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Lacewing Farms  We are a small scale vegetable farm in north Knox county. We provide fresh, high quality produce

New product alert! (And so far my favorite of this year’s new varieties.) Lunch box peppers! Sweet, juicy, and the perfect snack size. See y’all in a couple hours! #marketsquarefarmersmarket #krutchparkwaterfall #9-2

First haul of winter squash and we’ve barely put a dent in it 💪🏼 #wintersquash #pumpkins (we won’t be bringing them to market just yet, gonna let them drip sap and cure out for a week or so)

Don’t let the rain keep you away. These maters will be here until 2! @marketsquarefarmersmarket

Shout out to @gingerbychoice (and Felix!) for her undying love and support. Thank you for always working so hard on the other side of the camera to capture beautiful memories. Glad y’all sat down for a minute 😉💕 We can’t wait to see pics from the Tomato Jam! If y’all aren’t following her yet, hop over to her page and follow along, she posts about beautiful and delicious food! Thanks again for everything!

To our best market 🍻 enjoy those cherry tomatoes, Knoxville! 💕 and see y’all at @nourishknox Tomato Jam tomorrow! 🍅

Tomatoes need no filter. Thanks again for a great market today, Knoxville! #msfmknox #marketsquarefarmersmarket

And a huge shout out and thank you to Travis Bigwood and the Mourning Doves for their wonderful performance during dessert. Y’all stole everyone’s hearts and you are welcome back anytime. If you haven’t heard them play, look them up, you’re missing out! 💕 #travisbigwood #andthemourningdoves

This group right here. Watching them work together was a lot of fun, they really kicked ass and made it look easy. Thank you so much. We are so glad we could get them on board for this dinner. 🙌🏻💕 #northshorebrasserie #goestothefarm

How it all started. Oysters and Royal Red shrimp 😋#northshorebrasserie

#dougsotherhoney 🍯 lemon mascarpone ice cream grilled peaches and black sesame crumble #northshorebrasserie

Mixed grill plate. Sirloin, sausage, short rib, and all the veg. That savory smoked heirloom tomato vinaigrette 😋 and the best short rib I’ve ever had. Thanks for getting some beef to us @sevenspringsfarm #northshorebrasserie

House made pasta duck confit dish blew us away 😋 #northshorebrasserie

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