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aoki und ich sind heute gemeinsam zum see gelaufen. 10.5 jahre ist sie alt und doch erinnern ihre schritte mehr an ein junges pferd. manchmal wirkt es fast so, als würde sich die zeit um sie drehen, nicht in ihr. doch wenn ich sie genau anschaue, sehe ich die spuren ihres lebens, eines guten lebens. es ist genau 9 jahre her, dass wir zu dritt aus amerika nach deutschland geflogen, geflüchtet, sind. eine zeit, an die ich immer seltener denke, auch wenn ich sie und ihre folgen bewusst auf dieser app thematisiere. ich möchte nicht vergessen, verdrängen. ich möchte frei von druck, frei von virtueller erwartungshaltung, erzählen. erzählen wie es war, wie es ist. wie es sein könnte? das traue ich mich, außerhalb des neumondwünschens, immer öfter. die angst mich selbst zu überschätzen und zu enttäuschen sitzt noch neben mir und hält meine hand, wenn auch sanfter als sonst. sie lehnt sich mehr an meine schulter als andersrum. zwischen zugfahrten, hinfallen, aufstehen, konzerten, flügen, festivals, küssend durch die nacht laufen und sich verlieben, hat sie gelernt sich zu entspannen, wohlverdient. sie lässt mich ziehen und glaubt mir, ich möchte ziehen und laufen und tanzen und rennen. erleben. mit euch teilen. ihr wart meine brücke in die soziale welt, als ich das haus kaum verlassen konnte. euer ansporn, eure kontinuierliche unterstützung, begleitet mich seither und dafür möchte ich mich bedanken. danke für die kommentare, nachrichten, euer vertrauen und die geteilte freude. für eure zeit. ihr seid der beweis dafür, dass die sozialen medien magisch sein können ♡

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big spoon or little spoon? ♡

so this happened :) thank you @bill_banwell ♡ [anzeige]


once you were a scared little puppy in a cardboard box.
the kind of dog many people are afraid of - not because they have any reason to, but because society, media and prejudice have their effects on us.
fear is dangerously contagious and often leads to hate - connecting people for despicable reasons.
yes, some things are actually non-negotiable.
I learned this lesson when you entered my life - making me realize I was fearing something, someone, I didn't know, didn't understand.
this is a common problem with humans, one we need to adress.
one we need to acknowledge and work on.
one we need to fix, together.
these words are not a dog-human-comparison - they are a reminder how easily minds can be clouded and influenced and how crucial it is to educate, check and question ourselves and other people.
this is our duty - not only when times are 'visibly' rough, because truth be told, they are always rough.
some of us simply have the privilege to look away while others need to run away.
hearing about something and actually experiencing it are two different stories, very different.
if we pull on one string; the string of love, solidarity and equality, we can create the impact this society desperately needs.
I'm asking you to watch closely, listen closely - pay attention and take action when needed.
and it's needed a lot.


every wrinkle has a twinkle ♡

this is my face when people compliment my taste in music and ask me to create a spotify playlist - I'm actually considering it.
what are your three favorite artists that would most definitely be included in your playlist?
mine are creedence clearwater revival, bastille & nothing but thieves (winke winke anzeige).

as I'm writing this my whatsapp keeps on popping up with little notes of encouragement shared between jessy & steph [anzeige woop woop]- these short glimpses make me smile.
they make my heart swell. with pure love.
we have a little group, you know?
we call it our safe place - and it really is, safe.
our group, just as our friendship, isn't all peaches & cream.
we are three strong-minded, opinionated women who don't always agree - sometimes we argue. we get frustrated. with each other. with ourselves.
not for long, but it happens. life happens.
we aren't about fake comfort - we are about sharing the naked truth, vulnerability and respect.
having each others best interest at heart not only means sticking up for each other it also means standing up to each other.
we've knitted a strong safety net, which allows us to have complete trust in our connection and therefor gives us room to express ourselves without fearing judgement, shame and resentment.
this is golden, luxury even.
we've built it from scratch - a place where we are as free as we are protected.
excited. rebellious. ecstatic. sexy.
cranky. sad. scared. confused.
the depth of our bond equals the depth of our communication.
it really is key.
if there is any advice (I don't really believe in advice) I'd give it's communicate.
give and take time for real heart to heart conversations.
as for us - we are each others keepers, teachers and sisters. we belong.
we let each other in and by doing so we're growing - together and individually.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
life is just a whole lot better with these two (and my other badass sisterfriends) by my side.
worth every effort.
worth every discussion.
worth every eye roll.
worth every second.
if you want to have a friend, be a friend.
to others, but also to yourself ♡


different eyes see different things.

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