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Saghar Setareh  • Food/Travel Photographer & Blogger • Rome, from Tehran • WORKSHOP in Padua! SOLD OUT! Fotografia e Styling per lo Storytelling Digitale, 4 marzo ⤵️


Luxury is catching that avocado at its right moment of ripeness, the organic egg with a perfectly red yolk, fried in a tiny amount of butter from the Alps, and top them on heavily toasted slices of homemade sourdough bread. A drizzle of excellent peppery olive oil and a squeeze of lemon. Tuesday salvation on a plate. 🥑🍳🍞🍋
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If you followed me on the Stories yesterday, you must’ve seen the dreamy palazzo that I was visiting. Palazzo Altemps, one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places I have ever seen. I can’t quite understand how I didn’t even know about this place until very very recently.
It’s mysterious and mesmerizing where our inspiration lies dormant and when it awakens when you least expect it. Lately I had been wondering a lot about the use and the sense of blogging in 2018 (the IG/social network/digital frustration is bug we’ve all caught in the past months). But then there are moments like a rainy, gloomy Sunday that was yesterday, spent in a multi millennial marvel that was Palazzo Altemps, and I found something singing in my chest. Something beyond the excitement of holding a camera in my hand, or cooking something delicious, but having a story to tell. Not THE story, not your usual story, but simple a story. An anonymous, simple, singular story. Something for which you remember the joys of a favorite hobby, before becoming a job. Be it photography, editing or cooking.

I will soon share these photos with you on the blog with a very Roman recipe, with possibly no or as few twists as possible. You get to suggest your favorite Roman recipes to be cooked and shot. I am partial to puntarelle and/or artichokes (because of the season) though. Don’t suggest Jewish style artichokes though, I am not capable of deep frying.
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Simple lunches on rainy, gloomy Mondays. Pasta e broccoletti, or "cime di rapa", which is basically broccoli rabe. These greens are very much appreciated in Rome and all the way towards the south of Italy (a favorite dressing for the famous Pugliese orecchiette). In Rome they cook them twice, once blanched till tender (keep the water to boil your pasta in it), then tossed into a pan with a LOT of sizzling hot olive oil, chilly, garlic and a fillet or two of salted anchovies (I used @delicius_official double). Might sound weird, but it's not. The anchovies will melt into tasty nothingness in the oil. Toss in the pasta very al dente, help it with some cooking water in then pan. Turn off the heat. Grate in cheese (pecorino, I'd suggest). Red wine to wash it all down, always.
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Pouring rain, a bad cold and a less-than-happy day? Time to citrus up your life! A healthy dose of sunshine and vitamin C could make things a hell of a lot better. Turmeric and ginger root are miraculous healers and if non of them cheers you up, just go for a big mug of good ol' thick hot chocolate with fresh whipped cream. That internal hug will immediately make you feel it's all gonna be alright.
P.S. This was actually shot at our #ChiaroscuroRoma workshop.
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A couple of days, a fever and a bad cold later, I’m finally here to express my immense gratitude for the great experience that was our #ChiaroscuroRoma food photography workshop.
My lovely co-host @valentinahortus, from whom I can never learn enough, it was so cool to share my home and Roman meals and experiences with you! Come back any time!
To our truly inspiring participants @flordemelon, @everydayinitaly, @clorinda.otto, @adrianomazzocchetti, @alternativeeating, @thenobletangerine, @nadia_soriano, @vioncina, thank you so much for joining us from all parts of Italy from the north to the south! I hope you had as much of a great time that we did! We will definitely be in touch!
And to our host @alicekiandra.adams, thanks for the best lunch and homemade maritozzi with fresh whipped cream! Everything was incredibly delicious and #LatteriaStudio was as welcoming and special as always. P.S. Please share the recipe for your perfect puff pastry for the rustic pies. We’re impatient to try them!

PICTURED: fabulous crostata by @alicekiandra.adams, styled by @valentinahortus, shot and post produced on mobile by yours truly.
#FlavorsAndEncounters #LabNoonWorkshops

Workshop situation update! For tomorrow's #ChiaroscuroRoma, @valentinahortus & I have already chosen some props from the vast collection at #LatteriaStudio and we're organizing the last details. Pretty excited and eager to meet everyone tomorrow.
As for #PadovaPhotoLab on March 4th in Padua, the workshop is SOLD OUT ladies & gentlemen and we have 7 people in the waiting list! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm! Please sign up to my newsletter to get exclusive updates on upcoming workshops! Also please let me know the topics you would like for future workshops.
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January was uncommonly fruitful!
Hello F E B R U A R Y ✨
Also, head over to my stories to see the (terrible) early stages of my Instagram, inspired by @me_and_orla's #MyEarlyInsta. And try your best not to laugh or freak out! 😅

