroom helping my brother get ready for prom when my mom snuck this shot - I've always kinda liked how it captured two reflections and three angles."-Akemi
Insta: @imekasf
—Guadalupe Rosales (of @veteranas_and_rucas And @map_pointz) #LACMAInstaResidency

Photo info: 1940s Pachucas
Arti, Alice, Becky and Helen from Pasadena CA.
Photo taken at a photo booth on the Santa Monica Pier
Date: 1944
Photo: @thephilth
Thank you for submitting photos to the open call and for sharing your stories and part of your lives with us.—Guadalupe Rosales (of @veteranas_and_rucas And @map_pointz) #LACMAInstaResidency

In continuation of the throwback photos open call...
It's dinner time!
Photo info: The Mogol Family
Location: Mendota Heights, MN.
Date: October 31st 1988
left to right: "Sarajane, Jane, Leo, Jacquelyn, Rosalind and Dan. My father Michael is taking the picture. We often had family meals as a kid like this every Sunday w my grandparents, Leo and Roza in attendance.
There is a Happy Birthday banner on the window. October was my grandma Roz's bday and the 26th is my brother's."— Jacqueline
Photo courtesy of @jacquelynmogol
Thank you everyone who have submitted their youth photos to the open call. Just a reminded that this is only 3 days run(ends Wednesday)
Submit to EastLA1980@gmail or send a DM/direct message here on LACMA's IG . —Guadalupe Rosales (of @veteranas_and_rucas And @map_pointz) #LACMAInstaResidency

In continuation of the throwback open call... Name : Liz Tillinger
1st photo:
Date: 1983
Location: La Mirada CA "My sister dressed me up and put makeup on me and took photos of me adoring Adam Ant because I loved him. Still do!"-Liz Tillinger
2nd photo:
Date : 1987
Location: La Mirada, CA.
"This photo was taken in my bedroom with posters of The Cure hanging on the wall. Also The Style Council. I'm also on an old school telephone."-Liz Tillinger
Photos courtesy of: @lizn3peas
THANK YOU for sharing your stories and part of your lives with us. If you want to submit, please go to the previous post for instructions—Guadalupe Rosales (of @veteranas_and_rucas And @map_pointz) #LACMAInstaResidency

Thank you everyone who have submitted their youth photos to the open call. THANK YOU for sharing your stories and part of your lives with us.
First up is Joseph Gilbert from Omaha Nebraska.
1st photo: Brothers Joseph & James Gilbert
Mid 1990's, Omaha, Nebraska.
In their finished basement bedroom. "We liked Eddie Van Halen and Steve Vai but Eddie Vedder had so much more to say -conflicted teenagers."— James Gilbert

2nd photo: James gilbert, 1993, Van Halen Tour. "I entered a local radio t-shirt contest to welcome Van Halen to Omaha. I painted portraits of the band to win a signed guitar and meet the band. The radio dj's didn't believe I painted the t-shirt, "you're too young" Things you don't forget. There were parent's mugs from around the world and military awards on the shelf behind me"— James Gilbert
Photos courtesy of @jamesgilbertstudio
If you want to submit, please go to the previous post for instructions.—Guadalupe Rosales (of @veteranas_and_rucas And @map_pointz) #LACMAInstaResidency

The beauty of archiving and preservation of history. On @veteranas_and_rucas and @map_pointz I ask people to submit photos of their youth. And because I value the youth culture and the importance of preserving those memories, starting today I am doing an open call worldwide for throwback photos. Portraits and candid images from 1990s and earlier—anything pre-cell phone and selfies.
From Monday morning until Wednesday evening I will post some of the pictures that I receive.
Submit to EastLA1980@gmail or send a DM/direct message here on LACMA's IG . Please provide the following info along with your photos:
IG name
Location such as city, state and country
Additional info is cool too—was the photo taken at a party, mall, friends house, school etc.
(Photo 1. Courtesy of @esa.brujita :
Cleo from Coachella, CA playing some records in her living room in the early 1980s
Photo 2. Courtesy of @yolaocchica : Yolanda from Santa Ana, OC sitting on the porch in 1994) —Guadalupe Rosales (of @veteranas_and_rucas And @map_pointz) #LACMAInstaResidency

