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Psycholgy & Fitness 🇺🇸 🇰🇷  Grace🏋️📚 Bachelor of Psychology Train your mind.Change your life. USAF Veteran Pro Guns l Military l BE NICE #SURVIVOR 🎥LETTING GO OF TOXIC PPL ⬇

Focus on bettering yourself. Self love and self awareness are key.
Spread love. Don't kill or hurt people in the name of religion, politics, or sex.
Walk in love and not in hate ❤
P.S. uploaded "HOW TO LET GO OF TOXIC PEOPLE " on my PsychologyandFitness YouTube channel.
Also, I will be on break from social media until Monday ❤
#psychologyandfitness #maga #merica🇺🇸 #selflove
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Be unapologetically you.
I love to laugh. I love to act goofy. I love to dance and sing in public simply because i feel like it. And I love the fact that I really don't care what people think about me. If we constantly try to live up to social expectations, it is a real sucky life to live in. Love, laugh, dance, and forgive. 💗 #psychologyandfitness #maga #merica🇺🇸 #sixflags #goofy

What is ONE of your GOALS before this year ends? When 2017 started, I promised myself that it would be MY #UNSTOPPABLE year.
It is now Aug 11, and we have 4 months left so give it all you got (it is never too late to start) Am I perfect every single day? HECK NO!
But am I progressing each and every day? Heck yea ❤ That is what matters. It's okay to fall. Just get that booty right back up 👐
#psychologyandfitness #determination #maga #merica🇺🇸 Photographer: @cwmg
Makeup: @fierce_and_fancy

It's a beautiful day to be alive ❤
#psychologyandfitness #maga #merica🇺🇸 #raptor

If you need to KILL OR HURT anyone in the name of politics or religion, you really need to reevaluate your life. Killing or being mean to ppl due to ones beliefs is pathetic. I am proud to have served my Country.
#psychologyandfitness #maga #merica🇺🇸 #veteran #airforce #guns #curvesandcombatboots

Throw back Friday.
10 weeks and 3 days out until my next photoshoot here in Austin, TX!! #outkast *my fur baby ate my couch *
#psychologyandfitness #maga #merica🇺🇸 #NinjaMonkey

How many of us are guilty of saying, "When I achieve x and y, I will be happy?"
I know I have and honestly, I still do this sometimes. What we all tend to forget is that a certain "end" goal isn't going to fulfill our happiness, because as humans we are never 100% happy because we are ALWAYS seeking some type of happiness. Enjoy your journey. Don't stress out too much.
Your happiness happens on the way to fulfillment. #psychologyandfitness
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When you're a good person, and something horrible happens to you, your initial reaction is, "God, why me?" That is normal.
We live a good life because you reap what you sow, correct? Unfortunately, life isn't fair and bad things happen to good people. But remember this. When life happens, you can either be the AUTHOR of your life, or the VICTIM of it.
The decision is up to you and you alone.
#psychologyandfitness #merica🇺🇸 #determination

We are what we repeatedly do. Success is not an action but a habit. - Aristotle
As I always say, good habits are hard to develop, as bad habits are hard to break. But with practice and consistency, it will come. #psychologyandfitness #maga #trainhard
Photographer: Casey @cwmg
Makeup: Melanie @fierce_and_fancy

Why are people so heartless?
I understand the "why," psychologically speaking, but the human part of me just can't accept how brutal people can be.
You don't 100% know someone's situation. You don't know the hurt they might be going through. Be nice people. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.
#bekind #positivevibes
#psychologyandfitness #merica🇺🇸 #sundayfunday

To all those who ask if I was tall enough to ride the roller coaster at 6 flags 😂😂 #short #maga #sixflags #fit #makefunofyouself

Either you love America or hate America.
It's black and white.
I love my country ❤🇺🇸 I support my brothers and sisters in the military.
I support our law enforcement
I support our President Trump.
Remember, whatever your political views are, remember to love. Walk in love and not hate.
Also, depending on the light ect., everyone has a bit of cottage cheese on their legs ❤🙋‍♀️ #merica🇺🇸 #maga #fitness #veteran #psychologyandfitness #trumptrain

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