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laceystonefitness  Celebrity Trainer on E!'s Revenge Body w/ Khloé Kardashian: I like to tell people the truth rather than what's popular 💋

I'm super serious w/ my serious face that we're going to have a seriously awesome week together at @flywheelsports LA 😜⚡️⚡️⚡️ Come ride w/ me Monday 715/930am Larchmont, NEW CLASS Wednesday 715am Santa Monica, Friday 715/930am Larchmont, Saturday 930am Larchmont, & Sunday Funday 915am at our NEW Santa Monica location 🚴🏼‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️ That's 7 opportunities to slay life. #poweryoulife #revengebody #8weekstochange

Sometimes you have to take a moment to take it all in... ✨✨✨ 🇫🇯

Working my down dog with @alexisgirlnovak. Try this move for a nice relaxing stretch... feels so goooodddd ☺️ #happyfriday #fitnessfriday #yoga #downdog 🐶

Coming back from Vegas be like... 😴😵😆 #sleepingselfie #aboutlastnight #tbt

Feeling FLY w/ @flywheelsports new CEO @extremesro the legend. Stay tuned to the @flywheelsports Instagram stories today for an EPIC announcement at 1:20PST 💥💥💥 #thefutureisfly #poweryourlife #workhardplayhard #itstime #workoutwednesday

This is my 8 Weeks To Change Squad 😍 Today we had a pre-camp pep talk about finding the balance between being overly aggressive and a doormat😬 We talked about what it means to be confident and strong in your own skin. This morning we had our best workout yet... I have high hopes for 8 WTC Season 4 ✨💪🏼✨💪🏼 Women, if we keep that same intensity for the next 12 Team workouts we are going to reach your goals and then some ❤️❤️❤️ #bravo #weektwo #boss #wedonttakeanyshit #rebels #fitness @kleanla @flywheelsports @lockboxla

This may sound corny (haha) but one of the reasons I can't wait for summer is because corn on the cob is one of my favorite treats 🌽🌽🌽 Although corn contains carbs, it's really good for you -- rich in vitamin C, magnesium, B vitamins and carotenoids, such as leutin and zeaxanthin. It's virtually fat free, and a good source of fiber. A small ear is just 85 calories, and charred on the grill there's so much flavor I don't even need to use butter! ☀️ #cornface 😜 #summertime #bbq

Dear @jacquelynstone, If there was an Oscar for "Best Mom"... you'd be Meryl Streep ❤️❤️❤️ Happy Mother's Day from the Academy 😄💋💋💋 #bestmom #bestlistener #beststyle #iloveyou

Listening to the great Billy Joel w/ one of my greatest friends @dasbinky 🎶

LA - Come workout w/ Me!
💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 I’m leading The Shape Body Shop event, Saturday June 17th with 7 other fitness legends! Space is super limited and tickets just went on sale so if you’re interested in getting workouts from some of the best instructors in the world you need to come! ❤️ #linkinbio 👆🏼 #signup #kickass #allday #revengebody #pumped
All proceeds for the event are @movemeant aiming to teach young women to feel confident in their bodies through fitness! 💜  #bossofmybody @shape @carbon38

Yoga streching w/ @alexisgirlnovak! Check out our partner hip flexor stretch that's great for people who spin a lot. Find a friend or lovah and try it at home... Hold the stretch for a minimum of 20seconds or as long as it takes to feel a nice stretch before switching to the other side ☺️ #feelssogood #namaste #alexisyogaxlaceyfit #workoutwednesday video by @hopeleigh ❤️

I’m reading this new book, EXTREME YOU, by @extremesro, and I feel like it’s speaking directly to my heart ❤️ BE YOU, OWN IT, & DON’T TAKE ANY SH*T. Sarah Robb O’Hagan exemplifies what it is to be a bad-ass lady boss. She made @nikewomen better, she made @gatorade better, she made @equinox better, and now she’s at @flywheelsports bringing electricity, imagination, and change. Check out her book…it’s a goodie 📚 🐛 #teamextreme #poweryourlife #browniepoints #beyou

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