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I feel like writing on this account will help bring out the best of me. I’m planning to do a multiple books and post chapters at a time for each series. This one is called “Starstruck: Airhead” and I hope that you’ll enjoy it! It’s coming to you next Tuesday, hopefully in the early morning or afternoon. Support me with the hashtag #STARSTRUCKBYKYYY and share with your friends! I’m so excited to launch this series and for you to read it! Thank you to anyone who’s provided me with the mental support to get where I am now, and I hope to continue to improve in the future!

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I immediately spun around and put my arms around the man I had loved for the first time. He picked me up as a small crowd gathered around us. Him in his military uniform caught a lot on attention by nearby people. The claps started from one person to 20. From 20 to 30 people.
He stayed with me for another month. Right as he left my house to go the airport, he slowly bent down. Not on both feet. Not on both knees. On one foot, and one knee, my hands caressed in his. He spoke, “Only a month I’ve been able to wake up to your face every day. I want to wake up to your smile for the rest of my life. You make my day go from great to better. From better to the best. I want you to stay with me forever. I want you to be my wife,” Hands clasped over my mouth, I was speechless. His smile ran through me like so many emotions. Tears ran down my face as I said the wonderful yes.

We started over once again with the simple “hey.” The bond between us only grew stronger as it grew older. It only got more powerful as time passed. Only we didn’t part at death. We parted at death with our souls intertwined and hearts with one another; a force to last forever.


I still remember the night we met. We started off by the simple “hey,” and even that was unforgettable for me. It started to go to the troublesome “hey best friend ;))” before the story really started.
As time passed by, I grew more fond of him, and eventually starting craving him. Then I just waited until he felt the same for me. It took a while for him, about 2 long months before he said the simple three words to me, “I love you,” I replied with the same phrase, “I love you too,” Weeks passed in a flurry. Our first kiss happened soon. Funny as it is, the pixels had more meaning compared to the real kisses I had given and received in person. Then the big step came. We had FaceTimed before even viewing one another’s faces. Like meeting each other for the first time again, it started with a simple “Hey” and then instead of the “hey best friend” it was “hey babe ;))” About 8 months have past now, and we called it official. Not just IMVU and FaceTime, it was a real relationship. I came out to my friends saying that I had been online dating a guy I liked for about a year. Being my senior year in high school, we made plans to meet once we graduated. Him on the other side of the globe, and me in the states, it took convincing and loads of best wishes for him to come visit me.
Then it had hit me. Just a couple words on text. Just 15 simple words, “I can’t come to the states anymore. I’m being forced to serve in the army.” I was broken. I had been looking forward to meeting him exactly in two weeks at that time. Not only was he going to the army, but it meant that our relationship would be disconnected. I wouldn’t be able to contact him while he was at his military base.
However, the bond was unbreakable and we continued to stay with our relationship for one more year. On February 14 of 2018, I was with a friend when someone walked up to me from behind, hands covering my eyes. I heard voice I had recognized. Words I hadn’t heard in a long time. A person that I had missed for so long. “I love you,” he said.

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i tried editing on pc for the first time and it actually doesn’t look like shit

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