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label 228 project  a compilation of artwork on priority mail labels from the post office. currently accepting submissions for the second book. published by @camdenoir

the almighty @sket_one did a few labels for the book!! dude is doing huge amazing murals and custom vinyl toys. if you don't know about him, now you know. go follow him.

dope label from @nicholasdanger !! this dude does some awesome work. go check him out #label228 #label228project #label228nyc #label228art #slaps #sticker #stickers #priority #prioritymail

classic label from @faustnewyork and @surelives !!

@wokeart has such a clean and dope style! his work is pretty rad. go check him out! #label228nyc #label228art #label228 #slaps #slap #priority #prioritymail #prioritymaillabelart #label228project

here's a label from the first book from @brown76 !

I can't thank everybody enough for the support. feel free to share the project and let's get this thing rolling. much love!! #label228 #label228nyc #label228art #label228project #label228gang

cool one from @wundr !! thank you all for being a part of this whole thing. much love.

a fun one from @danielfleres ! he does some awesome work so go check him out!!

i absolutely love @tofuthiefzzz labels. they're so well done, that they look printed but they are hand done. everything is perfect about her work. go check her out.

old one from jamus!! miss the old blue top labels so much.

dope label from @crevicecreeps from the first book!!! thanks again!!

books and labels available!!

also, feel free to share the project with your friends and tag us in it so we can see what you're working on! much love!

@cooldude_xvi was such a big contributor to the first label 228 project book.
the man has been doing this for so long and is still doing incredible pieces. his style will never be duplicated and this particular style was a main influence on my own lettering.
thank you again so much for everything! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

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