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Rheine Flummoxed  "I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." Music l Wine l Arts l Gastronomy l Culture l Archery l ENTJ l You can, you will, you did.

Round 2!

For when you need to #whitewine drown your sorrows away. Thanks @lecellierfrenchwineselection!
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French Wine and Food Pairing, held at Bistro Manuel. A Project by the EU Business Network in Partnership with Le Cellier French Wines and CCI France PH.
The food was divine and the wine selection was really great! #events #winedinner #winestagram #instawine #lecellierwines #frenchwine

My favorite menu for the night - duck foie gras custard. 😍 #instafood #foodgram #lecellierwines #ccifrance #BistroManuel #foodandwinepairing

Lullabies and goodnight! 😘
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I look at you and I see my heart...
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It truly saddens me to hear about his death.
I have such huge admiration for this man. Whenever I'm watching his shows I'm always thinking how kick ass his life is, so full of adventure! He's got so much life in him, I can't reconcile that image of him with someone who will end up comitting suicide.
It got me thinking, what drove a person to resort to such action? How can someone wake up one day and just think about ending his life?

It only proves that no matter what we see on the outside, we can never really know what goes on in the minds of the people around us and in their private lives. No matter how big is the smile on that person's face or how strong a person can appear to be, it's hard to say if they maybe struggle with something.
Maybe for some, the endless cycle of whatever is going on in their life had become too tiring that they feel that the only way out is to hang oneself. And you can have one thousand friends, all the money in the world but you can still feel alone and unfulfilled. You may appear to have everything figured out but still not find that one place where you belong. And maybe for some, life has just become a series of motions that it has become too mundane to be worth anything. 😔

Whatever the case had been, the Anthony Bourdain I'll always remember is a someone who has so much hunger for life.

RIP Monsieur Bourdain, you will be missed

They say that love always comes as a surprise and in my case I never thought that I will end up falling in love with Chiang Mai. It was a trip full of misadventures that it felt like an ill fated circumstance. Being a city girl there's nothing I love more than the daily grind of a bustling city and the bright lights of skyscrapers. I thrive in the never ending flux of people. So, I never thought that this place will captivate me. I never had any expectation and only wanted to discover a new place and explore a new culture. But here I am, like a hopeless lover counting the days until I'll get to see my love again.
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Cooking for the first time at the new apartment. Got myself an omelette stuffed with mushrooms, avocado and cream cheese! (I was seriously considering drinking my strawberry wine with this.)
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This week had been incredible and also incredibly tiring. Partly, I was kind of looking forward to the end of the week to spend a quiet time at home and catch up on some reading.
I picked up this book randomly at the big, bad wolf event and it's turning out to be a rather interesting and intriguing read. With a glass of wine and this book in hand, I'm already a happy camper.
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