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Lacey's Corner  I'm a wife and mother from the sleepy snowy and suddenly empty town of Windenburg.

Merlot: Wait what?
Lacey: You want us to make babies?

Agent H: As many as possible.

Merlot: I don’t know-

Lacey: We’ll do it.

Merlot: We will?! Lacey: If the world needs us. We’ll do it.

Agent: Y: There are several dozen zones that need to be filled and once we have enough population, the cross pollination project will begin. Of course you will all be briefed on what this entails as we go along.
Merlot: I guess we don’t really have a choice here.

Agent H: As I said before. You don’t.

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Case File: 247095
Chantilly Lace Chiffon
Age: Unknown

Current research has been unable to verify birth year or birthplace. Well known in the public eye for claims of immortality. Only Adult female living in Windenburg since [ Redacted ]. Agent H and Angent Y have been dispatched for contact. Update report will follow.

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Cherry is such a nurturing child and it has grown ten fold since the split. Putting all her love and attention into the only friend she has right now. Our family cat.

I desperately hope there is nothing seriously wrong with him. I guess we're off to the clinic to find out.

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Hey its Berry here! Little note about my plans with Lacey's channel. I'll be playing a modified version of the Genesis Challenge. Which the basic goal is to repopulate your neighborhood homes with decedents. One thing I plan to do differently is when a child comes of age they will have the opportunity to go on several dates to find a prospective mate they really care for. It's a bit convoluted now but I think it will make sense once I start sharing photos!
Thanks for your time. I'll hand it back to Lacey now ♡

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A little about us ♡

Birthdate: Merlot: Winter 27th || Lacey: Spring 9th
Fave Dish: Merlot: Hamburger || Lacey: Pancakes
Drink: Merlot: Tang and Zing || Lacey: Buffalo Wing Tea 
IceCream: Merlot: Mint || Lacey: Twin Roses
Color: Merlot: Pink || Lacey: Pink
Channel: Merlot: Romance || Lacey: Romance
Music Station: Merlot: Easy Listening || Lacey: Singer Songwriter
Phone Case Colour: Merlot: Purple || Lacey: Pink
Umbrella Colour: Merlot: Black || Lacey: Multicolor Dots
Popcorn: Merlot: Cheddar Popcorn || Lacey: Caramel Corn

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@shellpop asked if Cherry Blossom was immortal? Sadly no. All of our children age normally. In fact you can see our great grand daughter in the second picture ♡

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Romantic Pose Pack for your sweeties ♡♡♡ Find it here!!

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