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Lindokuhle Nompumelelo Mabaso  I Do Not Apologise For My Blackness. Nor For Being A Womxn. Nor For My Rainbownessness... ness.

Look aht Me!

I not only have the privilege of knowing a Beautiful, Intelligent, Roaring, Hilarious & Bad-As* Black Womxn (the list goes on really), but I get to call her my sister too.

We (or atleast I) often take for granted the significance of a true & reliable companion in the pursuit of our purpose, our greatness, happiness, Love itself, or even when we feel less deserving of any of the above vitues. However, I never had to look far when the need for such a being became manifest.
So really, thank you for being my sister & for consistently Loving me despite breaking your favourite bowl & wine glass. Thank you for the wonderful meals you make, thank you for believing in me, thank you for being an amazing role model (despite the time you tried to make me lie to Building Maintanace about our fridge being broken so we could get a new & bigger one) & most importantly, thank you for always trying with me.
You are the embodiment of Black Excellence, of the endless strength possessed by Black Womxn, & an intelligence that is designed for leadership & more than what I refuse to limit your potential to. & also, I just respeK your incapacity to get drunk or get a hangover (I'm sorry that lesson came at a cost). I heart you always Snuggle Bear. Happy Birthday ❤

I too would like to express my solidarity to the Womxn, men & multiple gender identities who, despite legislation, stigmas & narratives that try to erase them from society, strive to exist. But even more critical, to those robbed of the chance to live in the freedom of their true self & gender identity because they are threatned & afraid.
May your pride & self never be shaken & always
seek to disclose itself. & in so doing, I hope you both consciously & unconsciously inspire that of others to do the same.
Yours in Pride & Intersectional Femimisim,

Also, @lavernecox Giiiiiiiiiiiirl 😍✊

Only she can pacify herself. & when she does, she embodies tranquility.

"Are the beautiful ones really dead?

Nizilibel'uba nizalwa ngobani."

Stay-alive challenge accepted.

The Motto.

A Happy, Prosperous & Blessed New Year.
One Love ✊

S/out to the Black Men & Womxn who continue to beautifully manifest & normalise our great & diverse cultures through various platforms


Beauty is not only an ever-fixed non-inclusive concept but, also one that is largely commercialised.
The subliminal messages we receive from the media teach us that what is beautiful is what is currently acceptable to the majority but also, that anything that falls out of that standard is automatically not. Consequently, this has taken away the ability of many Womxn to see themselves as beautiful. But to understand & reinforce why this is problematic, we must understand who benefits from it.
First, corporates. They see beauty as a market strategy that ought to be used to maximise profits. Our often inevitable sense of imperfection & desire to be acknowledged as beautiful by the masses makes us, to them, a target market as we are willing to buy into the image they sell us. The second beneficiary is the patriachy.
The narratives & standards that govern what is means to be an "acceptable & beautiful Womxn" are often set by men. We are meant to be made into the ideal being that pleases them & if we are not that being, then our essence is lost. We are made to believe that male attention & high opinion about us is the most significant way to validate ourselves. Then there's the media.
They don't have anything to report if no one is keeping up with current trends, if no one is crowned the most beautiful Womxn, & if no one wears a bikini & has love handles. So if they're not propagating the standards created & shaming those who don't fit them, they lose their power & money.
In all these beneficiaries & more, Womxn, especially Black Womxn, are not a part of them. But here's the thing:
Beauty is not a standard but an individual expression of what is beautiful. It includes influences such as your identity, where you come from & what inspires you. All people receive these influences from diverse sources, therefore, each person's idea of beauty may differ from that of the other.
The coexistence of these ideas comes from not holding yours superior & trying to enforse it into others. It also comes from understanding that it is acceptable to have a different idea of what is beautiful & to autonomously persue it regardless of how many people are pursuing the same one.

Last Name: Hungry
First Name: Always

Because She Recently Released 'Belede'

They identify as the gender prefferable & comfortable to them. You do not have to understand why, & what makes them feel that way. Also, your existence does not grant you the implicit mandate to validate their choices or demonise & hurt them on any grounds, especially religious ones. Religion is supposed to be an individual relationship with Who you believe in & does not extend to the authority to impose your beliefs (or interpretation of those beliefs) on other people. Beliefs often vary & change, however, what is different from what you believe doesn't necessarily make it wrong. That goes for the entire LGBTQ+ Community.
PS: Being trans is not the equivalent to being gay -they can identify under any sexual orientation not being heterosexual but, that is not a fixed characteristic to being trans. Stop labelling people according to what seems most convenient to you. Stop with that.

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.
From inferiority complexes.
From self hate.
From subliminal messages on acceptable standards of beauty.
From narratives that police who you should be & make you think less of who you are.
From self doubt.
From whatever Donald Trump thinks.
From societal expectations.
From racial, gender & ethnical prejudice.
Free your mind.

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