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Saghar Setareh  • Food & Travel Photographer • Rome based, from Tehran • TALK x #mfr19: La natura morta e la “food photography” nell’era digitale, 24 marzo ⤵️

I thought I had long got passed my winter blues and I no longer suffered the cold and dark(er) season (cuz let's face it, Roman winters are just bright and gorgeous). It's only with this sudden explosion of spring at 22 celsius, this dazzling sunshine that asks to warm our bare legs and arms, that I understand, that I might have got over my winter blues, but #spring still makes me feel ALIVE for two people!
Happy spring #weekend! ✨🌱🌞

Oh Spring, how I missed you. And your light, and your warmth, and that ease and tranquillity of which we don't even remember the existence in winter. Winter is cosy. Spring, oh spring is ALIVE.⁣

For the new Persian year, I wish us all vitality. One that persists inside us also the during the torrid summer, the laid back autumn, and the weary winter. ⁣

Farvadin 1st. Norouz of 1398. (March 21st, spring equinox, 2019).⁣

#LabNoonGirl #FlavorsAndEncounters

This is how we will welcome the new year, 1398. With a ‘haft seen’ table, seven elements, each starting with the letter ‘S’ in Persian.⁣

As I rush back to marinate my fish and chop half of all the herbs of the market for my #SabziPoloMahi (Persian herby pilaf with fish, the typical Norouz dish and the last meal of the old year), I wish you the best of the new year. I am particularly thankful this Norouz for the stellar and spectacular Iranian women and men of food, who are rising the Persian food to the places it deserves to be. It's makes me cheer with pride to see that thanks to them, our beloved #tahdig is becoming a household name in the food media. Tap to know some of them! ⁣

Sale no mobarak! سال نو‌مبارک و هر روزتون نوروز!⁣

#FlavorsAndEncounters #Norouz1398

[IT|EN] In questa ultima domenica dell’inverno, vorrei condividere due buone notizie con voi. La prima è che sono tra i candidati del premio Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2019 @foodphotoaward! Non posso svelare altro a questo punto tranne che i finalisti saranno annunciati il 2 aprile (che è anche il giorno prima del mio compleanno!) quindi yeah, e teniamo le dita incrociate. 🤞🏻🏅 #FoodPhotoAward19

La seconda buona notizia è che nella prima domenica della primavera — che è il 24 marzo — per l’occasione di @mesefotografiaroma che prevede tante mostre e vari seminari sulla fotografia, terrò un talk GRATUITO sulla “natura morta e la “food photography” nell’era digitale, dai maestri olandesi agli influencer di Instagram”. Sono molto felice (e un po’ nervosa) e spero di vedervi domenica prossima a @spazio_concrete a Pigneto, dalle 17 alle 19. 📷🎤 #mfr19

Altre info nel link nella bio. ⁣
——— ⁣
On this last Sunday of winter, I’m happy to share two little news with you. The first one is that I have been shortlisted for Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2019 award @foodphotoaward! I cannot reveal anything more at this stage, except that the finalists will be selected from the short lists and will be announced on April 2nd (which will be the day before my birthday!). So yay, and let’s keep fingers crossed. ⁣

The second news is that I will be holding a FREE talk on the first Sunday of spring, which is March 24th, on “Still Life and Food Photography in the Digital Era, from the Dutch Master to Instagram Influencers”. I am honoured to be part of the speakers of the “Mese della Fotografia”, which is a photography festival with many events, talks and exhibitions in Rome that last for the whole month of March. Hope to see you there next week!⁣


A slow and rich weekend, the way that syrup poured on that ricotta. That's what I wish for and myself, possibly with some much longed for time in the countryside. I am unprecedentedly sick of city at the moment. Let's plan a escape!

I love this angle of the house, where if I stand exactly at the right place — somewhere between the tiny kitchen and the rest of the living room — my favorite plant by the window is reflected in the mirror on the wall. The frame next to the mirror reads “Make it simple but significant*”. ⁣✨🌱

Days are slowly getting longer, and this slightly cloudy Monday was spent in silence and tranquility, mostly writing. This is how I’d like to balance out a lively day of cooking with many flavors and aromas and ingredients. Thanks to everyone who came to yesterday’s Persian cooking class, allowing me to share stories and recipes about this time of celebration in Iran. See you at the end of month in Milan for 2 more cooking classes at @mahksc .⁣

#LabNoonHome #FlavorsAndEncounters⁣

* By Don Draper in Mad Men⁣

This rose is by no means to celebrate women on #internationalwomensday. It’s merely an excuse to talk to — and about men.⁣

It’s such a massive fraud to imagine that women’s rights is only a women’s issue. It’s tremendously deceitful to imply men are not harmed by the stereotypes of gender. But let’s talk about boys. About raising boys. About being mothers, and fathers to boys — and girls. Boys who learn from an early age to feel entitled to the time, space and body of women around them. Often through their mothers. Boys are praised, and thanked eternally if they contribute to chores of they house they live in, as if it was a plus, a favor, to clean and cook, not an actual necessary life skill. Boys who from a very young age are taught to be tough, hard, MEN, suppressed to hiding their emotions, growing to be emotionally immature and invasive, with fragile egos, suffering like hell in the meanwhile.⁣

Here I am borrowing the words of the ever inspiring @chimamanda_adichie
“I would like today to ask that we begin to dream about and plan for a different world, a fairer world, a world of happier men and happier women who are truer to themselves. And this is how to start: we must raise our daughters differently. We must also raise our sons differently. We do a great disservice to boys on how we raise them; we stifle the humanity of boys. We define masculinity in a very narrow way, masculinity becomes this hard, small cage and we put boys inside the cage. We teach boys to be afraid of fear. We teach boys to be afraid of weakness, of vulnerability. We teach them to mask their true selves, because they have to be, in Nigerian speak, "hard man!"⁣