Lowrider Cruising is not a crime, it is an art form that plays a big part in the Chicano culture that continues to be criminalized.
On the weekends, we take these artworks to the streets and parking lots for the public to enjoy. Shoutout to all the lowriders, car clubs and solo riders especially my friend @numinismarlon from @numinis_socal and @losangelescruisenight, thank you for keeping our culture alive.
Have a great weekend everyone! —Guadalupe Rosales (of @veteranas_and_rucas And @map_pointz) #LACMAInstaResidency

Chilkat ceremonial dance blanket
Tlingit culture; circa 1900; goat wool, cedar bark fiber.
Courtesy of The Philbrook Museum @philbrookmuseum
Chilkat blankets are worn by Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian, and other Northwest Coast indigenous people on ceremonial occasions, including dances. Chilkat weaving is one of the most complex weaving techniques in the world, it can take a year to weave a blanket.
Such an honor to see this in person at the Philbrook Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
If you're in Tulsa, please make sure to check out the show, Identity & Inspiration: 20th Century Native American Art
(Philbrook Downtown, 116 E. Brady St.)
Ends August 31
And now headed back to my hometown, the #tongva land, Los Angeles. See you soon LA! —Guadalupe Rosales (of @veteranas_and_rucas And @map_pointz) #LACMAInstaResidency

I'm out here in Oklahoma!
Taking a quick break from looking at art at @philbrookmuseum and this painting is making me feel so relaxed.
Did Francois Alfred Delobbe paint this or Adolphe William Bouguereau? Does it matter? 🤔 apparently it's a great mystery.
Painting info: 'Rest in Harvest'
Oil on canvas
Courtesy of The Philbrook Museum — Guadalupe Rosales (of @veteranas_and_rucas And @map_pointz) #LACMAInstaResidency

Here's a photo I took last week when I went for a drive around the East side of LA.
This mural titled, 'Ghosts of the Barrio' depicts four young men from the barrio hanging out on a stoop, while next to them stand ghostly images of a Mexican revolutionary, a Spanish conquistador, and an Aztec warrior.
The mural was painted by artist Wayne Healy (co founder of muralist art collective, East Los Streetscapers) in 1974 with the help of the youth of Ramona Gardens housing projects.

This was Healy's first solo mural. 'Ghosts of the Barrio' is one of 30 murals on the walls of Ramona Gardens housing projects painted by major Chicano artists like Magú, Carlos Almaraz and Judith Hernández. The first mural in Ramona Gardens was painted in 1971.—Guadalupe Rosales (of @veteranas_and_rucas And @map_pointz) #LACMAInstaResidency

What's up Tulsa! I am here visiting for a day. Looking forward to meeting with Philbrook Museum tomorrow then I am going to check out the architecture around the city. Art Deco buildings in Tulsa ? 💯I'll be back in September with more time to explore Oklahoma —Guadalupe Rosales (of @veteranas_and_rucas And @map_pointz) #LACMAInstaResidency #DIY

"Tierra. Sangre. Oro."
Is a MUST.
The program will include new installation, performance, and sculptural work from Rafa Esparza alongside collaborations and contributions from artists Carmen Argote, Nao Bustamante, Beatriz Cortez, Timo Fahler, Eamon Ore-Giron, and Star Montana.
From E-Flux: For this project Esparza will transform Ballroom’s architecture using the adobe bricks that are central to his work. While making these interventions, the artist will explore, in his words, “the visibility of Brown people in Marfa.” Esparza will work with his father, who taught the artist how to make adobe, as well as with people from his community and local adobe craftsmen to produce bricks and install the project.
Congrats to all the artists in this show and thank you for your amazing work.
August 25, 2017–March 18, 2018
Opening: August 25, 6–9pm
Ballroom Marfa
108 East San Antonio Street
Marfa, TX 79843 —Guadalupe Rosales (of @veteranas_and_rucas And @map_pointz) #LACMAInstaResidency #BrownisBeautiful

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