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Do you have thing too, that the more you've got to do, the more you circle around yourself, scattering precious energy on unnecessary matters instead of staying focused? Please empathize with me and say you fo even if it's not true! 😅 I need some order and mental zen, and I swear I'll get all the things I've got on my list done. Or most of them. I hope. Thinking of a place like pictured, which is #LeMeridienRome . ✨
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Where did March fly to? I still need get a grip from the sweetness of the last week, that started with #Norouz , the Persian new year (I still haven't caught up with all the greetings! Sorry!), and ended with the celebration of genuine, organic and homemade cakes of @vivibistrot. This dark, dark chocolate cake that is topped raspberry and chocolate ganache, is sooo good that @_realdom_ said it should be illegal! 😂Thankfully it's not, but believe it or not, it's #vegan !
Now back to reality, I need a break from my sweet overdose, and get a lot of things done because super soon I'll have some announcements to make. So stay tuned (specially those of you who are visiting Rome!). ✨🍰🍫🍓🌱
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Is it too bad if I gift my one-week-old tulips, very spontaneously? It's much chillier and cloudy today so I'm hoping they would close. They're pretty and yellow anyway. Guess I'm keeping 'em . 🌼🌷✨🍃
P.s. Completely irrelevant, but who wants to come watch Beauty & the Beast with me tonight? @tommaso.javidi, we watched the musical together EXACTLY 6 years ago!

Buongiorno and happy Monday morning! Starting the new week with a super breakfast with the sunshine on my table; a fascinating golden milk with ginger, turmeric, honey, lemon, organic soy milk and just a few drops of almond oil + greek yoghurt with granola and fresh berries, and if course coffee. A super healthy breakfast you can find at @vivibistrot. I need to finalize the projects from last week and define the coming ones and get ready to leave for Milan in the weekend for @cucina_corriere's #CiboARegoladArte where I'll teach a Persian cooking lesson, and when I'll meet the fellow bloggers who are finalists at #CucinaBlogAward . Exciting Spring time! 🌼✨🥛☕️🍋🌱
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Just a tiny fraction of the brunch after #SuperChefs4Kids , where youngsters made the cutest cakes and pizzas, and @phoebe.riley, the winner of Junior Masterchef UK 2014 showed us how to cook a zucchini cream. I was truly amazed by how incredibly comfortable she felt in the professional kitchen of a hotel. Such a wonderful Sunday spent with great company in a beautiful, sunny Rome where we're already in tops and skirts. 🌸🍕🌱
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Buongiorno and happy Sunday morning! Today I woke up dreaming of this bountiful table of organic, home made cakes at @vivibistrot! I feel so blessed that part of my job consists on telling the story of the passion and quality control that is put in the process of baking and delivering these pastries. I was lucky to spend the days with fellow food enthusiasts and cake lovers @pane_burro , @ladfoodie , @soup_opera , @breakfast_and_coffee , @anamericaninrome , @the_golden_hour_ , @dailybreakfast and @_realdom_ .You can order #ViviBistrotBakery cakes,brownies and scones and pick them up the next day at the bistrot closest to you. All organic and home made. Vegan and #gluttenfree are available too.
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What is this thing with Spring, that the more you sleep, the more you wanna sleep? Yet it's the season to wake up, to get up, and move, and create and get sh*t done. However, god knows I could use long hours of snooze, in a place where I can't be bothered. Wake up late, with no thoughts in my head and no errands to run, and just enjoy the warm Spring sun spread over the fresh sheets. Thank god weekend is ahead! #TGIF
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{IT/EN} Questi piatti, con piccole rose erano di mia nonna. Quante volte negli anni di infanzia e li ho visti pieni del pilaf al profumo dello zafferano, o dei sughi abbondanti, patate dorate, pistacchi, ribes e il succo di melograno. Vivo quel ricordo dei pasti e momenti condivisi dei pranzo del venerdì, ogni volta che cucino qualcosa tipico di iraniano.
Sabato 1 aprile, potrò condividere un po' di questi ricordi e sapori con voi: faccio una lezione di cucina persiana a #CiboARegolaDArte; l'evento food di @cucina_corriere che si terrà a Milano dal 31 marzo al 2 aprile. Potete prenotarvi dal sito di "Cibo a Regola d'Arte& #34; o dalla pagina facebook.
Non vedo l'ora di vivere questa esperienza con voi.
These dishes with small roses were my grandmother's . How many times have I seen them full of saffron pilaf, hearty stews, golden potatoes, pistachios, barberries and pomegranate paste. I reminisce the memory of shared meals and moments of Friday lunches, every time I cook something typically Iranian.
Saturday, April 1, I can share some of these memories and flavors with you: I teach a Persian cooking class at #CiboARegolaDArte; the food event by @cucina_corriere held in Milan from March 31st to April 2nd. You can book your spot at "Cibo a Regola d'Arte& #34;& #39;s website or facebook page.
I can't wait to share this experience with you!
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And here it is. My tiny #HaftSeen . Singular, essential and a bit lonely. I didn't find Samanu (the wheat pudding). But everything else is there. 2 porcelain gold fish instead of the real ones. My sabzeh looking just decent. Apple, garlic, vinegar, sumac and senjed. I also put some sekkeh (coins) although it's not of one the original 'S& #39;s , as they're supposed to edible. Tomorrow morning for the exact moment of of entering the equinox (the universal moment of celebration no matter when) I will be at Villa Borghese, next to the statue of the Iranian poet Ferdowsi. Iranians in Rome have always gathered around his statue, it'll my first time. Celebrating your most important holiday on Monday morning is a cruel joke.
Wishing the best new year (1396), with health, togetherness and a light heart.

{NEW POST} #Norouz Mobarak! This year I am happy that major food publishings such as @bonappetitmag, @nytfood and @food52 have dedicated significant articles to the tradition and recipes of the Persian new year and Norouz, that has many more stories to be told.
This post is a collection of articles by @ciaosamin, @lucidfood, @andybaraghani (dude sorry for that kuku sabzi gate on facebook) @thesaffrontales, @tehranosaurus and yours truely on different customs, recipes and aspects of Iranian celebrating Norouz.
Plus there are even more Persian recipes by fellow bloggers My Caldron, @parisaskitchen and @cocoinkitchen. 🎉🌱🌷🌿✨🐟
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I am super late, but the post for the annual roundup of the #PersianFoodBloggers for #Norouz is coming up super soon. After seeing the Kurd kids of the Ararat Center (check out the Stories) and a long walk around the Eternal City, I am finally feeling a tiny tad in the holiday mood finally. Got my senjed, got some flowers, apples and garlic. No Samanū not even this year. But my #HaftSeen is going to be complete soon. Stay tuned! 🌱✨🌸
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I'm thrilled to tell you that I will be teaching a Persian cooking class during #ciboaregoladarte , the food event of @cucina_corriere that'll take place in Milan from March 31st to April 2nd. You can book your seat on their website or facebook page.
And speaking of that event, only 2 days are left to vote your favorite bloggers at the #CucinaBlogAward that is part of the same event. Lab Noon is nominated for the best social blog. Voting link is in the bio.
Now I should be getting my sh*t together and get in the holiday mood for #Norouz . For the past couple of years I have yearned dearly to spend the new year with my family in Iran, but something has always come up. In this season is very busy, work-wise, in Italy. So, I think this year I'll try video calls. And maybe next year, after 11 years, I'll spend Norouz with my family in Iran.
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