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Eivory  agape love |we’re all human | singing Last Christmas by Wham since day 1🎄

flame 🍁
//pc creds @logan1800

Memories are made of these❤️

Al frente de la muralla verde una guitarra blanca me dijo," que debas bailar por el resto de tus días." Que raro sueño, no?

Inner strength

Le parfum soie ♡ Pc Creds: @_.magggiemae._

Had fun yesterday, 💓summer17

Made many memories... but the best by far was you

Maggie Mae Fowler what can I say? I am going to miss you BUNCHES AND BUNCHES! You're an absolute angel, BFSFL, sister, and overall amazing soul to me! I've known you since the 5th grade and I'm BEYOND bless to have known you and be as close to you as that day! We have sooooo many inside jokes and stories and I know that no matter what you are always there for me and me for you! You mean the absolute world to me!! Never forget that even at 3am I'm still here for you! I still have all the songs, gifts, vids, and pics of us & the ones I made for you and the ones you made for me! They will always be the biggest treasure that treasure can be! I still remember every memory I've made with you and most likely I'll recall every detail even after I'm gone from this world. Maggie Magster MaeMay Mafey Wifey JesusSister BFSFL I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!❤️💍✨

Apple of my eye 🍎❤️

#StayingAliveChallenge You might be wondering why isn't this picture in black and white? Well it's just like depression. A person might seem completely fine on the outside but on the inside they are seeing this black and white life. Suicide is an ongoing problem in the world today. One word or sentence or lifetime of actions can trigger anyone to commit this action. We live in a world where it seems best to be mean and cold hearted rather than open minded and respectful to one another. Now I'm not saying that the world is completely bad but to a certain degree of it, it seems as if it is becoming more and more bad. No one deserves to feel like they are not worth it, that they don't belong, that they are insignificant, and most importantly that they are ugly in and out. Having low self esteem isn't fun and it's difficult. You don't know how someone's life really is and you don't know if they are going to live or die tomorrow. To all the people who are battling depression I have something to say to you, " I love you." Showing love is one of the best things you can do to show you care for someone in their depression. In my lifetime believe it or not I have had the privilege to meet some of the most strong minded people but yet who are suffering these mental illnesses and are loosing themselves because of it. It shows how ones self can become completely changed within just minutes how they feel, how they act, who they are now, and what they want. It's really and truly heartbreaking to see someone who use to enjoy life and then see how crumbled and destroyed their heart became because they've lost all hope or dignity in life. To those who are battling depression you are not alone and most likely you hear that all the time and think "like you would know what I'm dealing with." Yes you are right the world doesn't know what you are dealing with but you. But you have the option to tell the world so that they can help you. Yes it's scary to ask for help but if you ask the right person I'm sure they will help with all their love. To all the people who have attempted suicide but are alive and didn't do it. I want to tell you, " I love you and I applaud you." ❤️

Merry Christmas!! & happy new year! I'd like to take a moment to say that I'm blessed for many things God has given me! That the best gift he gave was his only son today! This year I got to spend Christmas with my amazing cousin Tamy! Te amo mucho Tamy yo estoy tan feliz que puedes venir! Love you!❤️👯🎄 Feliz Navidad! I'm hoping that 2017 will be a great year to come for all!

Tbt to this,I miss them and when we did these silly group pictures, I love them each❤️

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