Gender matters. Men and women experience the world differently. Gender colors the way we experience the world. But we can change that.⁣

A #feminist is a man or a woman who says, "Yes, there's a problem with gender as it is today, and we must fix it. We must do better." ⁣“

The last slice. I've baked better cakes, and I'm gonna be missing mandarins so much. They're half my excitement about Autumn. But now, let's wait for apricots in lare April! Have you noticed they've ruined strawberries for us? I never, EVER buy strawberries out of season, but it just annoys me that they lay on supermarket's shelves all year long. On Christmas, there's strawberries, on Valentines day, there's strawberries. What happened to sniffing that sweet whiff that announced the arrival of Spring, sunshine and being just outdoors? The hopeful whiff has been spoiled by our consumerism and untimeliness. We don't wait anymore, and that's not how the world works. What's worse is that now we believe it's a some way of comfort and luxury to have eggplants in January and broccoli in July.
Do you wait for fruit and vegetables in their own season?

Lo sai quella bella sensazione che dopo anni che segui (e sogni) delle persone o realtà qui su Instagram, finalmente le incontri in vita reale, e non solo, ci fai una collaborazione fighissima? ⁣

Questo il caso del mio corso di cucina persiana a Milano, il 30 e il 31 marzo che sarà ospitato da @mahksc supper club. Seguo il progetto di mah di troppi anni, e credo che tuttora siano delle realtà più interessanti sulla scena (satura) di food in Italia e a Milano. Per chi non li conosce, Melissa e Lele ospitano delle cene “home made” in un loft “segreto” a Milano, in cui succede molto di più di una cena, ma anche incontri, concentri, eventi ecc. Ora ospiteranno il mio corso di cucina persiana, nell’occasione di Norouz, il capodanno persiano.⁣

Per info e booking scrivete a e fatelo presto, perché ci sono già persone in fila. Si sente che sono super felice per questa collaborazione? Questo è il bello di Instagram. È bello ricordarselo. ⁣

P.S. c'è ancora qualche posto disponibile anche per il corso di Roma il 10 marzo. Per info e booking DM!

You know that fabulous thing that after many years of following and rooting for poeple here on Instagram you finally get to know them in real life and even collaborate with them?⁣

This is how it is for my (first ever real) Persian cooking class in Milan, on 30 and 31 of March, which will be hosted by the amazing @mahksc. For those of you who don’t know them, @mahksc has been hosting the coolest supper clubs in a secret loft in Milan for many years now. And I can’t be more excited to finally meet them and teach a Persian cooking class there! All to celebrate Norouz, the Persian new year and spring.⁣

In order to book send an email to, and do it soon, because people are already in line.⁣

You can totally tell how happy I am about this collab, right? This is the bright of side of Instagram. It’s good to be reminded of it some time.
#persiancookingclass #flavorsandencounters #labnoonfood

I didn't remember it was #PancakeTuesday. I went on with some of my usual cake invention, which consists in putting whatever's left in the fridge and in the pantry. In this case sone carrots inside, and sone mandarines in the bottom, which would become the top. The recipe however needs much improvement. It wasn't the best cake in the world (as a matter of fact it was way too far from it) but it was citrusy, bright and made the house smell heavenly for many hours. 🍊🍰
#LabNoonFood #FlavorsAndEncounters

[English follows] Da sempre questo periodo dell’anno quando l’inverno è alla sua fine e la primavera alle porte, per è associato ai profumi specifici: le erbe fresche, il burro, lo zafferano e… i detersivi! Tranne l’ultimo elemento del quale mia madre abusava durante le pulizie primaverili (da fare prima del 20 marzo; l’anno nuovo persiano), il resto ovviamente si usa per preparare i piatti e dolci festivi del Norouz.⁣

Quest’anno sono felicissima di festeggiare Norouz (la festa più importante di noi iraniani) con voi, con ben TRE CORSI DI CUCINA! Il primo è a Roma, questa domenica 10 marzo per cui ci sono ancora posti disponibili. Quindi sbrigatevi a iscrivervi!⁣

Ora vi do l’anteprima del prossimi due corsi; Me l’avete chiesto in tanti, e io vi ho ascoltato: IL CORSO DI CUCINA PERSIANA ARRIVA A MILANO! Faccio due date il 30 e il 31 marzo in una super collaborazione. Per avere tutte le info e la location iscrivetevi alla newsletter (link nella bio), e domani riceverete la mail. ⁣

Buona settimana a tutti!⁣

EN: This is that moment of the year that to me has always been partnered with the smell of fresh herbs, butter, saffron and… tons of soap! Apart the latter which my mother abused of for the Spring cleaning (due to end before March 10th, the new year), the rest is of course used for cooking and baking for Norouz.⁣

This year I am celebrating this holiday with THREE PERSIAN COOKING CLASSES! The first one is in Rome on March 10th (so hurry up and book! Spots are still available) and the next two will be in MILAN on 30 and 31 of March and it will be a super collab! This is just a preview. You can receive the whole info tomorrow via mail. So sign up to the newsletter (link in bio) to get the news first hand!⁣

Have a fabulous week everyone!
#FlavorsAndEncounters #PersianCookingClassRome #LabNoonFood

Small recap from a Saturday where winter met spring, on which we did a photography workshop. Thank you everyone for participating (please comment so I can tag you!). There's more on the stories highlights saved in "workshops".
Special thanks to @valdirose and @mr_valdirose for the hospitality. ✨
#LabNoonWorkshops #FlavorsAndEncounters

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