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That one one time I was an extra in Wayne's World 2. #datsun #510

I never would have thought a publication like Road & Track would even consider printing Kaido racers, Dajibans, bosozoku cars, and dekotoras (albeit single photos with very short blurbs). Very cool.

Yup... so driving west on Moanalua freeway around 4:30ish pm, I got rear ended by a dark gray late model Tacoma (2015+). No shoulder, so we were blocking a lane during rush hour. Young (late 20's) local mixed Asian guy in a construction worker yellow shirt was nice about it so I told him let's get off the freeway before we figure it out since we were next to an off ramp. Aaaaaand he digs out as soon as I take the exit. I know nothing will ever come of this since I didn't get any information and I just described 90% of people in Hawaii (Asian guy in a Tacoma), but just wanted to give more info since a lot of people voiced their concern and say thanks. 🤙

We have color! Bay is painted, now just a million more things to do. Thanks @datfaka @no_fx_given @tommy_dolo @dresearch

Parts for sale: T3 coilovers off the 280z, 240z front bumper (some rust on the backside), 240/260/280z headlight buckets (needs new studs), 510 wagon rear bumper (rusty. Good for safety check or a spare), 510 wagon gas tank, evo 8 intercooler. Make offers, local buyers preferred. #datsun #s30z #240z #280z #510

Still plugging along. #datsun #280z #s30z

Since I never take pictures of my car, here's one by @dresearch #datsun #240z #s30z

280z teardown begins. Glass out and front end apart. 😬 if I'm not at work I've been working on the 280. Haven't been to a bar in forever 😓 #datsun #240z #280z #s30z #toyota #starlet #kp61

Been up for 35 hours now. Thought I grabbed a normal beer but now I'm missing Japan super bad. @j2b3 bring me home Bitters please?

It's been years since I've ridden a bike or followed racing, but I've always rooted for Hayden. #rip #nickyhayden

#wild⭐️cards swap meet going on right now. Hit up @skyline_mikey for the Corolla or @yanki_hr30 for the MK3's.

Happy 510 day from the daily beater. #datsun #510 #wild⭐️cards #koyorad #garageautohero #osixhi

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