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Saghar Setareh  • Food Photographer & Blogger • Rome 🇮🇹, from Tehran • Collab@labnoon.com 🏆 SAVEUR BLOG AWARDS finalist for BEST PHOTOGRAPHY! NEW: Puglia Visual Diary


Because #MondayMorning needs a proper motivation!
#BreakfastGoals and memories from a month ago (where did the time go?) at the lovely @lemeridienrome.

#LabNoonFood #FlavorsAndEncounters .
#UnLockRome #lemeridien #lemeridienrome

A lovely day in #LatteriaStudio, though cloudy and very stuffy in wait of a rain that showered down just now, in the early hours of night.
It was all about Maremma in #Tuscany. The dearest @emikodavies held a cooking class with the recipes of her second book, #acquacottathecookbook. We made "strozzapreti" with mushroom, acquacotta fish soup and this incredibly amazing ricotta pie with poached pears. Vanilla and lemon zest flavored, the pie was delicate and not too sweet. The pasta was fresh, the fish soup supreme! Emiko is a superb cook, food writer and photographer, as of course we all knew she is. 💕✨🍐
#LabNoonFood #FlavorsAndEncounters

A window to the marvelous Piazza Navona. Trying to take more snaps of the eternal city, for a little project I've been working on for months now, that finally looks like it's coming together. News soon!
#LabNoonRomanity #FlavorsAndEncounters #Romanity

Scenes from Puglia. The countryside, Martina Franca, the beaches on both Ionio and Adriatic sea, and @masseriapotenti near Manduria where #ThePugliaEncounter will be held at end of next month. These, and many other scenes are on the last post on the blog. A visual diary. If you wanna check it out, the link is in the bio!
#labnooninpuglia #visitpuglia #FlavorsAndEncounters

{NEW POST ON THE BLOG} I have finally uploaded (some) of the grizillion photos I took during my brief trip in #Puglia earlier this summer. It's a visual diary of sorts. Today is also the LAST day to vote for the SAVEUR blog awards (so the last day I'll bother you with this voting business!) so keep supporting your favorite bloggers and vote! The link is in the bio.
On labnoon.com however, plus the many photos of the olive trees, masserias, artisan ceramics and beaches, you can find a non-recipe of salad with watermelon, tomatoes and aromatic herbs from the garden. An ode to (almost over) summer. 🍉🍅🌱✨
#LabNoonFood #FlavorsAndEncounters #SavBlogAwards

September arrived with rain, incredibly fresh and beautiful weather that called for hot porridge with raisin snd cinnamon, a cocoa drink and possibly a risotto with these beauties? Big, fat, juicy porcinis sent at the back of the dirty van of the guy who sells artichokes from January to May. 🍄✨
#LabNoonFood FlavorsAndEncounters

The good news is that I might just be able to announce the rebellion my electric appliances at home is finally over. I came back from two days of marvelous #staycation at @lemeridienrome (where details of breakfast looked like this!), to find internet was not working. Took me a week to get it running again. Later my dishwasher broke, and almost blew up the whole electricity, and malfunctioning fridge ruined my precious buffalo mozzarella that I had bought at the bargain. The bad news is that I woke up today at the arrival of the dishwasher repairman, (who just left, leaving me a working dishwasher and a filthy kitchen to clean), so I haven't even had coffee so far.
But it's the weekend (meaningless word for me, tons of work) and the weather is such a darling, so let's celebrate thinking of cappuccinos and fried pastries filled with cream!
Enjoy the weekend!
#LabNoonFood #FlavorsAndEncounters
#lemeridian #lemeridienrome #unlockrome #partner

Urban plants, waiting for eminent mad shower, September first.
#LabNoonRomanity #romanity

#HelloSeptember! Funny how people change we they grow up! I would've never thought to be happy that summer's finale ending and fall is on the way. August drained me literally, with its unsustainable heat and —unusual for Italian standards— the work load! It's the month I struggle most with. I can't STAND how everything in Italy shuts down towards the end of July and begins anew in September. So August was quite busy for me, eith overseas clients and summer jobs. I took some vacation in Puglia in late July, and I'm super excited to be going up north in the Alps later this month. I have never been there! Looking forward to crisp and fresh mountain air, and hopefully, some amazing milk and butter! Any suggestions for these around Valbruna?
Enjoy #September!
#LabNoonFood #FlavorsAndEncounters

Cure for a Monday morning at the end of Summer. {unstyled} ☕️🍳🌱✨
#LabNoonFood #FlavorsAndEncounters

These days are those you'd wanna escape to somewhere where it's always a late wake up moment, and lavish breakfast waits for you by the way, even at 3pm. My home appliances and my hormones have rebelled against me in the past week, so I'm sore, tired and a bit frustrated. So I share my little secret of keeping my calm, when everything in the day goes wrong: I read/watch/listen to Harry Potter books! ⚡️
And after a few hours, I suddenly find myself in a better, happier place. My particular favorites at the moment are the audiobooks narrated by Stephan Fry. Amazing performance.
Another uplifting is breakfast food, for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner. Possibly by, or better, in bed. 🍳☕️🥐🍊
#LabNoonFood #staycation #lemeridien #lemeridienrome #unlockrome

In need of being back here, or anywhere calm and quiet. I'm thinking the mountains. Possibly the Alps (I have never seen them yet!). Sooner than later, possibly in September, before it gets too cold. A friend talked about the little picturesque towns around a lake in Austria. Do you know anything about them? She said she would just take a train with spectacular views and got off in different towns. If you have any idea about a brief (not too expensive) vacation in September some in the mountains in North Italy, or even more north in Austria or Switzerland, let me know!

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