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Angie 🇨🇴  |The goal is to keep each other inspired!| |UNCC🔬🎓||Pre-PA||Fitness| Medical Assistant 💉 Taken 💕@jcfitnessofficial

Motivational Monday! So so so proud of my cousin @ingrid_vanessa22 . She is working so hard in medical school. She didn’t give up on her dreams even when it seemed impossible. I see her and it just motivates me to reach for my own dreams. Thank you for keeping me motivated. Love you!

On my day off this is what I’m doing...Studying! Lol I will be applying to PA (Physician Assistant) school this year. I still have a few months to prepare my application. The CASPA application (Centralized Application Service for Physician Assistants) typically opens towards the end of April. I’ve been actively working on completing the prerequisites required to apply to PA school. One of the prerequisites is to take the GRE (The Graduate Record Examination). I feel a little intimidated by this exam because I have not seen some of this material in a very long time...apart from that, some of the material is completely new to me. I’ve just recently signed up for The Princeton Review GRE Course and Magoosh GRE course. These are great study tools for someone who is in need of some guidance, like myself! They provide detailed explanations, practice questions, full length practice exams, etc. 2019 will definitely be a year filled with a lot of studying and planning 🙈

Quick question for for all my wavy and curly girls out there.. Do you deep condition on a weekly bases? .. Do you even deep condition at all? If not, you need to get to it lol if your curls are looking lifeless or dry, you’re going to need some moisture to bring them back to life. I deep condition at least once a week. It has helped my hair tremendously. I started my curly hair journey a little over three years ago. Ive been using sulfate/paraben free hair products (shampoos, conditioners, hair stylers etc). I’ve gone through two major chops to get rid of my heat damaged hair. I’ve minimized heat styling as well. I didn’t start consistently deep conditioning until about 6 months ago. I used to do it every once in a while but my hair feels and looks a lot healthier now that I’m consistent. Pictured above is one of my favorite deep conditioners from @devacurl . It’s called Melt Into Moisture. It glides right through your hair, it smells amazing, and most importantly, it leaves your hair feeling super hydrated. If you need a hydrating masque I highly recommend this one! I’ll be posting more of my favorite deep conditioners in the near future. I’m thinking about doing an in depth review on this one (how/when to use.. results etc)☺️

Little flashback to last weeks FBG 2.1 demo workout! My shoulders were on fiyaaa! 🔥It's crazy what the human body can endure lol @annavictoria @jfitnesswear

My bonitas ❤️ #curlsoncurlsoncurls

Love working out with my girl @karen_miranda2 when she comes to visit from Canada! We did a little arm workout... the video mostly shows the tricep exercises but we also worked biceps. .
🔸Hammer Curls
🔸Tricep Dumbbell Kickbacks
🔸Bench Dips
🔸Dumbbell One-arm Triceps Extensions
🔸Triceps Pushdown (rope attachment)
🔸Preacher Curls (machine)

Just a few exercises from my back workout the other day. -one-arm dumbbell row
-straight-arm pulldown
-one-arm high row
Back day is my favorite day! I used to love leg day but it's become a struggle lol 😅

Song: To the Max (Dj Khaled ft. Drake)
Tank: Ross
Leggings: @jfitnesswear (Simplicity Burgundy)

Don't be afraid to do what you love. Whether your passion is fitness, medicine, helping others, dancing, singing ...whatever it is, if you love it then go for it!
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A little selfie action 🙃 Having a positive attitude is not always easy, especially when things don't turn out the way we imagined.. I'm sure some can relate! Let's try to work on that ... POSITIVE VIBES✔️ .
#selflove #fitness #fitfam #workout #gymlife #womenempoweringwomen #lift #confidence #annavictoria #muscle #likes #lean #fbggirls #girlswithmuscle #foodie #girlswholift #celestialbodiez #progress #unicorns #weights #bootyscrunch #squats #fbgmeals #fitnessjourney

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