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Stephanie  Fitness Missionary. Dedicated to bringing joy and empowerment to people through group exercise. www.freedomgroupexercise.com

The sun’s out and I got to teach at Sport&Health Northwest this morning! Can’t think of anything better! Have a great day everyone! ☀️ There’s still another chance to workout with me today! I’ll be teaching at Farragut Square for the @goldentriangledc Tri-Fit series. The beat drops at 5:30pm! Bring a mat and join me! #dcist #dcfitness #outdoorfitness #mydccool #dclife #freedombarre #becauseitsmorethanjustexercise #goldentriangledc

My favorite birthday memory is from when you turned 4. I walked into your room to wake you up singing "Happy Birthday" and then said "Jake, you're 4 years old!!!". You looked at me with so much excitement in your eyes and exclaimed, "Mom! I'm almost 5!" I wouldn't trade a day of these 19 years -- not even the hardest days. It a joy to see the world through your eyes. Even though you've almost always been the smallest kid, you've had the biggest smile and the strongest spirit. Your heart is so kind and your sense of justice so fierce. You've always had a Peter Pan personality and yet, you are wise beyond your years.
I thank God everyday that He chose me to be your mom. I could not be more proud of you.
Keep being you, Jake Brown, because you are amazing.

Everyone needs an @alejandrojimenezofficial in their life. It’s actually not just about the hair. I mean, obviously he is amazing at what he does. But he also is the most amazing person who radiates positivity and makes you feel like you are the most important person in the world. I tell him all the time he is a hair missionary. I wish I had a picture of the first day I went to see him so you could see the difference. I feel so blessed to have him on my glam squad.

It’s stunning to see the different headlines from different states on today’s papers. #newseum

Real talk: I’ve been feeling down on myself lately. The scale hasn’t been moving much but I also have been slacking off. I get into these ruts and it’s sometimes hard to get back on track. But I was looking back at some old BANG videos yesterday and was gob-smacked to see myself in Release 7. Oh my lordt, how I wish I could erase myself from those videos. I decided to take a comparison photo today and there is a difference. I don’t have exact figures from the first photo, but this is what approximately 20 pounds and about 20” looks like. My resting heart rate has gone from about 80 to 58. My blood pressure is also well within normal range now and I was on the brink of having to take BP meds back then. They also don’t automatically reach for the large BP cuff anymore. The non-scale victories are huge. #transformationtuesday #weightlossjourney #becauseitsmorethanjustexercise #5432Bang #freedombarre @bang.freedombarre #strongnotskinny #progressnotperfection #fitover40 #fitmom #igfitness #instafit

These two have been friends since 6th grade. ➡️ We are sad to see her leave but so excited for her adventures to come at NAU. Congratulations, @allison_druhan #glowup #collegebound #nau

Not our usual vantage point. I kind of like it. #nationals @nationals

Gorgeous evening on the waterfront. #capriv #anacostiariver #yardspark

We’ll be set up on the boardwalk next to Due South Dockside. Class is at 5:30pm followed by happy hour at Morini Piccolo at 6:30pm ($5 beer and wine). Bring your own mat and a set of light weights (weights are optional). Cancellations due to weather will be posted by 3:30pm on event days.

#CapRiv #anacostiariver #mydccool #waterfront #capitolriverfront #theyardsdc #freedombarre #funkyfitness #strengthbalanceflexibility #becauseitsmorethanjustexercise

white supremacists picked the wrong city. #resist

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