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Louis Lorenzi  It's Louis. With an 'o'.

Hang in there guys...💳


#WhenTheShowsSoGood you think you're on stage. Thanks @champagneskeem for getting all the way in my goddamn face. #EVERYBODYSTOUR

#WhenTheShowsSoGood the only decent pic you get is of your shirt. #EVERYBODYSTOUR

I think Mel's is mocking me.

"It bodes well for me that speed impresses you" -Chandler Bing

Dominoes is serious shit. #Familia

Abel, you funky son of a bitch. 🌟#LEGENDOFTHEFALL #STARBOY


If she don't know R. Kelly, she's too young for you and too old for him. 🔥#AndImTooYoungToBeSnappingLikeThat

Got mad at my phone, so I broke it. #NoRagrets

Get you a girl that's also your hype man. #CantTakeNiggasNowhere #WeddingTings #TiffAndJohn 🌺

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