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c.  oh yikes

someone befriend me ill send memes
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i keep yawninggg ew #openrp

find someone that knows how to calm your storms.
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my cat is cuddled up to me and every time i move she makes a little noise imm
#newopenrp #openrp #iloveanimalssomuchpls

take me back to the night we met.
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beauty and the beast is such a beautiful film. i'm obsessed.
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masonnnnn my little babe,
what a ducking blessing you are on this earth, big headdd. i'm so happy i found you, even tho you like to disagree with me like everyday and we always throwing hands, there's no one else i'd rather throw hands with omf.
no, but real talkk i love how we work, we just go together so easily and we are so a like it's pretty crazy. i remember you told me when we first started talking you thought i was a bit weird and now look at us ??? you're just as weird as i am now ayee lmao 👽 omg lets be honest my life would totally suck without you in it, you're so special to me like @ god thank u for blessing me hallelujahhhh. you always brighten my days, you make me laugh till i cry you make me smile so much that my cheeks start to hurt ???
you just make me so happy all the time. if it's not with your cute pics of toby or the weird videos and memes that we show each other 24/7 its with you just talking to me idk that makes me happy gtgtg . you're always there for me when i need you, we talk about literally everything, you're my best friend and i hope your day is just as amazing as you are, and bitchhhh if anyone messes with u ill take em out, you already know. anywho you mean the world to me, you smart handsum talented little toe.

i love you so much!!
i'm so happy your mom didn't swallow you (': omfff HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

i'm that person everyone replaces and forgets after a while.
#openrp #newopenrp

don't waste your time on me you're already, the voice inside my head.
#newopenrp #openrp

we'd laugh at the stars and we'd share everything.
#newopenrp #openrp

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