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L.A.  Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.

"How hard did aging hit you?" Challenge. I'd like to think I did pretty well, no? 😂

The boys are back in town! Love all of my brothers and baby Atticus!(Not pictured: @chozillaatks) #FirstOfAll #SecondOfAll #ThirdOfAll #✊🏽🖐🏽✌🏽️

Happy birthday to one of the best people that I know - @vincemuhhfuhh! Wish I was out with you and the guys going wild in the Bahamas right now! I wish you nothing but the best in life, love, and happiness. Love you, brother!

The greatest love felt is the one you have for self. 😎

Networking dinner at Providence - courtesy of Eventbrite. These pictures do not do the food justice AT ALL. So amazing! My mouth's watering just looking at them. 🤤😂 That A5 Wagyu Beef was to die for!

Hmm...I need to get my hands on a lottery ticket then. 🤔😂

My version of Black Friday shopping. Lol time to pick up the guitar again! 🎸🎶🎼

Belated happy birthday to two of my favorite people - @_kba___ and @reeeeechardo! I hope you guys had amazing birthdays! I'm glad to have been there for both celebrations! Cheers to many more! Love you both! 😘 P.S. These are all old pictures because I suck and don't take as much photos as I should. Lol

New wallpaper setup! I actually have these as individual prints from @omocat but I haven't been able to find the right frame for it yet. #OnePiece #anime #Luffy #Zoro #Sanji #Nami #TonyTonyChopper #Usopp #Franky #NicoRobin #Brook #OMOCAT

Views for the next few nights. Employee retreat at the Queen Mary!

Excited to read this! Mamba Mentality by @kobebryant. #BlackMamba #MambaMentality #KobeBryant

Second attempt at making omurice. Don't have the shape quite down yet but at least the eggs are runny! 😂😋 #JapaneseFood #omurice