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holding a decesed flower in front of a window for the aesthetic

im baking and i put in in the pan and i forgot to put in the eggs

what the frick

ha my life is lame

i really want to hold a baby. ive been really soft for tiny children recently. just a big uwu. also dont i look sooOOoOooOoooOOOoOoOoOOOoOOoOOoOOOoOOoooOoooOo swaggy.

i really dont get 12 13 14 year olds saying "i love you" to there boyfriends girlfriends non binary significant other. it doesnt impact me so i shouldnt give a shit but love is just a strong word.

i have to get my allergy shot later today. i dont really feel like getting dressed but i need to get out of the house. i really need to figure out something to do because im so bored all the time (mY liFe iS cLeaRlY sO pRobLemAtIc)

my dad had surgery so hes swollen and its pretty wack

the lighting was good. sWipE fOr a sUrpIsE. feel free to judge me :)

i just fell down two stairs

i want to do extracurriculars like sports intruments drama etc. but im not athletic hate playing instruments and wouldnt want to act on stage. :) i do nothing with my life

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