Porridge. An ordinary breakfast on an ordinary Wednesday. Cooked slowly while I shed the tiredness and traces of last night’s dinner off the kitchen. Then the coffee came up grunting of the moka, and I sat to cherish a moment of pure silence on a grey winter morning. Poured tahini and maple syrup on my #porridge.
#LabNoonFood #FlavorsAndEncounters

#PhotoLabPadova workshop is posted on the blog! The workshop is teach on March 4th at @thisishomebnb on not only food photography, but on using photography as a tool for digital storytelling. If you are a blogger, a creative that uses social media for business, or simply a photography enthusiast, this workshop is for you. We will discuss all things about light, using the camera in the manual mode, prop styling, and finding unique way to take photos that are specific to one’s brand!
All the info can be found in the link in my bio! For subscription and info don’t hesitate to write to me or to @maisonlab!
#LabNoonWorkshops #FlavorsAndEncounters

{ENGLISH FOLLOWS} Con l’inizio della settimana cominciano anche le preparative per il nostro Chiaroscuro Food Photography Workshop di questo sabato con @valentinahortus (che è stato anche soldout una settimana fa! Wow!) a #LatteriaStudio.
Stamattina ho mandato la newsletter con l’anteprima esclusiva del #PhotoLabPadova, il workshop di fotografia per lo storytelling digitale che terrò domenica 4 marzo a @thisishomebnb con la collaborazione di Guia (la nostra host) e @maisonlab. (Gli iscritti alla newsletter avranno un giorno di più per approfittare del prezzo early Bird!) Domani troverete tutte le info qui, sulla mia pagina di Facebook (che seguite già, vero?) e sul blog! In tanto se avete domande o curiosità su questo workshop (che non è SOLO di food Photography) scrivetemi, e vi risponderò in una live su IG stories mercoledì! ✨📸🌸
{EN} As this week starts, we’re getting readying for our chiaroscuro food photography workshop with @valentinahortus (which was sold out last week!).
Meanwhile, as a good Monday morning rule, I sent out the newsletter with the preview of our #PhotoLabPadova workshop, giving the subscribers a one day advantage to use the early bird discount. This photography workshop that is NOT dedicated to only food, but focuses on digital storytelling through photography that can be used online, for small and medium businesses and personal brand. It’s an ambitious project that I am glad to share with @thisishomebnb and @maisonlab You can find all the info about the workshop tomorrow on my blog, my Facebook page (which I hope you already follow, right?) and here and on IG stories. I will run a live session here on Wednesday to talk about this workshop. Feel free to write to meet if you have any questions so that I can answer them. :)
#FlavorsAndEncounters #LabNoonWorkshops

About two years ago around this time, after months of bad or no baking, I finally gave up on my sourdough starter that I had fed and baked with for the previous four years or so.
Sourdough starter was in a way, the beginning of my passion for all things food (hence the name of the blog, Noon meaning bread in Persian). 🥖
Sourdough is the simplest, yet one of the most sophisticated culinary phenomenas, in my humble opinion. For one thing, it’s ALIVE, you can give birth to a new being, and after that you are responsible for its well being and health. In return of regular love and feeding, your sourdough will feed YOU your daily bread! The most fragrant, tasty bread. The magic? The more you do, the more get. Disarmingly simple, yet meaningful.
For the new year, I want to do more. More manual creation, less screens. On that note I started making a new sourdough from scratch. This is a different method and recipe from how I used to bake, so I consider myself a total newbie. And if it wasn’t for the recipe, the step-by-step support and the meticulous mentorship of @tomfonta , there would’ve been NO WAY I could get the result you see here. My sourdough bread still has so many defects, but I’ve managed to bring the inebriating perfume of toasted bread and freshly brewed dark coffee to my morning ritual. One could hardly desire better winter mornings.
If you’re based in NYC and around, follow @tomfonta , because he’s soon gonna start a bake-sell where you can find the perfect sourdoughs of the maestro himself with different flour mixtures. ✨
P.S. also, sign up to my newsletter from the link in my bio for some exciting news about a new workshop!
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This tray of eastern dream is an excuse to update you with my 2018 #workshops! Only a couple of spots are left for the Chiaroscuro Food Photography workshop, held together with the gifted @valentinahortus on February 3d in #LatteriaStudio in Rome. So if you have been thinking about attending, secure your seats before it’s gone. (Link delle info e per l'acquisto diretto nella bio)
I also want to give you an exclusive preview on a very exciting yet slightly different workshop that I will hold in Padua early in March. This one is the result of a very special collab with @maisonlab and @thisishomebnb Stay tuned for our news! Sign up to my newsletter on the blog to get news first hand in your inbox!
Pictured: roasted beetroots, radishes, pears and red cabbage, with maple syrup and vinegar. Inspired and mentored by @oliahercules and a recipe from her book Kaukasis.
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