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Kyzer the Husky  ⭐️ Here to bring a bit of joy and happiness to your day 🎾 Eat | Play | Annoy | Sleep | Repeat 💙 Facebook: Kyzer The Husky ✉️

When you see the waiter coming with your food from across the room 🤤🤩 #imreadyformyfood #sexymotherhusker .
It’s been 90 degrees the last couple days and it’s suppose to stay hot for another week or so ☀️ What’s the weather like where you live? 😎

What do you call kayaking with a dog? Doggie paddling 🛶🤣 #kayakingdog #adventurewithdogs

What can I say.. I’m an aquaholic 💦🤷🏻‍♂️ #sharkdog #wateryourdogs .
I was naughty today and took a FEW dips in our pond 🤪 (which I’m not allowed to do) but what can I say! It was almost 90 degrees outside 😪 How do you cool off in the summer?

I just wanted to extend an invitation to be jealous of my pool anytime you’d like 💦😎 #floatoff #mondaymood
I’m a very picky pup.. I only like to swim in the hoomans pool not in my kiddy pool 🤣 It’s an above-ground pool so they have to throw me in and pick me back out #spoileddog 🤪

I wish every week could be a five day weekend and a two day week 🤣🇺🇸 #holidayweekend #ionlyhavetwotinyfeets
My hoomom is having a great holiday week in Reno but missing me lots! 😁 Are you doing anything fun this weekend? ☀️

I show up and make them melt like a popsicle on 4th of July 😏🇺🇸 #partyhardy #starspangledhammered .
We hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July! 🇺🇸 As you can see, I’m ready to party 🎆 What are you doing for the 4th? 🌭🍔

Enjoying life just like I’m enjoying this watermelon 🤤🍉 .
We have been loving the sun! Excuse her embarrassing sneeze-laugh, I was just too cute to handle 😏 My hoomom is going on vacation (without me) so we apologize if we are a little MIA! 🍉

First place: 🔸Go pro 🔸go pro dog harness 🔸assorted toys 🔸travel shower 🔸spotlit tag light 🔸 mushers secret

Second place: 🔹 Fitbone balance equipment 🔹 vital essentials raw treats 🔹assorted toys 🔹 spotlit dog tag 🔹 Nite Ize glow streak 🔹 Nite Ize dog discuit

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Contest ends July 22.
Open to all countries!! Hosts are paying for shipping, but we ask that international winners pay for the duties, taxes, customs fees

GET CRAZY. GET WILD. LET’S PARTY. GET LOUD. ⛱🍹 #jerseyshore #cabsarehere #youliketheboobs .
Today is the season finale of “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” 🍹 *swipe* to see my impressions of a few of our favs 👉 @snooki @mikethesituation @jwoww @djpaulyd 🤣 Tag your favorite jersey shore member 📺

You know that irrational fear of sharks being in pools? Say hello to your worst nightmare 🤣🦈 #imtheshark #dundun .
We had a fun day going to the dog park, then came home and swam and played all day! We love meeting new friends at the park☀️ How do you do with other dogs?

Monday’s make me want to lose my rind 🤦🏻‍♂️🍉 #watermelonpuns #mondaymood
Boy am I obsessed with watermelon! 🤤 If my hoomom would have allowed it I would have eaten up all this watermelon 🍉 Do you like watermelon? ☀️

I may be a shady beach but at least I know how to have sun 🤣☀️ #punsonpunsonpuns #boopmynose .
I think it’s time to pull out my shark life-jacket and get swimming! 🦈 How do you like to spend your summer days? 🕶

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