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Morning DSP programming with a sunny view ☀️ #QSC

Freaking hate ressy AV because of generally how lash up it is, but even I'm guilty of lashing this in at home. Time to sort it properly for a refresh with multi room 4k, new control system upgrade and general tidy up.

Any one after an OBD2 VR6 motor? Includes, ECU(imob defeated), loom, raceland 6 branch manifold, Magnacor leads, MAF. Doesn't include gearbox, flywheel, power steering pump. It's been a great motor to me, both N/A and supercharged. £300 collected from Bromley including anything else that I can find for it that might be useful. Currently sitting dry with no oil in it too. #vr6

@laurareznek back in her natural habitat after spending a two weeks living in a tour bus. Happy Reznek!

There's a little rules between my friends that every time a new engine is dropped in, you must go for a skid immediately after getting it running. Think I did a small skid. #fatone #mk2golf #tornadored #24v #vr6

Looks like this is home again for a while

Very quick first skin of silent coat 4mm to tighten this thing up a little inside. Not pretty but serving a purpose #silentcoat #fatone #mk2golf

At midnight last night again, I count that another 24 hours, but just spent on removing 28 years of people screwing around with the wiring on this car. Still a little way to go yet.


Oh yeah. A full set of these turned up last week too after coming back from a full re-trim. Final piece of this puzzle ready to drop in once I'm finished with this engine! #recaro #tartan #harristweed @tornadored #mk2golf #fattone

So at midnight last night this happened. @mk1steve helped me to pin by pin redo our lashed look to try and make it start. Managed to fit a 7 rib belt without even noticing so that chewed its self instantly. Now it has some oil around it, I have lots lots more to do and wire! #fattone

I love jobs like this. I've done more this morning than I've been able in any one day over the last year because there's no one on site. Just crunching out rooms and ordering car parts. 🚗 🚗 🚗

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